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Oooh this will be tricky but look forwards to having a go!
Congratulations on baby, I'm also expecting mine in first week of Feb!  ;D

[DEC 2014] Religion / Re: [Dec 2014] - Religion - Discussion Thread
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There's some very stiff competition this month!  :o  ;D

[NOV 2014] Joker Month / Re: [Nov 2014] - joker month - Voting Thread
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Just voted and like what the above post said was not an easy decision. They're all really great!

Monthly Writing Contest / Re: Best story of 2014
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Yeah! This is a great idea! Will start reading them all. :D

Count me in! Bought this book ages ago and have been meaning to get round to it for ages. :D

[DEC 2014] Religion / Re: [Dec 2014] - Religion - Submission Thread
« on: December 07, 2014, 02:44:52 PM »
Spoiler for Hiden:
An Impossible Task by SJ Budd

“Madame Shadowfaith, you can use your powers to help me? They’re going to kill me.”
The witch stood in the dark shadows of her altar, it was pointless trying to change her mind. You cannot change a witch’s will once it has been cast.
“Millie this is something you must do yourself, to prove yourself worthy of our coven’s tutelage.”
   Everything had been going so right, but now it had taken a rather unfortunate turn. Everything stood against her, she was running out of places to turn to.
   Only a few weeks ago, Millie had been trapped in marriage and Shadowfaith had turned up at the right time, offering her a way out; the chance to become a witch’s apprentice.
   It was her dream to learn the true nature of things, to feel power resonate within and use it for purpose. No one was going to mistreat her again.
   What she hadn’t realised was just how hard it was to become a witch despite her commitment to hard work and dedication. Her probation was almost up and to receive her 1st degree initiation and be accepted into the coven, she was going to have to find her craft name.
   Millie knew how important it was to find her craft name. Without it she would be naked and prone to curses, for to know the names of things was to yield power over them. To become a witch Millie needed to cast aside her birth name and assume her craft name. It could not be found or chosen, only given by the powers above.
   Shadowfaith hadn’t told her how to find her craft name. She couldn’t just make one up, the witches would know in a heartbeat and expel her. If she didn’t become a witch’s apprentice she would be out on the dirty rough streets. She’d make an easy target for Beaufort’s men hunting her.
   Her initiation was three days away. The men were knocking at her door, they had found her already. They had been very quick. They had even tried to enlist Shadowfaith’s services to curse her and reveal her, not knowing that it was Shadowfaith who harboured their fugitive.
   Millie was on her own, Shadowfaith was refusing to intervene.
“Millie, learn to deal with your problems rather than run away. A witch never runs, she always fights. She always wins.”
“If I don’t run, they’ll get me. I’ll miss my initiation and my chance to find my name”
“Only if you let them.”
   It was no use, Millie needed to get out of here and find somewhere to lay low for three days. She was clever and quick she already had a place in mind. Shadowfaith said nothing as she left, the disappointment in her face said it all. Millie hated letting her down but if there was one thing she knew, it was how to survive.
   Outside she pulled her cloak tight around her, it was an unforgiving night. Too cold to be hanging around, she quickly turned east. That’s when they came.
   Roughly she was seized by hands pulling at her hair, her arms and legs. By their strength she knew they were men, Beaufort’s men. Silently they bundled her into the waiting carriage, before she’d had a chance to look upon them they hit her head hard. Her eyes trembled in their sockets. Everything went dark.

