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Bread is ok for some birds not all. Some will feed it to chicks (2nd & 3rd Clutches) this time of year and some chicks cannot digest it. you can feed fats and bread in the Autumn & Winter and wild bird food in the Spring and Summer.

Please be careful what you feed them this time of year you can do more harm than good. No bread at the moment. Wild bird seed should be ok though.

General Discussion / Re: Is redemption possible?
« on: July 04, 2020, 02:47:25 PM »
Thank you all for giving your time and thoughts to this. I also believe that people change for good and bad and that we learn as we age and if redemption were not possible we wouldn't have regrets or strive to do better.

So without looking to ambush anyone's views why is redemption not possible on social media?

There no forgiveness in social media why is there an absolutism that costs people their jobs and livelihoods and why does a single tweet nullify everything of any value that someone ever did.? Why is this acceptable?

General Discussion / Re: Free speech (or not) - and some tea
« on: July 04, 2020, 02:34:44 PM »
Well Rebecca Long Bailey was sacked from the Shadow Government for retweeting an interview with Maxine Peake and calling her an absolute diamond. The interview is claimed to have an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory within it.

So Shadow Education secretary and Labour Leadership contender sacked for anti-Semitism, or actually sacked  for a Tweet supporting someone who in their 10:00 interview claimed Mossad was training USA police. Labour has a history of anti-Semitism or at least of trying to hold Israel to account. Their opponents are very good at blurring the two. Now I despise Rebecca's politics. She is part of the momentum group who have gutted the Labour Party and have turned it into something unelectable. I am not sure this was warranted. Had she have watched the whole video she may not of re-tweeted it. Had Maxine Peake said 'this is a Krav Maga technique instead of making a ludicrous leap of faith about something she doesn't really know about. That said cancel culture is her game and if you swim with sharks sooner or later you're going to get eaten.

Now David Starkey responded to a silly question claiming slavery was genocide. To which he responded by saying if that were the case there wouldn't be so many damn blacks in America or Africa. Now I suspect he was annoyed by the question and responded in irritation. He has lost his job his visiting lecturer rights and been dropped by his publisher who is threatening to delete his back catalogue. That said Starkey has form and has made unpalatable comments before and while the woke Jacobins trying to delete our history are sure to be celebrating the victory of cancelling somebody who actually knows about history we are all likely to be less informed about it.

Cambridge University which have sacked and attacked Starkey recently defended Dr. Priyamvada Gopal who tweeted 'White Lives Don't Matter' until it was taken down by twitter. Can we have a little consistency in this insanity particularly as people have been cancelled for saying 'All Lives Matter' as that is obviously racist.

As a side note Grimes who was interviewing Starkey and didn't pull him up on this was described on the BBC as a right wing commentator who offers a safe space to Homophobes and Racists needless to say he is suing and will win, but the BBC gave up impartiality a while back and does more opinion than news.

America either over medicates, or has the highest rate of depression outside war zones in the world. Federal employees cannot be discriminated against for any mental health treatment they receive. As a result a lot of people with long term issues work for the federal government.

You are missing the point. When any organization is in effect taking money from businesses as were gild the federal authorities will step in protection rackets are their game after all. When an organization feels it can make demands of an elected government it will be dismantled and that process will not be pretty.

Mayor of Seattle Jenny Durkin who thought BLM and Antifa were allies, if not friends found out the hard way when a mob turned up at her private residence to make their demands (their words) Terrorists and kidnappers make demands everyone else negotiates. Due to this intimidation she finally woke up and had the CHAZ/CHOP cleared today after a week in which 5 black men were shot and two killed including the 16 year old boy likely executed by CHAZ security after be shot and wounded by them this morning. 

Whether she realizes it or not she is now unelectable. So she goes and the Dems find a replacement to stand or she stays and loses. Pandering to the mob never ends well for those in authority.

Needs a Capital N in Northern
You say you are weird too often you will not be believed.

General Discussion / Re: The Virus thread
« on: July 01, 2020, 08:32:40 PM »
Absolutely correct but sars, Mirs, et al. were a bit disappointing. Keeping us sick makes China rich so what's their motivation not to? A few million of their own dead would hardly slow them down.

This is important.


 This is about half the population of HK important. I await Chinas response.

Over 60% of Federal employees are on anti depressants in the USA. It is a crime not to declare such but it cannot negatively influence your career. How many self-medicate or are unaware the struggle to get out of bed on any given day could be down to brain chemistry and not the soul-destroying grind is unknown. Probably 25% of the worlds' population go through depression at some point in their lives and 10% through some other mental illness. A few suffer for years and there is no cure. Meds alleviate symptoms but often bring additional problems and dependency.

A tiny fraction of people sane or otherwise feel it is OK to go round sticking knives in other people.

General Discussion / Re: The Virus thread
« on: July 01, 2020, 11:33:19 AM »
The first of many perhaps. China is going through a boom at the moment while pretty much the rest of the world is in recession heading for depression. Economically we are paying for exporting all our pollution manufacturing there.

Leicester is on local lockdown after a resurgence there the rest of the country eases restrictions in a couple of days we wait to see what happens.

If you can't talk about things you probably should be. Yes I believe our freedoms are under attack and freedom of speech and opinion are important. Social media is the most divisive and polarizing invention of the 21st century and the social engineering behind it is abhorrent and it's run by private companies with the collusion of governments.

General Discussion / Is redemption possible?
« on: July 01, 2020, 11:03:45 AM »
Do any of us really improve? Do we learn? Do our views change? Does any of it matter?

In light of political upheavals in the real and the allegations made in the virtual do apologies matter more than group shaming in our new social media society? Do we live in the best of times or the worst of times? Are we dicing with our mental health and a Pavlovian serotonin habit that we can't kick that leads to a herd mentality rather than the urge to speak out? Is anyone using this?

If only I could express myself. Is redemption possible?

I knew of Bit Blot and infinite Ammo but not of Alec as such until after his death. I do keep a watch eye on what Quinn is up to and the harm she causes.

At the point where her Patreon earnings had halved, and she was about to land a comic writing job she MeToo'd Alec over six weeks or, so she spent in Canada with him several years before after he flew her up there put her up and fed her as well as picked up the travel costs and hotels for a couple of conventions. He also helped her code a game she was working on (Stupid Cupid or some such)and never finished.

From what has been released he was fighting depression and had a self-destructive personality. He was aware that he could be an arse and had worked hard on his social interactions. It sounds as though he had sorted himself out to a point and then when Quinns allegations hit pretty much immediately the dev team he was leading dumped him and friends blocked him on social media, and he killed himself the next day. When people started looking into this Quinn had deleted her texts, but they eventually emerged from an archive, and the 100's of tweets painted a very different six weeks than those she described as fraught and controlling. Also, a conversation at the time between Alec and a friend came to light listing Quinn's inappropriate behaviour and as it was a couple of weeks left of the conclusion was to let the trip run its course. Another conversation Alec had in 2016 suggests he knew Quinn would be coming for him at some point.

@xiagan All I can really say is a lot of information is out there. I would advise you not to look as it will upset you. If you do you will have to judge the veracity of it and come to your own conclusions. I am sorry you lost a friend in this horrible way.

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