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What do people have to do  at your place before you realise it's better to be on your own?
Between 1= breathe and 100=try to kill you

For me? 1 ::) gaaaaah

General Discussion / Re: Member birthday calendar
« on: Today at 08:20:52 AM »
Happy birthday @Eclipse :D


Gift cards!
They do the choosing ;D

My wife detests that. Says it's like a payoff instead of buying a gift.  ;D
Hmm well... I don't care - although I do admit that I only do this with my sister and now with my dad (gift card for a book/DVD shop, that he uses all the time).
I love receiving bookshop gift cards/book tokens, though! For example, my parents decided to bring me a little something, and got 2 teatowels. More teatowels, I already have a ton - a book token would have been so much better ;D

Oh, and I'm reading Genevieve Cogman's The Invisible Library at the moment. Very promising start. Anybody who read the trilogy?

"I absolutely loved this...flavoured with truly unique mythology and a dash of the eldritch." - N.K. Jemisin
Oh you'll have to let me know! I might be mistaking that for another book, but I have the feeling that Arry read it and didn't like it very much.

it's good for scaring off the neighbour's cat when it tries to poop in my flower beds. 
ohmygawd, I so NEED this!!!!
I have to make do with lemon juice :'(

I certainly won't mourn her departure, but replacing her won't change anything. Both main parties are too busy infighting to achieve anything and our broken electoral system will prevent anyone else from gaining enough power to change things.

I don't expect her replacement to stick around very long either.
I feel a bit like this too...  :-\
I feel like burying my head in the sand and ignoring the rest of the country/world, but it's not a very nice attitude to have.

I've been reading about the people who couldn't vote, what a shambles! It even looks like within the same council things aren't coherent, as I got a mail with the extra form plenty in advance and was allowed to just sign, scan and mail it back, while within the same council a hungarian friend of mine didn't receive hers (although her new husband did, and only because he's married to a EU national, as he's from Pakistan).

Writers' Corner / Re: SPFBO 4 has started
« on: May 24, 2019, 04:05:59 PM »
It's funny how the utter revulsion I feel for the title comes from the "-onomics" part and not the "orc" part.

Yup I know what the real dark lord is...
Funnily enough I feel exactly the same!!

And @isos81, I'm not sure.
I was the same as you, only wanting to read a book when I knew the series was finished.
But you know, since I started coming to the forum and learning more about writers, I realised that's not a good thing to do, especially with young/new writers: if there aren't enough sales of book 1 (because many people want the others to be published first), the publisher might actually cancel the contract and then the books aren't published at all!
So if you like the idea of a book, go ahead and buy it, regardless of the series being complete or not. Apart from a few people, they all get finished properly sooner or later :)

Gift cards!
They do the choosing ;D

Xia, those are great photos, it feels very relaxing :)

My parents arrive today, staying until Tuesday - it's going to be fun :D
*and prepares self for teaching/explaining/fixing really basic things on dad's tablet, hehe*

Writers' Corner / Re: SPFBO 4 has started
« on: May 23, 2019, 12:31:01 PM »
I'm sorry to ask this but what is SBFBO?  :-[
"Self-published Fantasy Blog Off"

It's a competition for fantasy writers organised by Mark Lawrence: each year 300 self-published books are distributed by 10 bloggers who review them and choose a finalist.
Then those finalists are read by everyone, and a winner is found :)

You can check last year's starting point here:

The start of SPFBO 5

At the moment they're finishing reading the finalists, these are the scores:

And I realised that the last scores are in!
2018's winner is Zachary Pike with Orconomics :D

Writers' Corner / Re: A nice tip for (budding) writers
« on: May 23, 2019, 08:00:36 AM »

Introductions / Re: Hi
« on: May 23, 2019, 07:56:28 AM »
Welcome, @Lucian Hodoboc !

Feel free to post anywhere, ask new questions or use old threads :)

And if you'd like a challenge, go check our monthly writing contest - this month's theme is Earth.

What book drove you here? Which are your favourites?

As so many people are saying, it's the writing.

And more importantly, it's the sheer difference between the first 4-5 seasons and the last 2.
If it had started like it ended (fluffy, obvious, in-your-face) I don't think there would have been such a backlash, as "that's how the series is": this is like going into a 5-star hotel for a week, and during the first 4-5 days you get all the posh stuff but on the last 2 days they stick you in the basement rooms, with just the odd foray into the posh areas ::)

Writers' Corner / Re: SPFBO 4 has started
« on: May 22, 2019, 08:05:40 AM »
Hey folks, SPFBO 5 has started, and since last years filled up in less than 48 hours, I'm afraid of missing it. Last year, when I first learned of SPFBO, I hadn't published yet, so didn't think to pay attention to the details. Now I'm wanting to prepare as best I can, which leads me to three questions:

1. Where is the opening call announced first (or first-ish)? I signed up for Mark's email list a while back, but I don't use Twitter, and am not on FB all that often. But I can change those facts, at least temporarily, if it will help.
2. Should I research the 10 review blogs, and apply to one, or will my book be assigned randomly, or will they choose their 10?
3. Do I need to prepare a cover letter or anything else to make the application process as fast as possible to get in?
Gosh! I noticed Mark saying he was looking for another blogger for the next one, but I hadn't realised he was going to open number 5 before number 4 ended. Last year it started mid June...

As for your questions, as far as I know:
1. I suggest reading Mark's twitter and blog regularly, now apparently around May. You don't have to be on twitter to read it (I'm not and I do)
2. They're assigned randomly
3. I don't think so - guys who've entered before, can you help?

As for what I wrote 2 months ago about the finalist scores, I feel it's even more pronounced now. In previous years all the finalists were very close, now it feels there are a few that should never have been chosen as finalists.
Is this to do with the blogger, or there's a big pile of slush being included just because they were on time to submit?

Actually, @IWFerguson, are you sure that 5 is fullSorry, my misunderstanding!
Mark's blog just says it's starting soon, and there's nothing on his Twitter.
I feel that you're jumping the gun a bit, and it will be mid June like last year.

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