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I can feel a comedy coming on...

I may have a go at writting a bit of a chick flick, now that really would be a test...

Just about got mine in on time, although it was a little rushed as I wasn't going to write something this month as I've been busy in the racecaller forum in The Sun, with the Chelentham festival and the Grand National being just round the corner, but I think I managed to come up with the kind of thing that may suit Grimdark.

I could have done with an extra 2000 words to be honest, just hope it's worthy as the rest are very good - well done everyone.

I have also tried writting in a different dialect, which I have never done before, so not sure if it works or not, but I hope the ending reaches the darkness, which I was looking for.


Kakoja's Appraising

“Just weeks till the bringing, it must fill you with such heart?” declared Jenkia.

“It’s too close to Kakoja’s final appraising. My son is stupid. To make new life in the winters - knowing that the child would be born close to Kakoja’s appraising. I will pray that child stays within womb for the next four nights,” replied Relia.

“There are six-weeks until the birth,” assured Jenkia.

“It’s too close. Now go appraise Kakoja,” instructed Relia.

“I will Relia. May Kakoja watch over you.”

“May Kakoja watch over you,” repeated Relia.


Marren couldn’t help but dance to the music that was playing inside her head. She was overjoyed, lavished in happiness with the thought of seeing her baby. So often she would dance and sing, wondering the sex, but she didn’t care. Kakoja had answered her and her husband, for the life they had given up on many terms a go.
Twirling towards a mirror, she stopped and pushed out her stomach placing both hands upon her bump, before spinning off around the room humming merrily.

“Don’t spin yourself into a giddier my loving wife.” Happily spoke the man entering the room.

“I can’t help myself, my loving husband,” answered Marren, glowing with pride. “Our dreams are coming true and soon we will be parents.

Danish paused in thought. He had the same look that had been haunting him this term.

“Come here my husband, don’t you speak those words that trouble you so. Kakoja wouldn’t bring us life to be born on his appraising.”

“You’re always full of such positivity. I only wish I had your strength of mind, as I can’t help but have these thoughts – but you’re right; soon the appraising will be over and I’ll be free of such pessimistic notions.

“Soon we will be a family my husband,” sang Marren joyfully. “Now come, place your hands on our child,” smiled Marren, opening out her pregnant body.

“I hope I am not interposing this warm moment of serenity,” declared Jenkia, entering the room unnoticed.

“You’re always welcome sister,” replied Marren. “For what do we honour your visit?”

“Danish’s mother requests his attendance at the temple of appraise,” explained Jenkia.

“You better not keep her waiting Danish,” instructed Marren. “Give her my heart when you see her!”

Danish and Jenkia both smiled as they knew the warm comments about her mother-in-law were not full of truth.

“I’ll see you at night’s light. May my heart be open to you,” added Danish, placing his hands on Marren's stomach one last time, before leaving to attend to his mother.

“Arrrrrh that women turns my mind,” Marren cried out, as soon as her husband was out of earshot.

“She may be stern in her ways, but being the high mother to Kakoja, she has to have all our hearts. She does have feeling for you,” assured Jenkia.

“She may have all our hearts, but she still turns my mind,” smiled Marren. “Now come Jenkia – rejoice in my light.”

“You're fulfilled today my sister. You glow more than ever before,” proclaimed Jenkia, whilst taking her hands to turn full circle in unison.

“Tonight I will dance in honour of our God and appraise him for his blessing and…” Marren then fell short off words, stopping in mid-sentence as the ground beneath was covered in waters. Her face froze, turning an instant grey as time around her slowed to an almost halt. Marren knew what had just happened; her waters had broken and her heart sank. It had been several seasons since a child was born in this term. Jenkia was also hit with that fear, she had assisted with the bringing of new life before, but it was too soon.

Jenkia broke the silence first, “Marren your child, we need to…”

“We need to keep this still - between us my sister. You know how to bring life. No one can know. You have to keep this still,” Marren requested in desperation.

“The end of the appraising is still four nights to pass,” replied Jenkia with great concern.

“We stay still; keep this from others. Our people can’t know,” Marren pleaded once more.

“I swear to keep this, but I need aid. Relia is the bringer of life. I have only assisted.”

“Relia can’t know,” shriek Marren.

“Keep still sister, I have no intention on telling. I must bring help though. I’ll ask for your husband and mine. Wait my return.”
It may have seemed a winter’s term before her sister returned with her husband, but the sound of his voice was calming as the night’s breeze and she felt the instant safeness of his strong arms around her vulnerable body.

