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Sorry Magnus should I speak exclusively to you, or answer posts, am I obliged in any way to do so?
Around dealing with my 48-hour minimum working week and moving my daughter back in I am finding myself lacking the energy and the time. Here you go I was only going to get some sleep anyway.

Quote from: Rostum on June 26, 2020, 07:41:56 AM

  BLM stands for an end to capitalism an end to police powers an end to the nuclear family and really only cares about black lives when they are ended by whites because racial tension is their business.

Now you're going off the rails misrepresenting the BLM movement so that you can straw man it. Please read up on the movement on the purposes somewhere other than on alt-right blogs. If we're going to have a conversation, you need to approach it with a genuine interest in following the facts, wherever they may take you.

Yes I am totally misrepresenting BLM who are in no way burning American cities at present looting businesses actively creating no police zones which are now the most dangerous real estate in America per capita. I guess the BLM 'what we believe' is an alt right page then. If you choose not to accept what you read that's up to you.
By the way I you read Thomas Sowell (possibly the greatest social scientist of the 20th century) He concluded that children raised in single parent families suffer in 7 (from memory) ways that children from two parent families have an advantage in poverty, education and conviction rate are the three I can remember at this point.
The incidence of single parent black families in America is about a quarter higher than in white families. Yet BLM want to abolish the nuclear family for everyone. Lets drag everyone down to the same level is not a policy I subscribe to.

 Oh I have read up on BLM and its various factions at length  also on who is funding this business.

Nearly 100 million in the last month even money from companies who have had stores burnt out. The Ford foundation a left wing  population control group raised 100 million in 2016 for MFBL a coalition group for the various black lives matter groups here is their manifesto.


A fantastic list of demands but not a word about maybe black people not brutalizing each other. After all if you are black you are 11 times more likely to be killed by a black man than a white man in the USA but don't let that awkward fact get in the way.


Excuse me. Where his court records faked? Were his multiple prison records faked? The 5 years he was imprisoned for this offence I feel are factual. These are a matter of public record in the states, but I guess in the progressive world you can't question BLM or you are a racist.

Yes, George Floyd was a criminal with a violent incident in his past, but his misdeeds have been exaggerated and strengthened with lies by people who also seem to believe that because he was a criminal (who had served his time, no less), he deserved to be strangled to death in the streets.

You can read more about his past and about the events leading up to his death in the Snopes report. He served 5 years in prison aggravated robbery, but the part about a pregnant woman is made up.

I have in no way exaggerated his crimes, not misdeeds with real victims. I use Snopes and will happily go with their verdict, but just because the court documents do not mention whether the victim was pregnant or not doesn't make it a lie it means at this point it is not proven until it is know where that detail originated. Enough serious news ran with it to suggest fact checking is not what it once was or that data came from another source.

for black-on-black violence, yes, it's true that it's overrepresented in the statistics. There's a long history of contentious debate over that. Racist pundits use it as 'evidence' for homebrew theories of blacks being more violent.

I think I mentioned 11 times more likely to be killed by a black man if you are black. FBI data from 2002-12
I am sure they have all the racist theories about why. Read Sowell he is madly relevant at the moment and some of it you won't want to know about or will disbelieve, but he makes his case well  and is compelling.

Anyone who thinks it is OK to choke out a cuffed man on the ground until they are dead is a psychopath. I don't think you get any dissent from anyone about that. Sadly it's not the first or tenth time it has happened.

Quote from: Rostum on June 30, 2020, 09:29:22 AM

Minneapolis has just voted 12-0 to abolish the police. This won't affect the rich as gated communities and private security mean they will be unaffected. Middle class neighbourhoods will cease to exist as flight to other areas will be universal for those who can take the property value loss and the poor get, well nothing except preyed on.

No, Minneapolis voted 12-0 to "disband its police department and invest in community-based public safety programs". They're going to develop a new strategy about what public safety means, and how best to actually ensure it. A core of Minneapolis police have spoken out heavily against George Floyd's killing, and support police reform.

So my cousin Nick and his family have nothing to worry about then and the forting up and trying to source ammunition (yeah it's scarce and overpriced atm) is unnecessary. Because community strategy will prevail. I will wait and see but I suspect any decision will end badly and a political shift will occur if the CHAZZ/CHAD becomes Minneapolis' new reality.

