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Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: What did you read in August 2018
« on: September 02, 2018, 10:10:47 PM »
reading about how much you all could read in one month makes me realize how slow I am, I read one pocket book about the human brain and I started with Age of Myth at end of July and I am still not done (at the last 2 chapters).

I wish I could say it´s because I am too busy (I don´t read daily) but I also needed over 30 hours each book I would say. I really need to learn to read faster and better.

It will be over Henry and than the sun will shine again, there are hard times we need to endure, but without them we could probably not enjoy the nice times.

Keep going dude and think about the reward afterwards, a nice house and maybe even a nicer work.

But I have to agree, I hate studying stuff that I am not interested in, thats why I failed at school  ;D

I would agree with LoTR too. Especially the slow, ponderous parts on the Shire, Brie, and most of the Tom Bombadill part. Most other non-fantasy classics I've read too.

The funny thing is the scenes that bored me the most were the battle at helms deep, this whole traveling with smeagol, actually the whole 3rd book dragged so much. I love Tom Bombadill, I was always interested in characters like this. Actually my favorite parts would be Tom Bombadill, Moria and Lothlorien, about everything afterwards was mostly uninteresting.

I found the sentence I wanted to cite in my previous post.

“I've experienced a great deal of pain and suffering in my life ...... most of which has never happened.”
-Mark Twain

I want to apologize to the forum for not beeing able to stay in touch very well the last days and comparing my personal stress with the ones you all have gives me actually no excuse to call myself stressed or struggled.

I had some annoying changed at work which about trippled my workload and also makes me feel beeing watched since I am not all alone by myself anymore, which makes me really uncomfortable. I am a very introverted person and I feel really tired and stressed out by talking and engaging with many people on a face to face basis and not beeing able to check out the forum from time to time or distract me a little from work for even 5 minutes feels really heavy on both body and mind.

The good thing is I only see this as a problem in my head, I can´t remember the exact words or who it was but there was a guy who once said something like this "I engaged many problems in my life, most of them were not real". I want to engage more with the forum, help more people again I know and work more on my private stuff.

I hope you all stay healthy or get well soon and don´t overwork yourself. Always find a way to refresh a little and find peace even in the most chaotic time, a little peace always makes wonders happen.

Writers' Corner / Re: Fantasy & Tarot
« on: August 24, 2018, 09:23:02 AM »
I think many people would publish books of different content under different names. It helps the reader to pick what he likes.

As you said, you are aware that most people are not interested in both so it could be a turn off if they browse through the works of Ned Marcus and find non fantasy books and vice versa.

I think of it as in the music industry where there are sometimes 2 bands with the same members just to do a different genre. They knew it would give a weird image to be like lets say the heaviest band in the world and suddenly release some smooth jazz record. It would only confuse the fans cause (most of them) they just have no use for the totally different work.

On the other hand I like the idea to show that people are not limited to one field. I like the Idea that people have more than one hobby or talent (which sadly is rarely the case). It shows diversity and that we could strive for more in our lives than just narrowing our visions on one single field. But sadly most people are uncomfortable with that thought and just don´t understand why they should have more than one interest. So I would suggest to just publish it under the other name.

first of all, please don´t lynch me. Now that is said, I only read LotR once and I fear reading it again, I enjoyed it very much the first time and finally want to read it in english, but I am just too afraid I will be disappointed cause some weeks later I thought "wait a minute, this tale is full of unlogic flaws and most of the characters have no personality at all". I am really afraid to reread it even though I enjoyed it so much the first time I read it, it really shackled me, it absorbed me inside but now I think I won´t like it if I reread it. On the other hand, if I think about Tom Bombadil and Galadriel I want to read it again  ;D

* runs away so no one will kill me for insulting a classic *

oh my god, what have I done. * opens whisky, smells it, remembers that it´s unhealthy (who am I kidding too I don´t care if it´s unhealthy, I just don´t want to abuse a whisky to get drunk to endure the fact of that I just started a conversation about furries and make someone change his profile photo to the cover of twilight) to drink too much so just peeking a smell and enjoying it, closing the bottle and put it back to the others *

I wonder if there is a fantasy book where I stumble upon Vienna  ;D

Introductions / Re: hi all
« on: August 23, 2018, 07:44:28 PM »
@Eclipse Thank you very much for asking.
There is nothing I could complain about, I rarely ever saw such an open minded and welcoming comunity as here. I ran in no trouble and everything is nice and more importand have their own minds while beeing respectful to the opinions of others. It is a very peaceful and jolly place and I like spending my time here.