“How are you my wife,” asked Danish quietly.

“I’m in fear my husband; in fear for our new born. It’s too soon - why would Kakoja bring him on now?” 

“We cannot ask for the reason, we can only keep this still from others. We will hide until the end of the appraising and then announce our child a few days after. Jenkia will bring our child into life. Be calm now.” Marren smiled, drawing strength from her husband’s words.

Jenkia had aided Relia in the bringing of life many times, but this was the first time by herself. That wasn't her main concern though. She couldn’t help but question the early bringing of this life. Had their God forsaken this child. Jenkia tried to keep her thoughts, but her fears for this child being cursed where soon proven to be valid. The child had turned and Jenkia didn’t process the knowledge or experience to now bring the child into life. She knew that if this child was to survive, Danish’s mum would have to be called.

“What’s wrong asked Danish,” as he held Marren’s hand tightly.

“The child is turned. I cannot bring your child to into life,” answered Jenkia regretfully.

“Not Relia. You promised,” screamed Marren.

“There is no other way. Your child will not live and your life may be taken. I need Relia.

“We have no time,” confirmed Danish. “I will bring my mother and bring her alone. She will keep silent. I will request it.”

“Go now,” ordered Jenkia. “Time is short.”
Danish was quick to his word and soon returned with his mother a few moments behind. Jenkia had done all she could, but the child was ready for this world. Relia took to task without word. Even though the turning of a child was not uncommon, both lives were at risk - timing was essential.

Danish and Tullis haplessly paced the other room in wait, until the cries of life freed them from this gruelling torment.

Danish worried to his wife and found mother and child in good heart. Smiling, Danish learned forward to rejoice, but was struck still by hammering at their door. Who knew of this bringing. Fear hit the room, as Danish looked at his mother for answers, but Relia looked away.

Danish sensed the betrayal from his mother; it was clear across her face.

The next hammering was followed by the intrusion of four armed guards from the holy temple. They were Relia’s men.

“How could you betray us mother,” accused Danish. “You know what will become. I won’t let  harm come to my child.” Danish then rushed the guards with the intention to defend his new born, but his act of heart was halted in moments. The first guard had his orders, removing his sword from his belt; he drove it deep into Danish’s stomach – twisting the blade to carry out the purpose for which the steel had been welded. Danish’s mouth filled with blood causing him to choke. With his life departing quickly he took his final moments to gaze upon his wife and his child that he never had the chance to hold. One final swords twist and Danish’s eyes emptied.

“How could you,” screamed Marren. “He was your son. You loved him.”

“Of course I loved him - but I love Kakoja more. He knew the fate of conceiving in winter’s term as do you. It’s sacrilegious to bring life into this world on the appraising of Kakoja. You defied your God and the consequences are fatal,” stormed Relia.

Marren clung onto her baby with little strength left, but was unable to stop Relia taking him from her arms and could only watch as she headed towards the door.

“Before you leave,” screamed Marren teary eyed. “I want you to know that my baby has a name. My baby's name is Ong.”

Relia turned to look upon her daughter-law for one last time. “You went against Kakoja at your own will. All of you did.” Relia then shut the door with baby in arms, leaving the four guards to permanently cleanse the room of blasphemy.

written by James Parkes (a.k.a Maxfield)

[Feb 2014] Fanfic / Re: [Feb 2014] Fanfic - Voting Thread
« on: March 28, 2014, 12:24:02 PM »
I did find this very hard to judge as the task was to write a fanfic, but apart from the Harry Potter's I haven't read any of the other books, so I didn't have a clue what I was judging - so I've had to go with the one that I thought was written the best, but that wasn't really the assignment that was set.

Maybe next time it may be best to set the fanfic story lines. Pick maybe five well known books that almost everyone would have read i.e Harry Potter, Lord of Rings, Star Wars etc and then people can stick to writting something about them. It would make it easier to judge.

Good work by everyone though, it's the first time I have ever written a fanfic and to be honest I had never heard of it before  :)

[Jan 2014] - Betrayal / Re: [Jan 2014] Betrayal - Voting Thread
« on: March 03, 2014, 10:07:27 AM »
Congratulations on the two winners, which were the two that I thought would have won and one of them got my vote.

And talking of votes, I would say I am very disappointed and confused that the amount of people who viewed the competition page  was over 700, so surely most people would have read them or at least a few of the write ups.