Finished The Girl and The Stars nice ending but felt a bit jumbled and not as smooth as Mark can write.

Finished Sabrial and moved onto Lirial

Started The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep. Nice idea the execution is lacking so far

I am very aware that I am not in a place to understand this, not being on social media and not chasing this down.

I see little admirable in whisper networks, which again without evidence are libalous or slanderous. Two spring to mind the one used to blacklist male journalists possibly started with good intentions to protect women in the industry but used to block the hiring and end the careers of entirely innocent writers who found out why years later. The author is facing a multimillion dollar lawsuit for unregulated information added by others to her list. Whether any of this information is true or not does not matter now, it does not bear up to reasonable doubt and will be treated as malicious at worst and tainted at best. The other was within the tech industry and largely but not exclusively American based. It warned of bad behaviour from men about a third working within the company I worked for, outed a lesbian manager while she was applying for her directorship. While this should not have been an issue she was married with children stood down and made a very messy suicide attempt. The data and those involved inevitably came to light and there were resignations and sackings. Less than a year later the CEO was sacked fiddling his expenses and very publicly sued by the freelance PA he was spending them on with the intent of bedding her. While he was foolish she played him for the sucker he was, then sued for whatever else she could get.

Asia Argento one of the figureheads of the METOO# movement learnt that if you are in the public eye it's better not to have skeletons in your closet. Rose McGowan has very publicly stated that the movement morphed into something she was unhappy with.

There are pitfalls in becoming the morality police and while I understand the intent it is very easy to expose yourself legally while partaking in such things.

In the UK rape cases fall over for two reasons in general a lack of evidence and a lack of commitment. The evidence does not reach the bar for prosecution and the CPS choose not to prosecute. This is largely due to her word against his with no physical injury to either party and no corroborating evidence. Or the victim chooses to withdraw the charges. While it is a long and drawn out process if the CPS make a case it is likely to be successful if it is followed through. Alleged is an important word here and innocent until proven guilty becomes a mockery when the police take delight in arresting the accused at work often leading to instant dismissal. If they are not immediately remanded to custody it is very likely they will be banned from their home address or town if the victim is local. Everyone they know is likely to be judging them before they even face a jury. So no making it easier for the alleged victim at this stage is not really possible. You could, I suppose believe every victim and dispense with the trial but is that not what twitter is for?

Please believe those who are believable and can back their accusation up with evidence. If they cannot do so slandering someone should be taken seriously, but as you say this is not a 'choose one' answer you don't have to believe or disbelieve, but if someone posts it in private or public they should be able to prove it, but the issue with twitter is it's about emotions and not facts.

* And before you ask I had a mate who had pretty much as described happen in his early 20's.  The prosecution collapsed due to inconstant testimony and the CPS declined to prosecute a second case. He was remanded for a year while the court case went on, shunned, lost his job and had to move away from home despite never being found guilty and went off the rails for 15 years and died of a heart attack in 2017 at 51. I also have two brothers who are police officers and have discussed at length with them why cases fail either to be presented to the CPS or prosecuted by them.

And yet every election he has one has been declared honest and democratic by outside observers many of whom are American. He has just told the politburo to change the law to ensure he can continue to win elections for the next 16 years.

The problem @Rostum is when a teen goes to the police and says "this old guy author I like said to me at that con that he'd like to pee in my face", she will get laughed out, or at least strongly discouraged from going anywhere further.

I am hoping this is a random example and not something that anyone in the industry is accused of. A couple of things here as unpleasant and as unsavoury as it may be in the UK I am not sure saying you want to pee on someone is actually a crime, I have no idea about elsewhere? Should he try to do so to anyone under the age of consent or to anyone without consent I am fairly sure a large and very fast moving book would be thrown him?
Not something I would find anyone likely to announce to a stranger, in public, but what do I know. I am strange and think it in an authors interests to be courteous and polite to fans if they want to eat.

There are heartbreaking statistics about rape victims being actively discouraged from pressing charges, can you imagine what it's like when its sexual assault? Worse, if it's only verbal abuse?

These are very different things and I would definitely encourage anyone raped to immediately get safe and public then call the police. This may be critical to a prosecution if that is the route decided on. And a large number of rape cases are dropped by the victim after the CPS decide to prosecute as the victim realizes they will spend up to two years with their life in limbo while the case is prosecuted.

