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Interesting, it just goes to show how everyone is different, even under the same general label of "introvert".

Myself, if I'm with people all day, I need to be alone in the evening to recharge. When my parents were visiting me and staying at my home, I'd escape to my room when we arrived after a day sightseeing, and then again around 9pm, see you tomorrow, hehe

I've been sleeping really poorly lately. My body alternates between freezing and burning for several hours in the evening/at night and I can't seem to find a good middle ground that allows me to relax. I don't know if it's a new/more extreme side effect of the medication deciding to start now, or if it's because I've been having a bit of a cold (but no fever) - anyway, the reason doesn't affect the result. I do hope I'm able to sleep today, at least it's the weekend now.

Rosewater by Tade Thompson won the Arthur C. Clarke award.
I'd noticed it before and I was wondering about it, has anyone read it already?

"Alien invasion is always a political subject, and Tade Thompson's debut novel expertly explores the nature of the alien, global power structures and pervasive technologies with a winning combination of science fictional invention, gritty plotting and sly wit."

Set in Nigeria in the aftermath of an alien invasion that has fundamentally shifted the world's political axis, Rosewater is the first in a dazzlingly creative new series that encompasses African cyber-punk, an unusual love story and speculative world-building at its most playful.

Not sure about this one. I don't think I've ever actually read a book about a world I would actually want to live in.

And where I live is pretty much already the shire.
You’re a Kiwi?
Nah, I think he's probably a Yorkshireman ;)

(calling @Neveesandeh for resolution ;D)

I bought a red FF tote bag ;D

@S. K. Inkslinger, if you buy today and use the code SHIP4YOU you get free delivery!

Yes, Circe is the only one I've read from that list, but to be honest I'm not sure if Eclipse will like it...
It's just ok in balance, with a poor first half and a good second half.


Shopping bags for F-F

Oh dang I wanted that mug. Now I have too questions, whether I need another mug and if they will deliver this to where I live (Thailand).
Here (https://service.spreadshirt.com/hc/en-gb/articles/115000993925/?shop_name=Fantasy-Faction&shop_id=1008300) it says it costs £8 for delivery, but considering it's going far far away, it's not that bad :)

I'm having a day off today :D
I don't feel that bad anymore (been having a cold) so I'm off to visit Lincoln.

I finished Ed McDonald's Ravencry, book 2 of the trilogy.
Normally I prefer book 2 to 1, but this time I still think 1 is better - that's not to say that this one was bad, quite the contrary, it's still 4.5 stars!
I loved Ryhalt's emotional and plot development, specifically on his relationships to those closer to him, that really grabbed me, but the 'mystery' and 'what happens next in this world' fell a bit short from the ones developed in book 1.
One thing that Ed writes really well are book endings, this was no exception - so many others leave you wondering if that was really it.
The story finished, but there's just enough unknown to make me really want to read book 3 soon, although it's still a few days (hopefully) until I get it from the library (still showing 'on order').

So I started Mark Lawrence's Limited Wish, book 2 of his latest trilogy.

I think it was @ScarletBea who once told me when I did a similar exercise on my blog that I read some odd books.
;D you're right, I did!
Although that conclusion might be due to: location (many of these books might be easily available in Australia while rare on the other side of the world), age (if I was consciously reading fantasy in the 80s and 90s I might recognise way more than I do) and plain individual taste and book availability.


Shopping bags for F-F
Ooooh I didn't know there were bags!
I wonder if we can really choose all those colours, the title says 'white' but then I can choose the red one :D
How did you find it? Was it created by Marc and the FF team?

Oh, free delivery until Thursday! I'm so tempted, do I really need another bag? ;D

Oh don't worry, we get it :)
I guess Skip (and I) were just trying to say that whatever list is done, there will always be people asking "what about X?" - that was my initial reaction as well ;D

>Why did Erikson, Steven and Malazan not make the cut?  Edit - No Hobb, Robin either?

Elfy doesn't ask to be defended, but I'll do so anyway. It's his list. Making the list is a lot of work--I know because I've done similar work--so I'm just happy that it's shared. Others will disagree, so make your own list. I don't say this to scold--it really is a worthwhile exercise. Then you can share it here, if you wish.

Personally I find Hobb dull and Erikson just oppressive, so they barely make my "books I have read" list. Everyone has their own tastes.

Here's another reason to make your own list. (NB: I'm speaking to the audience here, not the individual) Whether you are young or old, you're going to get older. You'll change. Making the list (and the comments are very important here) pegs in you time. A decade from now, after you've read more, come back to your list.

And another reason: if you have friends, give it to them. If you have children, give it to them. Twenty years later, give the (revised) list to their children. It's a gift.
All this, seconded!

General Discussion / Re: Member birthday calendar
« on: July 16, 2019, 08:07:31 AM »
Happy birthday @Rostum!

I hope you have a great day :D

Inky, there's nothing to apologise for!
Every person is different, and while some benefit from sharing, others feel more comfortable on their own (or sharing in talking with a person 'live').

I'm glad you found a way to make sense of your situation - even if it doesn't get published, I bet it will have done you quite good to write it in the first place.

And what 'future', exactly?

The other day I was talking with a colleague about how we're already doing the budget for 2020!
2020 :o
I remember when the year 2000 was a long time in the future, hehe

So, I think the future in 20 years is going to be quite similar to what we have now, but with more developments in medicine and maybe technology (although I'd like to see a calming down, there - basically on personal stuff, privacy and all)
More extreme weather events, hopefully more international collaboration to support the people affected - I'm an optimist at heart!

The future in 100+ years I can't even begin to imagine. I hope it's good ;D

^ Sent you a mail! :D

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