BUT the thing I can’t understand the most is that over 600 people viewed the Voting Page. Now correct me if I’m wrong – but the Voting Page is for voting, (that’s obvious) - you would only go on that page to vote (wouldn’t you) and seeing as so many people viewed the writing challenge page, you would have then thought that those same people then went on to vote.

This is the first time I have ever entered a writing competition before and my friends and family were going to vote, but I told them not too as there are loads of people voting and I would rather go it alone.

I was then excitingly waiting for the outcome. I didn’t think I would win, but out of 600 views on the Voting Page, I was hoping to get a few votes, but then when the votes finally came through I was shocked!

Out of 600 plus people who viewed the Voting page – only 9 people voted. That just doesn’t add up, especially seeing as we were asked to vote for someone if you had entered the comp, so out of respect I would like to think that all eight of us voted – so that would mean out of 600 people who viewed the Voting Page – only one person voted?

This just doesn’t make sense. It  would be like 600 people going into Pizza Hut and only one person ordering a pizza!! (Why go in, in other words)

Even if I didn’t ask any of my friends to vote, surely one of the other 7 writers got a few friends or family members to vote for them or was that the 9th vote!

I just don’t understand why 600 plus people viewed the Voting Page and only 9 people voted, as it only took about 5 seconds to vote.

I’m not sure if it is worth entering, if no one is going to vote.  It’s a lot of work for little gain. Although it’s good for practice and I enjoy writing, but are anyone actually reading them?

What do the other writers who entered think?

I don’t mean to moan, but I’m just very disappointed and confused to why so many people would view the Voting Page - and not vote…why bother viewing that page and surely more than 9 people would have voted out of 600 – it just doesn’t add up!!

Kind Regards


[Feb 2014] Fanfic / Re: [Feb 2014] Fanfic - Discussion Thread
« on: February 06, 2014, 12:03:24 PM »
After getting off the bus last night, I unfolded my folding bike and began my 40 minuet cycle home against the strong wind and pooring rain. I then entered my house soaked through to encouter my 1 year boy screaming with a running nose and my 3 year old daughter shouting, whilst my finacee attepted to get them ready for bed. She had had a bad day and I knew you just wanted to cry.

That's when I had my idea for my piece of work!

So I decided to take the Harry Potter family and write what us fans may not see behind closed doors - as life isn't just fantasy, its hard bloody work.

The die hard Harry Potter fans will either find it funny or want to kill me lol

I hope you all enjoy.  :)

I liked the idea of showing us the everyday life of Harry and Ginny.
One thing that dissapointed me was the reference to Cho. I mean, what married man that has a fight with his wife says "Man, I wish I had married my high school girlfriend." It just doesn't make a lot of sense.

Other than that, it was enjoyable, so good luck  :D

Thanks for your reply and I understand your views on Cho Chang and yes I would agree that it would be unlikely that Harry would say what he did in a real argument, but being a huge fan of comedy I wanted to use this exercise to practice my style of humour.

Although I do understand that everyone is different and will not laugh at things that others find funny.

My favourite comedies are Gavin & Stacy, Only Fools & Horses, Friends and recently Two Broke Girls and New Girl, but some people find Little Britain funny!!!

Thanks for your feedback…I’m always learning and appreciate all critiques of my work.

[Feb 2014] Fanfic / Re: [Feb 2014] Fanfic - Discussion Thread
« on: February 06, 2014, 12:00:42 PM »
So I decided to take the Harry Potter family and write what us fans may not see behind closed doors - as life isn't just fantasy, its hard bloody work.

The die hard Harry Potter fans will either find it funny or want to kill me lol

I hope you all enjoy.  :)

Very good, very enjoyable - loved the bit about not getting to use his wand for a while.  Also loved the last reference to Voldemort.  Yes - funny and faithful fan-fic, perfect!

Thanks I appreciate your kind words :)

[Feb 2014] Fanfic / Re: [Feb 2014] Fanfic - Discussion Thread
« on: February 04, 2014, 01:12:42 PM »
After getting off the bus last night, I unfolded my folding bike and began my 40 minuet cycle home against the strong wind and pooring rain. I then entered my house soaked through to encouter my 1 year boy screaming with a running nose and my 3 year old daughter shouting, whilst my finacee attepted to get them ready for bed. She had had a bad day and I knew you just wanted to cry.

That's when I had my idea for my piece of work!

So I decided to take the Harry Potter family and write what us fans may not see behind closed doors - as life isn't just fantasy, its hard bloody work.