In the case of verbal abuse or unwanted sexual attention con organizers take a very dim view and agents and PR wonks seem to shepherd authors around these days to keep them from making idiots of themselves in public.

Sexual assault would and should be a police matter.

I know nothing of anyone's personal situation, because I don't consider myself anyone's moral arbiter. I also don't believe Twitter or social media as A whole is a force for good, but I am old-fashioned that way.

Twitter to me is a nasty mess of virtue signalling and one-upmanship and will mire itself down eventually, but not before doing some real harm.

If someone breaks the law go to the police, at least that way you both have recourse to the law. If not then what is the motivation to take it to twitter? Revenge, disgrace an attempt to destroy their livelihood?

I seem to recall Ed McDonald had this nightmare last year. Had the allegations not proved false ending his career was the inevitable outcome.

While game not book related the despicable Zoe Quinn and her debunked allegations last year contributed/led  to the suicide of Alec Holowka. Presumably a small price for her to pay to remain socially relevant.

Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone.

An over used quote by JMC, but look at every single nation that has replaced capitalism. The result has never been beneficial to the vast majority and the change has been brutal for the most part. I am not a great fan of capitalism but it is the least worst option we have.

Minneapolis has just voted 12-0 to abolish the police. This won't affect the rich as gated communities and private security mean they will be unaffected. Middle class neighbourhoods will cease to exist as flight to other areas will be universal for those who can take the property value loss and the poor get, well nothing except preyed on.

Strangely they didn't cancel the contracts of their private security which the taxpayer pays for.

BLM stands for an end to capitalism an end to police powers an end to the nuclear family and really only cares about black lives when they are ended by whites because racial tension is their business. If this were not the case they would be talking about the horrific number of young black men killed by other black men every day in the USA.

So anyone care to talk about encounters with the police by race in America or the vastly disproportionate levels in violent crime within the black American population or would that be deemed racist?

Quote from: Rostum on June 25, 2020, 02:27:33 AM

    A career criminal who held a gun to a pregnant woman's stomach while his friends robbed her house. I suspect not.

This is alt-right propaganda. They either claim that Floyd and his killer were friends and his death was faked (for "deepstate reasons") or that he was such a bad guy that he deserved what he got.

Excuse me. Where his court records faked? Were his multiple prison records faked? The 5 years he was imprisoned for this offence I feel are factual. These are a matter of public record in the states, but I guess in the progressive world you can't question BLM or you are a racist.

Tony Timpa, a white man was killed by Texas police in 2016 by being restrained and having a knee placed in his back after being cuffed. Officers are laughing and joking as they kill him. Eventually they were charged with assault a payout was made and all charges dropped and the officers who even say on video 'hey have we killed him, wake up Tony'. No Justice and no riots.

Joseph Hutchinson, before that was restrained and died 'in part' due to a knee in the back and knee preventing him from breathing. No Riots, his death was ruled homicide. A grand jury declined to charge four officers. Again he was White.

George Floyd may not have died if perhaps lessons were actually learnt.

The Narrative is a racist killing by racist cops. I don't know if there was a racial element in his killing but I doubt it. In all three cases incompetence is more likely.

I am very curious to know if the massive amount of white support would be there if Floyd had been white? A career criminal who held a gun to a pregnant woman's stomach while his friends robbed her house. I suspect not.

I am most worried about the convergence of the resurgence of the virus and the election. I believe much of the magnitude of the reaction to pre-existing (but terrible) societal problems (healthcare, racism, corruption, etc.) comes from worry and (technically) unrelated stressors (employment, isolation, etc., etc.). This isn't a punch or even a one-two-punch, it's a Mike Tyson 8-punch combination, that seems to just keep on coming. Prices are rising for food; healthcare (and now law enforcement) are stressed; jobs are insecure among those who have them; those who do not have shrinking opportunities; the list goes on.

My thoughts are it's the Democrats who are being come for. The sympathy and support towards the BLM/ATIFA/Occupy movements is being cynically played upon to either subvert the party further in line with their aims or to discredit them with voters and then subvert the party further in line with their aims after they are destroyed in the election. As they appear to have an untenable contender (again) who will allow a few really powerful people to make off with the campaign funds in consultancy fees a show of being opposition must be made I suppose.

