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This might be semantic but the petition isn't making any demands of how the story should be told. It's simply saying it wasn't good enough and should be redone. It's not seeking to interfere with the creative process, it's just a total rejection of the outcome.

You might regard that as still crossing the line but I'm not sure I do.

Well ok, and what do the fans want, exactly?? It's not like a TV show can be redone off brilliant material, when the brilliant mind behind the story isn't writing or providing the story.
What if the last season is redone, and extended, and the fans still think it isn't on par with GRRM's plans? And what if production starts, and GRRM finally releases Winds of Winter next year, as he's been promising now?
Are you saying that a book series and tv show should go on in parallel with totally different content?

Fans need to chill out. I think their exigences are ludicrous and childish. I was NOT happy with the stupid, unnecessary liberties taken with the end of the Terror tv show, and I didn't go and rant and ask for a more faithful version to be made.
It's done, and maybe one day in some years, someone else will make a tv show of it, or a film, whatever. Who knows it may also suck!
In the meantime, HBO will air up to 4 new spin off series on GoT, with god knows what kind of writing, and fans will simply gobble it up and HBO will bury complaints just fine that way.

I think people need to get real. There is no way their opinion matters now that the show has ended. What are they going to do? Cancel their HBO accounts, and reopen them for the next GoT series or His Dark Material?

edit : Also, I found this and thought many might approve. :-p

Reading this thread is gold to me  ;D

I've been watching videos like this one :

to catch up with the final events. I see everyone is mixed between rage and despair... And I've got to say, I abandoned the series several seasons ago. As a matter of fact, I dropped it when they killed off the little frog guy who takes Bran with his sister to the north? And the weird wight shows up on his dead moose. None of that was happening in the series, and since it was nearing the end of the support material, I assume they were gearing towards deviating to their own storytelling and I just plain lost interest.

I'm very happy to consider this tv show as half canon and half fanfic. Fanfic isn't bad, it's just not for everyone.

Now to hope that GRRM returns to his own storyline now that the TV show wouldn't be doing any competition.

So I should read the books, right?

Overall they're a unique mixed bag. I would recommend them, but they do decrease in quality as the series goes on. You will be lectured on Philip Pullman's opinions, but I was able to put up with them and I disagree with them completely.

But I do think the new series he's working on in the same world is better. There's only one book out so far, I think the second one is coming out this year, but the universe just feels more believable and concrete. I was pretty pleased with it because I always wanted him to flesh out the world a little more.

Wow, could not disagree more. I found his newest book extremely disappointing and much behind in terms of quality. I'm not sure how a weird venture in fairyland and a vilain who can outdo heroes without any of the necessary tools to do so, would be more realistic? I definitely felt he let his fancy and plot crafting go out the window.

But the original trilogy was excellent, and not especially preachy in my opinion.

Magnus will have to read on and see for himself.

Does it have a film? I didn't know :) This book is in my TBR list, maybe I should read it first. I always liked book adaptations, I hope this one deserves our time

No maybe about this. The film is a trash heap, and cut out a major aspect of the film to suit American audiences. It's pretty reviled by fans of the trilogy. You sure can watch it, but please don't do so before you read the books.

[APR 2019] Erotica / Re: [Apr 2019] - Erotica - Voting Thread
« on: May 19, 2019, 08:22:35 PM »
Dude, just browse on your phone. There is so little in word count this is literally 3 poops worth of stories.

Just don't write on the loo, is all. Not erotica.


Yep, the trailer looks amazing and propelled me from cautious to hyped. I'm so glad the teaser didn't show Daemons and they worked on them more seriously. I mean, y'all look at Iorek! From the shots we have, they may just as well have cast an actual polar bear!!

I'm personally both very happy and very impatient!!

[MAY 2019] Earth / Re: [May 2019] - EARTH - Discussion Thread
« on: May 18, 2019, 11:38:22 PM »
I've finally got my idea, but it may be more horror than fantasy. I guess I'll actually have to write the thing to find out.

I'm very happy with horror tbh.

[APR 2019] Erotica / Re: [Apr 2019] - Erotica - Voting Thread
« on: May 18, 2019, 11:37:22 PM »
Aaaaand, we officially have more votes than stories, so we're looking at at least one clear winner out of shear imbalance  ;D

Writers' Corner / Re: Writing Software Recommendations
« on: May 11, 2019, 09:47:58 PM »
My personal preference goes to Ulysses. In dark mode it is perfect. Completely free of distraction, with all the tools at hand, you can write chapters indepandantly and merge files, keep things in folders and it all looks very neat.

See, full screen, when I write :

You can choose to see everything, like bellow, or only the column of pages. It's rife with shortcuts too, but I use the very minimum and it's god enough. 100% distraction free and gentle on the eyes, I've used it for years and no complaint.

And F* yeah it's pirated, sorry pals, that's not a free or even cheap software, like many beautiful designer things on mac... Totally worth the money I didn't pay for it though  :-X :-[ :P

[APR 2019] Erotica / Re: [Apr 2019] - Erotica - Discussion Thread
« on: May 09, 2019, 09:44:40 AM »
I love how nobody is discussing this thread, not even the people who wrote for it, like it's some sort of black sheep month xD

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Series Suggestion
« on: May 09, 2019, 09:43:27 AM »
There is plenty out there. The fact you don't read standalone is already and great limitation, but even in series, don't worry, there is way more out there than we can ever recommend you, you'll never really run out of things to read.

Mind you, opening up to Sci-fi and weird fiction can also broaden your horizons, give you more to chose from.
Like you said, it's all about trying. You have time, just give a shot to new things.

As for Kings of the wyld, don't worry, the pace stays in high gear and things just get wilder (hehe). I was riveted and in hysterics from start to finish.

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Series Suggestion
« on: May 08, 2019, 05:21:02 PM »
Kings of the wyld first, because it is a standalone that just so happens to have a second book. And that second book stands alone too.

It's hilarious and refreshing because it embraces and pisses on all the tropes in turn. Of all the books you have it'll take you the least time.

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Series Suggestion
« on: May 08, 2019, 02:21:17 PM »
Stormlight Archives
Kingkiller Chronicles
The Magician (Raymond Feist)
Black Company

I'm waiting for Stormlight and Kingkiller to finish, I do hate reading unfinished books :)

I already have Magician and Black Company. Which one is better?

Ermm... I think you really shouldn't wait for storm light to finish... Not only because its genius, but also because Sanderson keeps a very tidy schedule and this is going to be a 10 books mammoth series that he plans on finishing in a decade if we're all lucky, so if I were you I'd dive in anyway.
I understand not wanting to commit to unfinished works, but Sanderson is the one reliable guy in that respect.
He will finish it.
Not like Rothfuss and Martin. And so he needs our love and support!

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Series Suggestion
« on: May 08, 2019, 02:18:08 PM »
One title recommendation : Kings of The Wyld.

Go in blind, thank me later.

Thanks for the reccomendation, will give it a go :)

But I think this series is not finished yet, is it? How many books will be?
There’s a sequel to Kings of the Wyld, Bloody Rose, it’s also really good. It’s a duology, so once you’ve read the 2 you’re done. Quite refreshing really. You could go old school and give Tad Williams’ Memory, Sorrow and Thorn a go.

Actually, no, Eames is writing the 3rd one. But they all stand alone fairly well, though you'd have to read Kings of the Wyld to understand what's going on in Bloody Rose.

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Series Suggestion
« on: May 07, 2019, 11:53:51 PM »
One title recommendation : Kings of The Wyld.

Go in blind, thank me later.

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