The die hard Harry Potter fans will either find it funny or want to kill me lol

I hope you all enjoy.  :)

[Feb 2014] Fanfic / Re: [Feb 2014] Fanfic - Submission Thread
« on: February 04, 2014, 12:45:08 PM »
                                                   At home with the Potters

Harry had only stepped halfway through the front door when Ginny unleashed her frustrations upon him.

“You’re finally home then! I’ve been waiting ages,” stated Ginny, angrily. 

“What’s the matter Ginny?” Sighed Harry, as he hung up his broomstick.

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter you say? It’s your son, James – that’s what the matter is.”

“What has he done this time?” Harry groaned, as he had become accustomed to his wife’s daily moans.

“He’s been caught with Scorpius – again. Smoking tumbleweed behind the broom sheds. I did owl-mail you, but you never replied.”

“He’s young Ginny. Go easy on him; we got up to much worse when we were at Hogwarts - like fighting lord…” Harry went to continue, but he could see Ginny crossing her arms and tensing up. This only meant one thing; a storm was brewing within.

“I would stop right there as well Harry. What we – no sorry, I’ll rephrase that; what you got up to was completely different. Everyone knows the Harry Potter story; we have all heard it over and over again. This is your son we are talking about – not you. And if you have been listening to me over the last few months; this is now the third time James has been caught smoking tumbleweed with Scorpius. And do you know what his nick name is at Hogwarts? Pothead Potter!”

“I’ll sit down and have a chat with him Ginny. Right anyway, how did Albus get on against Ravenclaw at quiddicth today?” Asked Harry enthusiastically, but Ginny didn’t answer. She looked very angry.  “What have I said now? Queried Harry - already defeated.

“We do have two other children apart from Albus you know. What about Lily? You never ask how she is doing. You do know that she wants to be a pixie herder when she grows up. A pixie herder Harry. You know what people say about pixie herders – (there away with the fairies!)  It’s always about Albus; he looks just like his dad – he excels on a broomstick, just like his dad – he’s passing all his classes with distinction, just like his dad. So to answer your question Harry, yes Gryffindor did win as usual and Albus caught the bloody golden snitch; like he always does – just like his dad!”

“Look Ginny, I’ve had a hard day at work. I don’t need to be coming home to this all the time. I tell you something I really miss…”

“Go on – say it Harry. You know you want to.”

“Ok I will. I will say it Ginny. I really miss Voldemort. There, you happy now?  I miss the philosopher’s stone, I miss the snakes, the dragons, the death eaters; I miss it all Ginny. The only thing I’ve encountered the past years are phooey nappies and having to deal with moody teenagers going through puberty. I can’t even get Drago rattled anymore – believe me I’ve tried. I even gave him a vomit flavoured Bertie Bott’s every bean and he just laughed and said that he would get me back!”   

“I knew it. You think I’m fat!" Ginny cried out irrationally.

“By Merlins beard women. What are you talking about? Have you been drinking mulled mead again at lunch time?”

“Yes Harry – I have. Whilst you’re gallivanting around with the Ministry of Magic – I’m here running the house and bringing up our children. The only person I saw today was Luna. She had made too much plimpy soup and brought some round for us. You know she’s not the best conversationalist - you get more sense out of a blibbering humdinger. And I hate plimpy soup, it’s awful.”

“I knew I should have married Cho Chang,” Harry muttered under his breath.

“What was that?”  Ginny snapped.
“Err nothing,” Harry quickly replied. “I know it’s not easy Ginny. You do a great job with the running of our home and taking care of the kids whilst I’m at work, but it’s not easy for me as well you know. Working at the Ministry is hard work. Aragog’s off spring are running amuck in the forbidden forest, the merpeople are complaining that the trolls have been excreting in the black lake and the centaurs – well there just being centaurs. Look Ginny, why don’t you ask your mum over to baby sit then we can go to The Three Broomsticks for a few drinks?”

“Now there’s a surprise! Let’s go to The Three Broomsticks – again. Is Ron going there tonight by any chance? Let me guess the Chudley Cannons are playing and you’re planning to watch them with a few pints of butterbeers. You know I speak to Hermione - she’s not happy too you know!”

“That’s it - I’m off.  I can’t speak to you when you’ve had too many mulled mead’s Ginny. You’re worse…you’re worse than a dementor.” Harry declared, hatefully.

“Piss off then.” Ginny replied, with intent. “And you can forget about using your wand for a while!”

