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Although this topic went totally off the rails with the last post ( ;) ), I'm using it to draw attention to another interesting article for writers on the main site, hehe (rather than starting a new one)

Worldbuilding through characterization.
I'd never really looked at it from this perspective.

Copper Cat is really fun, if you get it, you’ll be hard pressed not to get the other 2 in the series.
And get her other published series very soon too ;D

Inky, definitely get Jen's books :D

I fear that Blackwing would be a little too grimdark for you, and even more Anna's series.
The Greatcoats series is very fun at first, but it goes a bit serious and difficult in book 3.
And Painted Man is good, but the series as a whole (the 5 books) not so much - you still should read them, just some day in the future.

(note, my comments are directly linked to what I know of you, rather to my specific experience of the books)

Yes, that's what I thought too. I'd heard about it, then found it on a charity shop and really liked it, so now bought book 2.

Oh definitely, but I think you know the series starts with One word kill, right? This is book 2.
And the good thing is that book 3 comes out in November, so hardly any time at all to wait :)

^ wahey, I love Roice and Hadrian!

I've finished Mark Lawrence's Limited Wish, and it was quite a good short-ish book. Lots of physics and time travel, nice characters, nothing mysterious as I could guess many of the surprises.

I now started Andrew Caldecott's Wyntertide, book 2 of the series.

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: KJ Parker
« on: July 21, 2019, 09:49:17 AM »
I didn't vanish, just having a hard time, so I'm not reading, thus don't really have anything to post around haha.
*hugs* too!
And many of us post in other threads not about books, please feel free to share or just hang around!

And about your sleep problems, apologies if I haven't been following the thread up until now, but which kind of medications are you taking and for what condition? In case I could look it up for side effects and stuff.  Maybe it had something to do with altering your hormones (estrogen) and thus gave you hot flushes as a result.
Yep, that's the main reason. I'm taking Tamoxifen as hormone therapy for breast cancer, another attempt to prevent it returning.
I've been taking it for 2.5 years now (I'm basically halfway), and the side effects come and go. I'll totally admit that they were worse in the beginning, but there's still lots - hot flushes, night sweats, muscle cramps, higher hunger feeling, hard to lose weight, ...
Thing is, they're not happening all day and the alternative is worse, so I usually don't complain. Until it all gets a bit much, I have a self-pitying time, then pick myself up and continue living normally :) this is the self-pitying time, thanks for letting me do it ;)

Whenever we think the bottom has been hit, they manage to dig a little deeper :'(

Interesting, it just goes to show how everyone is different, even under the same general label of "introvert".

Myself, if I'm with people all day, I need to be alone in the evening to recharge. When my parents were visiting me and staying at my home, I'd escape to my room when we arrived after a day sightseeing, and then again around 9pm, see you tomorrow, hehe

I've been sleeping really poorly lately. My body alternates between freezing and burning for several hours in the evening/at night and I can't seem to find a good middle ground that allows me to relax. I don't know if it's a new/more extreme side effect of the medication deciding to start now, or if it's because I've been having a bit of a cold (but no fever) - anyway, the reason doesn't affect the result. I do hope I'm able to sleep today, at least it's the weekend now.

Rosewater by Tade Thompson won the Arthur C. Clarke award.
I'd noticed it before and I was wondering about it, has anyone read it already?

"Alien invasion is always a political subject, and Tade Thompson's debut novel expertly explores the nature of the alien, global power structures and pervasive technologies with a winning combination of science fictional invention, gritty plotting and sly wit."

Set in Nigeria in the aftermath of an alien invasion that has fundamentally shifted the world's political axis, Rosewater is the first in a dazzlingly creative new series that encompasses African cyber-punk, an unusual love story and speculative world-building at its most playful.

Not sure about this one. I don't think I've ever actually read a book about a world I would actually want to live in.

And where I live is pretty much already the shire.
You’re a Kiwi?
Nah, I think he's probably a Yorkshireman ;)

(calling @Neveesandeh for resolution ;D)

I bought a red FF tote bag ;D

@S. K. Inkslinger, if you buy today and use the code SHIP4YOU you get free delivery!

Yes, Circe is the only one I've read from that list, but to be honest I'm not sure if Eclipse will like it...
It's just ok in balance, with a poor first half and a good second half.


Shopping bags for F-F

Oh dang I wanted that mug. Now I have too questions, whether I need another mug and if they will deliver this to where I live (Thailand).
Here (https://service.spreadshirt.com/hc/en-gb/articles/115000993925/?shop_name=Fantasy-Faction&shop_id=1008300) it says it costs £8 for delivery, but considering it's going far far away, it's not that bad :)

I'm having a day off today :D
I don't feel that bad anymore (been having a cold) so I'm off to visit Lincoln.

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