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Interesting, it just goes to show how everyone is different, even under the same general label of "introvert".

Myself, if I'm with people all day, I need to be alone in the evening to recharge. When my parents were visiting me and staying at my home, I'd escape to my room when we arrived after a day sightseeing, and then again around 9pm, see you tomorrow, hehe

I've been sleeping really poorly lately. My body alternates between freezing and burning for several hours in the evening/at night and I can't seem to find a good middle ground that allows me to relax. I don't know if it's a new/more extreme side effect of the medication deciding to start now, or if it's because I've been having a bit of a cold (but no fever) - anyway, the reason doesn't affect the result. I do hope I'm able to sleep today, at least it's the weekend now.

I'm totally totally (with emphasis) this type of introvert. We could be twins, Scarlet!  ;D

And about your sleep problems, apologies if I haven't been following the thread up until now, but which kind of medications are you taking and for what condition? In case I could look it up for side effects and stuff.  Maybe it had something to do with altering your hormones (estrogen) and thus gave you hot flushes as a result.


Shopping bags for F-F

Oh dang I wanted that mug. Now I have too questions, whether I need another mug and if they will deliver this to where I live (Thailand).

Thank you so much Scarlet *hugs back* It's only after writing that I realized that despite the fact that I'm too shy and closed up to share my stories verbally, writing it out made me feel much much better. It's a tale I've always wanted to tell to someone, but I haven't found the means until now.

General Discussion / Re: Member birthday calendar
« on: July 16, 2019, 08:24:28 AM »
Happy birthday @Rostum! May you find great books to read again this year.  ;D

About a month back I left medical school for the second and last time of my life, and now I'm writing a book in my own language about my own struggles and experiences as a medical student abroad. It's helping me really a lot in this long route of recovery from my mental illness and in expressing my pent-up thoughts and feelings. It's my ultimate goal to be able to advise people from the errors I've made, so that they wouldn't have to waste their time and struggle as I have in the past. 

Apologies that I only posted here rarely, and only when I had my own issues. I've always had a lot of trouble opening up to people in the past up until now, and I guess I'm probably learning to express my inner thoughts and feelings more, at least in writing.  :)

Most books about future fit into two major themes:

- An advanced futuristic society that expands into space, colonizing other systems, robots/AI, FTL travel etc etc
- A post-apocalyptic wasteland where we regress to underground or walled living with just survival being the objective.

Going by current events, which of these is more likely?

Option one until option two inevitably happens? I think that's possible.

Jalan Kendeth. I'd probably be skipping work along with him, hahah.  ;D

General Discussion / Re: Favorite Superpower
« on: July 13, 2019, 05:29:57 AM »
Anything relating to teleportation to faraway places (think Doctor Strange portal), or the ability to conjure money. I'm just looking for comfort at this point, hahah.

Writers' Corner / Re: How much did you write today?
« on: July 13, 2019, 04:33:20 AM »
As of yesterday, I had finally clocked in at 41,000 /100,000 words for my first full-length novel. Yee haw!

General Discussion / Re: What's your Elvish name?
« on: July 11, 2019, 08:04:33 AM »
My elf name is: Gaeron


Coppery Red (gaer)

Male (on)


I just read it as Gayron, IMO, which is kind of like gay ironman.

Vin and Shallan for starters. Also Vivenna, who are all from the Cosmere.

I just started Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch and even though I didn't have the expectation I had of the series when I had read the second Gentleman Bastards, it's still much better than most other novels in my TBR pile.

Don’t worry @cupiscent I wouldn’t have liked the Crimson Campaign if I had read it as I DNF Promise of Blood and I’m not keen on Michael Sullivan either and I doubt if I will read any more Mark Lawrence I find his endings to trilogies weak ....I sound like I hate Fantasy..... it’s not true!

I kind of DNF'd Promise of Blood too, despite it having such a high rating on goodreads. I'm planning to get back at it though... some day.

As for me the other highest rated book that I've DNF'd is Senlin Ascends which both bored and infuriated me during my time reading it. Although I also planned on getting back to it someday (since I kind of ran out of book-buying money, so I'll just have to make do)

Hello guys, I've just opened a new memes page (on non-specific topics) on facebook, so if anyone is looking for some silly laughter after a long day feel free to drop by BilingualMemes.  ;D


General Discussion / Re: Team Eclipse v Team Inky
« on: July 04, 2019, 04:47:49 AM »
Wow I totally forgot about that quiz, hahah. We should go around making more quizzes of people in the forum, it should be some great fun!  ;D

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