Ich hab noch keine deutschen Fantasy Autoren gelesen, aber zurzeit Lese ich nebenbei dein Gehirn weiß mehr, als du denkst von Niels Birbaumer, einem Österreichischen Psychologen und Neurowissenschaftler. Ich habe mir vor kurzem auch die gesammelten Werke von Siegmund Freud gekauft, leider fehlen ein paar Texte über Sexualität aber die hol ich mir einfach irgendwo anders her. Aber deutsche Autoren würde ich auf deutsch lesen.

For the people who understood it, or at least recognice some names, something increased my interest (I don´t know what increased it) in psychology, thought patterns, the brain, the mind, development of the mind, psyche and personality, so if someone has a book to recommend I would appreciate it.

I havent read all entries now but I would agree that PR should be in romance or at least not in fantasy. It is just strange how things get shoved into categories by just having traits of things in it. But thats the mainproblem with genres and subgenres in general I think.

I would like to give examples on other industries where it all came to weird categories.

Videogamse: The Legend of Zelda, I love that franchise, could play it forever and for me it´s an RPG, most people argue it got no elements of RPG gameplay (except Zelda 2). I always backup with RPG is for Roleplaying Game, so any game You go into the Role of another Person and see the world from their eyes, I could even consider Super Mario Bros an RPG. Same goes for GTA, most people call it an open world game, some people call it a shooter, well shooting is a big part of the gameplay but as well is the story, characters and the exploreable open world. There are tons of examples where You could say it´s just 2 genres mixed together.

Music: I listen mainly to psyhcedelic and Hard Rock as well as Thrash and Death Metal. And I could never Cringe more as when people say Death Metal to Melodic Death Metal Bands, there are tons of differences and the only thing they have in common is the voice (which is also slightly different from original death metal voices) but they are thrown into the same subgenre of a genre most of the time, cause the people who are not too familiar with it can´t spot big difference. They hear, omg that guy from Amon Amarth makes a similar voice to that of Pestilence, they are the same and done. completly ignoring the things that seperates them (songstructure, the sound of the instruments, riffs, progression, etc).

I strongly agree to, I can´t remember who spoted it out that things like LotR movie made fantasy mainstream and more accessible to illiterate people and flooded it with people who can´t distuingish between the stuff we love and the other stuff that happens to have elements of what we love, even if its just a little bit, one tiny aspect that is the same.

For me (and I think for many people here) PR is not part of fantasy due to the lack of epic stories and stuff, but for the mainstream mass that doesn´t know about the details and just see the little part we have in common and call it the same, they always did and they always will. Of course it pisses us off cause we see a difference but the main mass doesn´t. It´s the same as it pisses me off when someone gives me some modern Melodic Death Metal and tells me "eh it´s the same as the stuff You listen too", just makes me wanna wring their necks. Same at games, when someone recommends me again some boring "horror" game just because I said I like doom I could smash them to pieces. And exactly these feelings are the same when people say PR is Fantasy, because we are selective and know the difference, we are not an ignorant mass who just puts it all into the same bag. It´s like "hey that zebra got fur and four legs, put it to the Lions, they will surely get along very well together".

But we should be happy, it could be worse. Imagine people who draw furry porn are suddenly considered artists of fantasy and people will be like "omg You read stuff like that? so You are into dressing up as some animal and get off to these weird pictures people scribble on the interenet?" only because Stuff like twilight is considered "fantasy" and theres some wolf banging a girl so this stuff must be the same. It would be extreme conclusion but I can see how some people could think like that.

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: 4-Word Reviews
« on: August 23, 2018, 10:45:51 AM »
Lord of the Rings: Orders Pipe on Amazon


Thats why I can´t imagine movies doing any justice to the books they are based on, the actors just can´t catch the emotions and actings of the characters in the books.

RPG - Fantasy Faction Style / Re: Port Quinta de la Rosa
« on: August 23, 2018, 10:41:14 AM »
"this guy is insane" Maxim says with crossed arms, "just look at how he is walking arround on a hot day like this, he must be sweating all over".

The man reveals himself as an old man with a long white beard and says "I may be insane, but I am also the only one who escaped the Isle of Nymphs and I can say it´s a dangerous place".

"Wonderful" Scarlet replies, "if you have experience with the Island than You can bring us there, plus you are insane enough just like the bartender said".

"I said reckless, not insane" the bartender throws in.

Harry stops towards the old man and says "Insane, reckless, who cares. Both will bring us to the Island. Bring us to Your ship Captain, we will pay with cake".

The captain puffs on his pipe that just suddenly is in his hand and was never mentioned before. After a long silence he agrees to take the travelers to the Island of the Nymphs.

RPG - Fantasy Faction Style / Re: RPG 2018 Chit Chat and Nonsense thread
« on: August 23, 2018, 09:43:56 AM »
Do we still have the cake with us that Scarlet brought at the beginning?

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