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Writers' Corner / Re: SPFBO 4 has started
« on: April 03, 2019, 08:03:06 AM »
Wow, you look at the scores that the FF judges have been giving and you wonder what the other bloggers were thinking when they chose these books to be their winners ???

I know that different people like different things, but usually in the past it was a lot closer.

I wonder if it's the difference between having experienced bloggers/readers, even writers, and having more novice bloggers for whom everything is great...

General Discussion / Re: Politics and other ailments of the real world
« on: April 03, 2019, 07:58:31 AM »
I quite like Anish Kapoor's art, and I just saw one of his latest work:

It's true, isn't it? :'(
Not the size, of course, but there's a rift in the UK - in colleagues, friends and even families

Anyone else currently finishing writing?

Or shall I lock the topic?

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / What did you read in March 2019
« on: April 02, 2019, 12:14:57 PM »
Here it is: The what did you read this past month thread.

Come share your list and what you thought of the books you read last month. We're not looking for full out reviews, just a brief couple of sentences that sum up your impressions.

This is also not a contest for who read the most books, I know some of us struggle to find time to read one book a month, and others manage a dozen. That doesn't matter, so don't feel reluctant to post if you have read less books (or way more books) than others. This is all for sharing, and if you read anything, come let us know what it was and what you thought of it.

Have we all made peace now with just getting a filmed ending not a book ending to this series?
To be honest, I think even if he published it this year, I wouldn't be in any rush to read it, given how I liked "A Dance with Dragons"...

And Rostum, I think that only means it's not going to be published soon, not 'ever'.

In a way, it's a nice send-off to our last fanfiction month ::)

However, I think it should be considered a "side note" in the history of our contest, not a 'proper month' like the others.

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Book Bargains
« on: April 01, 2019, 02:07:02 PM »
The first book in Mark Lawrence's new trilogy, One Word Kill, is free/very cheap on amazon ebook and only £3.99 paperback.

I just bought it :D

Oh well, is this a first or what??

Congratulations, ALL ;D

When I voted, I wrote "Very different takes on the theme, anyone can win", and actually everyone won hehe

General Discussion / Re: Member birthday calendar
« on: April 01, 2019, 08:07:06 AM »
Happy birthday, @Peat:D

One hour to go and *everyone* is tied :o

So if you're the one who votes now and breaks the tie, don't say anything (unless you don't mind showing your vote, hehe)

People didn't like the theme so they're not voting either, I guess :-\

I think I'm gonna buy McDonald's first book as a birthday present to myself. Seemed a nice chap when I met him.
I just did!
Bought it for myself, I mean.
And when's your birthday, @Peat? You're not on the list!

Just like Bea seemed a very nice meat eating robot. Robot I says!

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: What are you currently reading?
« on: March 30, 2019, 09:11:05 AM »
We need a separate Malazan thread .
@Bender, we have lots!


That's where I've been posting all my thoughts on the recently read books (1-5 so far)

I've now finally started reading The tiger and the wolf, Adrian Tchaikovsky. I got this one at a charity shop a few months ago, but it had been left behind in my unread pile...

^ If you remember, I've talked with you on skype once, so I know you're real and not a bot :P ;D

Hmm, I'm pretty sure @ScarletBea is a bot...
The hamburger I ate in your presence denies that. If I was a (ro)bot I would have been sipping a can of oil ;D

^ If you remember, I've talked with you on skype once, so I know you're real and not a bot :P ;D

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