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Yeah it's great how diverse a genre it is, means there's a ton of stuff out there to try. I'm currently reading my first ever steampunk fantasy (Retribution Falls, which is about pirates who fly around in an airship) and really enjoying it.  :)

So, because every thread is an excuse for recommendations/new books, try Mark Hodder, The strange affair of Spring Heeled Jack or G.W. Dahlquist, The glass books of the dream eaters (read a summary of this one before, it might not be exactly what you like - I loved it, but we agreed that's not a guarantee, hehe)

Yes, it's bad enough when people start talking a long time before the actual event, but official trailers and all a full 8 months before the release date, is awful!!!

Generally I treat it as a label saying "avoid this, Raptori".  :P

Really? :o You're missing out on some of my favourite books then :-\

But I suppose I might be suffering the same, when I tend to stay well away from 'urban fantasy'...
Which ones? Based on the few I've tried (Night Angel, Black Prism, Prince of Thorns), I just don't enjoy books like that. Same goes for urban fantasy as well, have read very little there though. I prefer books with a sense of wonder and magic, Liveships is a perfect example of what I love reading.  :)

Yep, those.
I must be a very contradictory person - I loved Liveships, yes, made me think about many things, but I also loved Broken Empire (Prince of Thorns), which spoke much more to my inner self. And I also really liked Lightbringer (Black Prism), for the magic system and the action and the general whirlwind)

But of course it's ok - as we keep mentioning, it's good that there's such diversity within Fantasy, appealing to lots of different people :)

No mention of the new trailer? :D

Here you go!

(I'm showing my age, I care more about what Solo's doing than the youngsters ;D)

Generally I treat it as a label saying "avoid this, Raptori".  :P

Really? :o You're missing out on some of my favourite books then :-\

But I suppose I might be suffering the same, when I tend to stay well away from 'urban fantasy'...

We got it, hehe, but I think we were also trying to show that no 2 people agree on the definition, and grimdark can have a large number of criteria
So... by definition... LotR (and any other book, including Disney stories) can be grimdark, because there will always be some of the criteria that fit ;D

I can't think of a baddies group :(

I need to sit in front of my shelves and go through each book thinking of characters, hehe

Each person's got their own definition, hehe

For me grimdark can be the books where we don't have a 'happy ever after' ending and where being the hero/main character doesn't mean you can't be killed.
I can add the general 'dark-ish' tone, like Raptori says, so if underneath it all there's a sense of hope, then maybe it's not grimdark - but then this would remove the Broken Empire from the grimdark shelves and leave only Abercrombie there (at least the ones I've read, the First Law)...

General Discussion / Re: The King's Paws
« on: April 16, 2015, 06:10:04 PM »
We're going to miss, you Lady Ty!
I'll take care of dragons for you while you're gone :)

Any book set in you home-town or nearby areas?

And picking up this subject again (ok, TV not books, but it's related...), pornokitch posted today a list of all the american states with one series set there.

Jmack, yours is the best ;D

Introductions / Re: Say Hi, I'm new thread
« on: April 16, 2015, 09:21:03 AM »

And, well, since this is a Fantasy Books site, we'd assume people would have heard of Neverwhere ;D

Writers' Corner / Re: Here there be Monsters
« on: April 16, 2015, 07:59:12 AM »
Elspeth Cooper has got some Selkies in her books, women and men (I think mostly in book 2, but don't quote me on that). And they're very minor characters.

Doesn't nearly everyone struggle with the Silmarillion? I've only met one person who said that their eyes didn't glaze over after the first 50 or so pages, and he admitted that was only because he was on a long flight and had no inflight entertainment and nothing else to read.
Well, you now know another one:
I absolutely loved The Silmarillion,

Haha!! Is it my comment on Strange/Norell ?
hehe that gave me the incentive to post, because funnily enough, I said I hated that book, but I do wonder if I read it now/at some other time, I would have liked it.

General Discussion / Re: The King's Paws
« on: April 15, 2015, 07:23:32 PM »
Thank you guys!
Sometimes I wonder if I should post those things, but you *are* my friends (yeah, I know... saddo... ::) :) )
At least today I don't have to cook, it's yesterday's leftovers.

General Discussion / Re: The King's Paws
« on: April 15, 2015, 05:18:09 PM »
Shoot me now.
I am having an AWFUL day at work - and it will last another hour because all the americans are having lunch at moment, me just waiting. And people said not so nice things today, even though I'm working crazy hours to provide everything everyone needs with good quality.
And I'll shut up now, but I do need a hug and chocolate :'(
(I wish I was home with books)

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