Harry took his broomstick and slammed the door behind him, and as he flew off into the skies above he could only hope that Voldemort would return one day - as that’s the only fight that he could win.   

Written by
James Parkes
a.k.a Maxfield

[Jan 2014] - Betrayal / Re: [Jan 2014] Betrayal - Discussion Thread
« on: January 09, 2014, 10:09:19 AM »
I’ve submitted a piece of work from the Origins of Rohanna: Demon Hunter, which is taken from a project I’m working on at the moment. Rohanna is a character I’m constructing for my Book series Demons & Legends.

Is this is ok?

[Jan 2014] - Betrayal / Re: [Jan 2014] Betrayal - Submission Thread
« on: January 09, 2014, 09:39:13 AM »
Origins of Rohanna: Demon Hunter

Tibet China, year 1811.

“Vampires have surrounded the monastery,” alerted Choi-Sin as he burst into his masters chambers.

“They’re here for the book,” replied Naroda.                               

“Choi-Sin, you must protect the children. I will guard the book.”

“We don’t stand a chance against the demons master.”

“I know.”
“Look at the monks scurrying about like insects, asking to be stamped on. At least their armed so it will make it a little challenging when I slaughter them,” remarked Rohanna, as she stood next to her master. “No need to waste your dogs, Bilic. I’ll take care of the monks.”

“Who are you calling a dog?” Snapped the smartly dressed vampire, standing the other side of Bilic.

“Now, this isn’t the time to be arguing my darlings. Even though I do love you both veining for my affection! Just kill them and get me that book so we can go home. I do hate China, too many Dragons for my liking.”

“That’s fine with me. Just stay out of my way Dylan. We wouldn’t want any accidents with my sword,” Rohanna grinned, with intent. She then skimmed down the mountain into the monasteries grounds and started cutting through some monks.

“Head towards the far building,” ordered Dylan to the other vampires. “The monks are protecting it. The book must be there.”

“Look at my darlings, so beautiful and destructive. I don't need any assistance from Zantan's demons to retrieve a book. My vampires will have it no time,” proclaimed Bilic, proudly to the shadows behind him.

“They would; if the book was in that building,” answered a voice from the shadows. A demon then swept past Bilic and headed towards the unguarded building below.

“Stay close together,” commanded Choi-Sin to his brethren. We outnumber them; we can hold them, if we stick together.”

“That’s correct, you do out number us,” agreed Rohanna. “Let's see if I can do something about that.”

The monks may have been trained in combat, but they had never faced a vampire like Rohanna before. Using her demonic speed, Rohanna leapt in between a group of monks and within six moves she had succeeded in slicing the heads off all five men. In her next four steps she ducked two advancing monks and kicked Choi-Sin through the door of the building which they were protecting.

“Now where's that book you've been hiding?” Demanded Rohanna, as she strode into the room.

But it then struck Rohanna that it wasn't a book the monks were safeguarding, it was children. Rohanna had killed many children before and smiled as she advanced to do so again, but then suddenly stopped. She felt something inside of her change instantly, a feeling she hadn’t had for a very long time, a feeling that she once had when she was human…it was love. But it wasn't love towards all of the children, just one of them. It was the largest child, the boy standing in front of the others and the only one who didn’t look scared.

It had been just over a hundred years since the day she first met Bilic and she had killed more humans than she could count, but there was something about this young boy which brought back that dormant memory, the day that Bilic and Dylan entered her mother’s lodgings looking for shelter from a storm. The day she was turned.

Rohanna was playing with her younger brother who she had helped bring up with her mother as their father died when she was very young. She recalled being intoxicated by Bilic's handsome looks when he walked in, but it was Bilic who took more of a liking to her. He instantly desired her and much to Dylan's liking, he decided to turn her right then. It was her mother and brother who paid the price for her beauty that night as he ended theirs without remorse and then took Rohanna's forever. Rohanna remembered her brother crying before he was murdered by the demon who she had served ever since...she remembered. The evil vampire was no more. Rohanna was reborn and she wasn't going to let these children die.

“Where's the book?” Commanded Dylan, entering the room in a trail of monk’s blood.

“You will never have it,” shouted Choi-Sin, as he lunged at the vampire with his sword, which Dylan blocked with little fuss. He then grabbed him by the neck and turned him to face Rohanna.

“You’re slacking Rohanna. You've missed this monk and I can also see a bunch of children behind you still alive. Never mind, I'll just kill them and give the book to Bilic myself.”

