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Order placed! Releases here June 11.

Writers' Corner / Re: Grammar Quesiton...
« on: June 05, 2019, 01:44:55 AM »
Unrelated to grammar calling them "tops" makes me immediately think of gay sex. Capitalizing helps. A little. But yeah I still think of gay sex. Are the people who live in the other part of the city called "the bottoms" ?

My brother used call “top!” whenever we had to choose between bunk bed levels.
I was stuck with bottom.
Just saying.

[JUN 2019] 2TTDFT / Re: [Jun 2019] - 2TTDFT - Discussion Thread
« on: June 05, 2019, 12:53:02 AM »
This might be a good theme to return to action.

Damn, I was looking and the last time I wrote a story was in early 2017.

I think I might have an idea already (and it's only the 4th of June!).

Excellent! We need 3 votes. Plus Lanko goodness-stuff.

[JUN 2019] 2TTDFT / Re: [Jun 2019] - 2TTDFT - Discussion Thread
« on: June 05, 2019, 12:36:04 AM »
Working on an idea

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: What did you read in May 2019
« on: June 03, 2019, 03:10:06 PM »
A pretty good month for me. 9 in, 9 out.

Twenty Trillion Leagues Under the Sea - Adam Roberts - I think this is a semi-sequel to the Jules Verne, which I've never actually read. Quite good fun, but I didn't really get the ending.

The Black Cauldron - Lloyd Alexander - Second book of Prydain. I was surprised how much I'd forgotten from the first, and how little it bothered to recap, but it was fairly enjoyable.

Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen - Lois McMaster Bujold - Disappointingly slight entry in the Vorkosigan saga. Mild romance and not much happening.

Ruthless Magic - Megan Crewe - FF's SPFBO finalist. I really enjoyed this one. It might hit a few YA standards, but it's well-written and exciting. I'd have rated it higher in the contest.

The Nursing Home Murder - Ngaio Marsh - My monthly crime novel is a break from my regular Agatha Christie, but still a Golden Age Queen of Crime. Not bad, but a little unsatisfying.

Ritualist - Dakota Krout - A LitRPG book I borrowed on Prime Reading earlier in the year. I thought it was time to get it read and free up one of my Prime loan slots. I liked it a lot, and will be reading the second one.

Drawing for the Absolute Beginner - Mark Willenbrink & Mary Willenbrink - An old freebie I accidentally started reading on my Kindle Fire (which I tend to use for non-fiction). It was short and mainly pictures.

The Stone Sky - N K Jemisin - Concluding part of the Broken Earth trilogy. A fairly solid if inevitable conclusion. The main interest, I think, was the extra background material from the deep past.
A Closed and Common Orbit - Becky Chambers - I've been thinking of signing up for a Worldcon Supporting membership so I can vote in this year's Hugos. The third book in this series is up for Best Novel, so I thought I'd better get on and read the second one, and now I'm annoyed with myself for not reading it sooner. I didn't love the first book as much as some people seem to, but I really enjoyed this one, despite a couple of annoying science niggles (the body kit is a perpetual motion machine?)


I’m currently reading “Death at La Fenice”, a police procedural set in modern Venice. The enjoyment for me is in the careful description of interpersonal interactions (and sometimes impersonal ones). It has some of the weight of PD James without the utter melancholy. Many small laughs, too.

Bujold seems to have lost interest in space opera hyjinx (sp?) which is a shame. I’m a Miles
fan from way back.

Agree about “Stone Sky”

And yes, I could always skip The Book of Three, and probably Castle of Llyr, too.

General Discussion / Re: Congratulations Cupiscent
« on: June 01, 2019, 03:32:27 PM »
Only two of you. But I’m not far behind!

General Discussion / Re: Things that make you happy
« on: May 31, 2019, 01:47:56 PM »
Weddings of nieces and nephews. And my kids. I assume. Though it hasn’t happened. Yet?

Mrs. JMack will watch a fantasy movie if forced - and did love GoT - but she’s no genre fan. She likes memoirs that reveal interesting new things. And she’s particularly fascinated with sickness, death, sleep, and stuff like that. So the most recent post was perfect for reading to her!  ;D

Ok,’just to mix things up, I’m going to bring one of @Nora’s favorites: The Terror. Too long. The payoff is incredible, mind-bending, fantastic. The build-up is often tedium piled on tedium. It’s the one thing the show did better. It got the build-up and completely screwed up the ending nine ways to Sunday.

Too short? The Murderbot novellas. Absolutely loved these last year. But they’re like one episode each of a tv show and any one of them could be a book by itself. Then add on the price for each and its a very expensive decent length novel paid in 4 installments. Still, brilliant, lovely, cool.

General Discussion / Re: Congratulations Cupiscent
« on: May 31, 2019, 12:39:55 PM »
Oh yay. Heh. Thanks. @Eclipse I certainly couldn't have done it with you! Or, really, all of everyone here. It's such a great crew to hang out and talk about great books with. Drinks all round!

Dunno about being an Auror though.  Sounds like waaaaay too much work. Can't I just sit in the corner and be a smartass instead? :D

We have many smart asses here. What we need are smart smart asses.
Oh, yeah, you pass!!  ;D

[MAY 2019] Earth / Re: [May 2019] - EARTH - Discussion Thread
« on: May 30, 2019, 12:13:39 PM »
And I can’t wait for the next prompt. My writing brain has turned back on and needs fuel.

Small Press & Self-Published / Re: DEMIGODS are coming
« on: May 30, 2019, 12:11:56 PM »
That’s a great tagline.

I’m trying to wrap my head around doing tastings at multiple wineries on the same day when they’re too far to walk from one to the other. Drink a flight. Drive. Drink a flight. Drive. Drin a flit Driv. Dr and driv.

Writers' Corner / Re: Grammar Quesiton...
« on: May 30, 2019, 01:05:15 AM »
Based on your last response, I vote for “tops”, lowercase.

Two thoughts:
1. I’m sick and tired of the If-it’s-capitalized-it-must-be-IMPORTANT! school of Fantasy writing.
2. By leaving it lowercase, you get to capitalize something more specific, such as maybe: “meet me at Garrett’s Tops” while normally “he ran through the tops”.

Haha @ScarletBea  it's bc I started these as long form letters to people back home while I'd be gone for years. I've got hundreds of these I went to put into a book one day but I don't how to tie them all together. 

Haha yes @JMack it is all true
The few glimpses I got of your life (haunted tea pots, muggings, chantacuros, hostage situations, ...) and the style you wrote this piece in says in big bold letters: Write this book!

Mrs. JMack agrees. I read the post to her, as I have others you’ve written.

Mr. Darewood, write this book!

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