The CHAZ/CHAD zones and their like are all in Democratic areas and have turned in a nightmare of drug fuelled crime and violence. What I think will really resonate with the country though is the segregation occurring in these areas is that what you really want to go back to as a Nation? Is that something any political party could support?

I believe violence will get more organized, diverse, and widespread. My stockpiles grow and my home is becoming more and more fortress-like. My mountain of food, weapons, ammo, and other gear, which my wife once criticized, has become a badge of honor at home. She's thanked me and apologized for the flak she gave me about it and my guns. And she hates guns.

Don't forget planning and preparation get you so far but having a community stand behind you is key to surviving the mob. And if all else fails Plan B always involves showing them a clean pair of heels as direct confrontation can only be got away with once and in the direst of circumstance.

Posted by: hexa
« on: June 24, 2020, 07:29:11 PM »

    Insert Quote

The Netherlands indicts the president of Kosovo for war crimes


Yup I saw that. I have argued here (maybe earlier in this thread) and elsewhere that the UN was conned into going into Kosovo through largely bogus claims of ethnic cleansing and in part through their desire to end Miloservic, who really needed to get got for the atrocities he had committed elsewhere. The end result was of the 28,000 ethnic Serbs less than 800 still live in Kosovo. Many of those are bed ridden and the very old.
Handing over the city state to its criminal element really wasn't our finest hour. Even today when there are arrests for sex trafficking in the UK involving European girls there is a disproportionately large chance that a Kosovan has been arrested.

No I am not kidding you, and I am unhappy with where you have gone.
Has any evidence been released to suggest this was a racially motivated killing? I guess if the police were not black they were white, right?

I guess your response was emotional and ill-informed as I know you to be a thoughtful and eloquent writer with empathy and compassion but your assumption is racist. If four black officers killed a white man in handcuffs I doubt you would have gone there but if four 'white' (you might want to look that up) officers kill a black man it must be racist.

What should the police have done when called, not responded when the description was of a stoned black man? Are you suggesting if Floyd was white they wouldn't have responded?

I'm not sure where to start with a litany of white serial killers and active shooters who get arrested uninjured, with white kids who get warnings on petty crimes that black youth gets imprisoned for, or black women who get pulled over by police for being in a car with their white partners and asked to prove they aren't prostitutes.

Yeah, please go there if you feel it's relevant.

Philandro Castile was shot by Jeronimo Yanez (I guess he is white as well if we are playing the race game)and  went to prison for it. What more do you want a lynching? Nobody white or black comes back from being killed, your point is?

Sadly I took it on myself to try to understand why America kills so many of its own I would suggest you educate yourself and not look for outrage on social media because you will find it but little context and plenty of bias.

If the law were being upheld fairly by police forces in the United States, they shouldn't have a problem with significantly increased oversight because there's nothing to hide. That's how it goes, right? If you've done nothing wrong, you  have nothing to fear.

OK Got curtains up in your house? Tell people your credit card number? Everyone has something to hide now please provide evidence that the law is not applied fairly?

Not that I think you will watch it but here is Candace Owens video that got her called lots of nasty racist things by the Left who have decided she doesn't think right and needs cancelling.


Hardly contentious. Everyone should agree the law is applied evenly and fairly without favour or fault and due process is evident. If you think there should be exceptions look at countries where there are and decide if you want to live in them.

I don't see that as the case anywhere in the first world. I have first-hand experience of it not being the case in Eastern Europe.

And before America is brought up please provide a single shred of evidence that is not the case if you can? Not the feeling of, or out of context video clips on Facebook, but actual evidence.

Most of the shootings I have watched flair up from nothing and actually complying with the police instead of escalating would prevent that ever happening. People lose their lives over a $40 traffic violation and that is due in part to the relationship America has with guns.

I was going to let it slide but the job of the police is to uphold the law and has nothing to do with justice for very good reasons.

In the UK the police arrest for public safety or hand out warnings in various forms Or gather evidence to pass to the CPS. The CPS determine if the evidence presented meets the standard to allow prosecution and a court is convened to carry out that prosecution before a jury of their peers.

I agree the police should be held to the same standard of the law as everyone else and should not be allowed to investigate themselves, but certainly should not be judged by social media or any organisation which is hostile towards them.   

And on a slightly divergent path Ayishat is a compelling and thoughtful speaker and worth a watch.


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Good man. Enjoy the garden and cake.

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