“You won’t lay a finger on the children,” shouted Rohanna, pulling a blade from the side of her waste belt and flicking it towards him.

Dylan had to drop Cho-Sin as he narrowly avoided the blade, but lost part of his cheek in the process.

“You crazy bitch,” screamed Dylan in agony, as his right cheek burned.
“She is no longer a slave to your vampire master,” announced Choi-Sin, as he picked himself up.

“Vampire, you must protect these children. I need to go to the aid of my Maha Thera. I pray God favours you."

“I told Bilic it was a mistake to turn you. I sensed the betrayal then. At least I will have the pleasure in killing you.”

“Your right Dylan, it was a mistake turning me. And I'm going to make sure that every last demon on this planet knows that as well, starting with you.”

Rohanna then sprung forward with her sword held high, bringing it down towards him, which he automatically deflected away. He then took a step forward in retaliation with two swift swipes, but Rohanna was just as quick avoiding the attack.
Bilic had trained his two favourite vampires to the highest standard. They were his best and evenly matched. But Dylan had numbers on his side and didn’t hesitate in calling three vampires into the fight.
The first vampire was quickly dispatched as Rohanna extended her arm taking his head, but the other two vampires were not so amateur. They knew better than to give themselves so easily to an experience vampire warrior like Rohanna. Instead they positioned themselves around her at triangular points. Dylan then gave the order to all attack at the same time as he took the lead.
Rohanna moved at lightning speed, moving her head to avoid Dylan's sword by an inch. In the same move she kicked the hooded vampire to her right, whist ducking the sword of the vampire with the large moustache to her left. Rohanna then jumped clear, whilst blocking two more attempts from the sword of the hooded vampire. The fight was moving at such a high tempo. Within the next five seconds Rohanna had blocked three more strikes from Dylan, two from the hooded vampire and taken a punch to the head by the other.

“You can't keep this up forever Rohanna,” snarled Dylan, as he twirled his sword around furiously towards her legs, body and head in quick session, which she narrowly dodged each time.

But Rohanna wasn’t alone, and the numbers were soon reduced as the hooded vampire was unaware of the boy protecting the other children. He could see the vampire needing help and swiftly moved forward pulling out a dagger with unusual markings carved down the side and plunged it into the back of the vampire’s skull, who then disintegrated.
Dylan fumed, and was about to make the boy pay for interfering, when he was interrupted by a vampire soldier entering the room.

“Zbarski has the book Dylan. We need to get out of here before Ong and his demon hunters arrive.

“Go on without me. I will take care of this traitor first.”

“You will leave now,” instructed another vampire. It was Bilic.

“Zantan Mundeara told me years ago that you would betray me one day Rohanna. I never wanted to believe him, yet here I find you locked in battle with Dylan, my two darlings trying to kill each other. It’s such a shame. Come Dylan, these soldiers can see to Rohanna.”

Bilic then slammed the door shut leaving Rohanna and the children trapped inside with five vampires…

whoops think I missed out by a year lol.

Should have read the site a bit more before jumping in...but when you get an idea you just have to write. :-X

Well, as an action / dragon fanboy - I instantly thought 'Guns and Dragons' !!!!

I love this with the fire of a thousand burning suns.

hi I'm new to this site and sorry not sure if I'm too late for this as I'm just getting to grips with everything and this is the first page I came across.

I think Guns and Dragons is a very good idea, you could take that in many directions. Here's a quick idea I have for the start.

    The dragon warriors had been living in peace for over six years. They thought that they had found their sanctuary. They were hidden from the rest of the plagued lands, they thought that they were safe...they were wrong.
    By the time the dark riders had clouded the skies above the silver lake where the children played, it was already too late.
    Jaxan may have been young, but he still remembered his dad ordering him back inside the caves, instructing his mum to stay hidden.
    Abrose, Jaxan's dad was the leader of his people and the greatest dragon warrior of all time. Jaxan idolised him, and watched in empathy as his dad grabbed his twin firearms and headed down to the forest edge with the other dragon warriors, ready to mount their dragons and take to the skies.
    Jaxan wanted to follow his dad, but his mum pulled him back into the caves. That was the last time he saw his father...that was the last time anyone had seen a dragon warrior...until now.

I though it would be a good idea to follow Jaxan as he grows up, learning how to ride a dragon, gun slinging and finding allies along the way as he battles to bring down the dark evil dragon riders.

I'm not sure if that would work or if that's the kind of thing you are looking for?

kind regards


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