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Both contributed to their respective genres in substantive, lasting ways, but these contributions are far out of proportion; Asimov refined and expanded the SF genre in the niche-area of robotics. Tolkien all but established the Fantasy genre - and simultaneously provided a near-insurmountable cornerstone work of lasting quality.

It's a rainy day in Georgia. I'm flying to Vegas to visit my sister and her husband on Monday. Sort of a dull period all around.

I think a deliberately botched smile drawn around the mouth would take creepy and turn it into unnerving.

Linguistic telltale there: Russian has no double-negative. "I never didn't do it" = "I never did it"

The random spam-posts hawking fake passports and whatever else, I've come to view them as graffiti, a bizarre form of art in a new era.

Thanks! You got me right in the feels  :D

Not yet, the group I joined meets … this weekend I think?

I've been super busy and haven't had much to say: I am managing people at work and got a new rifle I am putting together, getting in shape, and still unpacking some things. I'd love a few days off to nap.

Today I ran 5km - I checked my garmin statistics, and the last time I did it was in June 2016, 2 days after my diagnosis.
I'm getting into better shape, so I was at the local flea market and they had am 80lb/40kg punching bag for sale and I happen to have a mount that I hang a sword-training post from, so I bought it. I carried it the 1/3 mile to the car and wow, I am old and out of shape. Still sore 2 days later. The good news, practicing swords and punching in my yard has led to the politest neighbors ever.

General Discussion / Re: Politics and other ailments of the real world
« on: October 14, 2018, 01:59:45 PM »
I appreciate the sentiment, but such a thing is worse than useless - it distracts from the three things that actually can and will help us pass this gallstone of a man through the system:
1. Voting at the local, state, and federal levels for people who oppose him
2. Communicating with officials at every level that supporting Trump will cost them your vote
3. Communicating with officials at every level that you want the Mueller investigation to proceed and be acted upon; failure to support this end will cost them your vote.

Beyond this, getting involved with politics is the cure. Americans have treated politics like fast food restaurants: "We don't want to get involved with what's on the menu or what kind of service they offer; let them handle things. If we don't like what they offer, we'll just go elsewhere else" - the problem being there is nowhere else to go.

I personally believe we need to be smart and abandon dumb candidates early, like Clinton, who was massively unpopular; so unpopular that this stoat of a man was able to defeat her. We need to offer change - reasonable Trump voters wanted two things: change and not-Clinton. We need to offer them that.

Lot of wind but nothing dramatic. A couple of loud thuds in the night when branches fell off the trees, but no trees down or anything. Lost power for a bit, but of course, buying a generator immunized me from major power loss hahaha

The last hurricane swept by but missed. This one seems determined to run right over me. Impact in … 2 or 3 hours! Bought a generator to go with my other preparedness measures and materials. *hunkers down*

@xiagan and @ScarletBea, it’s impossible to say how much this Writing Contest Club has meant to me. I’m a writer because of it and because of you.

Careful - he's about to ask for more space hehehehehe

What is the document? Word? PDF?  You should have file compression options.

Try smallpdf.com for shrinking things down to size

So I spent the night drinking with two of my sons at the bar in my house. And of course, I drank too much and, remarkably, shared just enough for my sons to begin to understand just who and what I am, and the things I have survived and overcome. This is neither a noble nor a unique thing - like any of us, I am just a person with flaws and foibles, reeping what I sewed. But perhaps for the first time, my sons seemed to appreciate what I have tried to be, tried to do, and seemed to respect my willingness to admit and own my failings.

Most of you are younger than me, and few of those as old as me can claim so much mileage, so perhaps this will not traverse the space between my mind and yours - but for the first time, they perceived that I want their forgiveness for my failings and realized that in their own lives, someday, they will want forgiveness at some point from those they love. And they gave it. A deeper than average evening. If your path mirrors my own, I hope you find the space I found this evening: not as dark as it seems from the outside, and not without its pleasures. Peace.

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