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There is a fair few easter eggs in both books :p
They're probably related to books I haven't read, since nothing more was that obvious to me...

Anyway, wahey, you've got an "author spotlight" at Fantasy Hive :D

Trust me to have found the largest secondhand book shop in the Midlands, near-ish to where I'm staying ::)
After visiting a castle + gardens, I know where I'm going before driving home ;D

Edit: didn't buy anything....

3 years ago today I was having surgery.
I've been cancer-free for 3 years now :D

I felt the need to celebrate in a special way this year, and so I'm staying in a really nice hotel today: think huge comfy bed, posh afternoon tea, big sofas in the lounge, in medieval-like surroundings :D

I've managed a lot of stuff, I've come a long way - nobody around me mentions it anymore, but sometimes I feel the need to mark the steps.
I hope you don't mind.

The evil illness can be beaten!
I don't care what happens in the future, I'm living each day as it comes :)

I really liked your review, you managed not to give (much) spoilers - maybe none, but I'm still glad I didn't read it before.

My comments are on another thread:

I've just finished @CameronJohnston 's book 2, God of broken things, and it is SO GOOD!
The last 50-odd pages are super! The plot, adventures, the characters, so human and normal and accessible, despite all the magic and non-human stuff. I want to sit somewhere with Edrin and Eva and Layla (note: I wish we'd seen more of her in this book...) and just chat the day away, I'm sure it would be fab ;D

I think we can really see your progression in writing from the first book.

Spoiler for Hiden:
Wow, making your first person POV die and suddenly we change to another 1st POV was really surprising!! And then back to him, super surprising, but perfectly aligned with everything we knew about him
- I loved the ending :D

Spoiler for Hiden:
I was waiting for something to go wrong with the Free Towns Alliance army, but I thought it would be that they'd never arrive. When they did I thought I was seeing too much conspiracy, and it was actually quite a surprise when they turned!!

I think where you lost me a bit was with the whole
Spoiler for Hiden:
ogarim origin story. It was quite apt that Edrin ends up really confused and with a headache trying to make sense of it all, because that's what happened to me, hehe

And I loved the badge: "a god. Yes, really"  ;D ;D

Self Publishing Discussion / Re: SPFBO 2019 Open Now!
« on: June 16, 2019, 03:34:47 PM »
Looking at the list as it stands on Mark's blog I think I only recognise Daniel Olesen - I'm pretty sure he's on the forum, but I'm not sure his name here...

General Discussion / Re: Member birthday calendar
« on: June 15, 2019, 09:09:35 AM »
Happy birthday Elfy!!!

Writers' Corner / Re: Adventures in Writing
« on: June 15, 2019, 09:07:42 AM »
And you look so different from your avatar photo - oh I see, it's 'no moustache' ;D

Has anyone mentioned the Temeraire books by Naomi Novik?

It's not really a question of 'bad ending', though.
The premise is very good (Napoleonic era, they fight with dragons) but after the 3rd or 4th book they're super repetitive: even in part of the world X, they fly there, problems with natives, problems with dragons, situation solved.
We've had China, Africa, Australia, and I think there's one about America that I haven't read yet.

I still like to read them as a sort of calm/comfort read where you know exactly what you're getting, but I'm not buying them anymore, rather reading from the library.

I agree with so many of your comments!

- comparing to GRRMartin (especially when it's anything but!)
- comparisons with other books/authors (again when they're anything but)
- a famous author reviewed one of their books ages ago, and now every single book published afterwards has got that in the cover
- blurbs that give away plot points (to be honest, I never ever read the back blurb until I'm way past the middle...)
- a piece of the review from the Daily Mail on the cover (really, of all the papers?)

I'm picky, aren't I? ;D

Wahey, I found a superhero film I really enjoyed!
I've just watched "Doctor Strange", it was super :D

And it had @Nora's favourite dane 8)

List of Peaceful Countries (Global Peace Index):

1. Iceland
2. New Zealand
3. Portugal
45. UK
128. US



Today on the radio they were talking about the donations that people gave for the tory party candidates' campaigns - some didn't even came from big corporations, these were normal people giving money! Why? What's the purpose?
It just feels so completely alien to me, especially when there are a ton of charities, local or not, that really need money to perform the most basic and important of duties...

Note: they also commented about the differences between UK and US, as the limit in this case was £150k.

So how has everyone's day been?

The weather here has been wonderful, and so in the afternoon I bicycled to the nearby man-made forest for a stroll. At the back of it is a row of cliffs. I walked up on them for a view over the fjord, then opened my backpack and took out my Kindle and some refreshments I'd brought, including a soda I'd put in the freezer before setting off so it was still nice and cold.

It was a lovely way to start with a new book.

By comparison

Got back from a 8hr canoe trip to an indigenous village in the Amazon where I had to shoo out giant beetles and tarantulas from the student's rooms at night (I thought one was helping with a flash light but actually he was just filming me swat at a taranatula with his phone), and one of my students got chewed on by carnivirous fish living in the river where we needed to go to bathe (she got a way pretty fast with a series of bites, but appearantly if you're not fast enough the adults will clamp down on your leg and you have to crush their brains in order to get them to release their jaws). Another student was demonstrating how to set up a hammock ("Isn't that a bit high?" I asked. She jumped in it, it broke, and she slammed in to the wooden stool she was using to climb into it, breaking it to pieces). When I arrived back to the city from the Amazon, the WFP (world food program) emailed me saying they liked my video interview and that they want to conduct a phone language exam, but its at the same time that we'll be going to yet another community in the amazon (Waroni, notorious warriors that have been affected by oil activity) which is turning out to be logistially very difficult (never mind the complexities with working with a group of people who have only had contact for less than a generation and have the history of murdering people from competing tribes and stealing their babies to increase their population).

RN I'm stuffing my face with chicken so that I can review proofs of a book chapter about conservation in the context of civil war in Indonesia coming out in a publication very shortly.  I need to read the book I assigned to the students but it's going to be a frantic skim later tonight.
Another book/film ;D

By the way, I finally read your article on democracy: quite enlightning but a bit depressing at the same time...

Ooooh I think I'll only read the review after finishing the book...

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