   Millie woke and had no sense of how much time had passed. She was on the floor under their feet, and they were travelling fast.
“She looks harmless to me. What’s she done?” One of the men said.
“That’s Millie Beaufort, the servant girl that managed to marry Fredrick Beaufort, the richest heir of Looen.”
“How she manage that?”
“No idea, but once she wed him she left him, made a fool of the Beauforts. And that my friend is how she’s ended up here with us. It doesn’t pay to mess with the Beauforts.”
“How does Master Beaufort want it done,” He kicked Millie as he spoke to make sure she was still out.
“He doesn’t want it done quickly. She deserves to suffer, his words.”
   Millie stayed very still, it would not do to grow fearful now. There was nothing she could do to help herself. If only I knew magic, all her problems would be solved. What was Shadowfaith thinking when she said I had to face these men by myself? How can I defend myself if I don’t know magic?
   So far she’d counted two voices. There would be at least one more out the front with the horse.
“Hang on why have we stopped?”
The driver called out, “The roads flooded, there’s a high tide. I’ll need to check we can carry on.”
“We need to carry on, Master Beaufort doesn’t tolerate failure, and I don’t want to end up like this one.” He gave Millie a sharp kick to her ribs.
“There’s a full moon tonight, it’s unusually low down.”   
   The two men checked that Millie was still out and got down from the carriage and went out to investigate. Millie waited until she could no longer hear them and slowly opened her eyes, she was alone. Her hands were bound behind her back and her shoulders ached. The odds of survival were against her still, but somehow she knew this was an intervention. Had Shadowfaith called down the moon for her?
   Wasting no time she got up despite feeling dizzy and sick and managed to open the carriage door. There were three captors ahead of her and quickly she ran out onto the road to the cover of the dark woods. She fell as soon as she encountered the shrubs and bushes before the trees and managed to crawl out of sight before anyone noticed.
   Millie knew she was still not safe. There was no way she could run, not with her hands bounds. Even in the darkness, if she ran, she would leave a trail of snapped branches and sodden footprints. That’s what they would expect her to do.
   She crawled through thick brambles that tore at her and found a hidden spot to crouch in. She was only yards from the carriage but they hopefully would not look for her here.
   Once they had noticed her missing they split up and searched shouting to one another as they frantically searched. They seemed just as scared as she was. Millie couldn’t risk breaking cover. As long as she stayed hidden, she was safe.
   Feeling cold and lonely her only companion was the moon. She had always harboured an affinity for the moon and took comfort in it gracing the night sky.
    Millie knew she was going to die tonight. You could only run for so long until someone caught you. She wished more than anything to have been initiated as a witch. Oh moon, if only I could have learnt your name, to have known all that you have seen, all that you do see and all that you know. I’d have done anything for those gifts.
   Millie remembered what Shadowfaith had told her; to know thyself and trust the power within. It all made sense now that she knew this was her last night. A tear ran down her cheek and she let out a whimper.
“I promise that should I live, I would serve you until the end. I’ll listen to everything you impart and to learn all you have to offer.”
“What do we have here?” Roughly a hand came down and pulled her hair. As she was dragged up she caught sight of a huge chunk of moonstone illuminated under the moon’s luminescence. It had not been there a few moments before. She hastily picked it up as she was swung over the man’s back as they headed back to the carriage.
   “They’ll be no special treatment for you now little girl.” He snarled as he roughly put her down. Whilst his back was turned Millie drew up her bound hands holding the stone and brought them down with all her might on his head. She’s never known she possessed such strength.
   He went down instantly. Quickly she moved to his side and took the knife from his waist and cut the rope that bound her hands. She kept an eye out for the others, she couldn’t see them but it didn’t mean that they couldn’t see her.
   Quickly she cut the horse loose and mounted it. She turned in the direction from which they had come and bolted like a wild animal.
   It was early morning when she got back to Cawkingsan, her hiding place no more. She let herself in and found Shadowfaith amongst her crystals. She proudly placed her moonstone down in front of the witch who looked impressed.
“I found my name.”
“And will be accepted into the coven,” Shadowfaith applauded, “Tell me.”
“I’m Moonscholar.”

I'm so jealous! Such as great book lost times of how many times I've read it and also The wise man's fear.
So chuffed there's going to be a tv series, can't wait.

It's the type of book you can get lost in for days and not want to come out, enjoy reading :)

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