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So, some appointment some disappointment (that crammed works, right?). But now we all march south, right?

Or do we?

Why would Sansa go south in the next episodes? Not for any good reason I can see, except not trusting Dany. Who stays to rebuild Winterfell? Arya? Not damn likely.

So,’what if Jon, Dany, Arya, and assorted hangers on go south, while Sansa stays... but, the Iron Fleet comes calling?

Feels like we need predictions!

@JMack you could be writing a last minute entry to the Erotica contest ;D

(so glad to see you around!)

I’m writing an early entry for Earth!  ;)

The Three Body Problem

[MAY 2019] Earth / Re: [May 2019] - EARTH - Discussion Thread
« on: May 02, 2019, 12:16:44 AM »
A first sentence just popped into my head.
Spoiler for Hiden:
They stopped his mouth with dirt.
Creepy. I’ll have to let it cook for a bit.

Writers' Corner / Re: Adventures in Writing
« on: May 02, 2019, 12:15:04 AM »
Hey, @tebakutis, that’s awesome! I liked your book a lot too. Would love to know if this turns into sales!

Me, relaxing.
Hi, guys.

Mrs. JMack: “I’m coloring my hair, so you have a night free from me. What will you be doing?”
Me: “Checking out Fantasy-faction.”
Mrs. JMack: “Fancy what?”


Howdy, everyone. It’s been a long three months, but I’m finally past many things sad and wonderful. Ready for a wee bit of normal. Send me down a cider, barkeep.

Viewing yesterday and funeral today for my wife’s mom.
My dad’s wife decided yesterday to put him on hospice. The right decision. Now it’s just a matter of time.

General Discussion / Re: Member birthday calendar
« on: March 16, 2019, 10:59:46 AM »
Happy Birthday, Scott!

I woke up at midnight when Lisa came to bed. She stayed up to finish her mom’s funeral program. Now I can’t sleep. I’m angry about work (which is sort of ridiculous when you compare what I have to what could be) and angry/confused about everything with my dad.

I went over to the hospital Sunday with my oldest brother, who flew into town to see Dad. He’d been down and left the day right before Dad fell and everything went to heck. So he hadn’t seen Dad in his current semi-vegetative state.

 All the doctors have been saying Dad has too much brain damage on top of the Parkinson’s to ever communicate, swallow, eat on his own, understand his situation, or even respond purposefully to stimuli. Meanwhile, when we were there, my step-mom came in, spoke into Dad’s ear and kissed him on it, and he opened his eyes wide and also opened and closed his mouth twice. Then he went right back to closed/lidded eyes. It was surprising. It was inviting of hope.


Response? Or only reaction?

Only reaction, I think.

Meanwhile, my step-mother is hopeful and determined. She believes he’s aware it’s her in the room with him. I have to admit that I can’t rule that out. And if he’s aware of her in any intelligent fashion (or true emotional way, even if only semi-conscious), then what do we owe him in terms of care?

He didn’t want to go to an institutional care setting due to Parkinson’s. Therefore, Gail wants to care for him at her home. She’s converting her dining room to a hospital room. Planning to have round the clock care. Meanwhile all the hospital and social work professionals are telling her not to do this. My brother is telling her not to do this for her own sanity. And in the enlightened U.S. healthcare world, it’s possible this could pauper Gail financially.

Meanwhile, I'm caught between the idea that my father has died but has a leftover breathing body that would die without the feeding tube and the slim hope that “he” is actually still in there, just terribly damaged. Do you hold a funeral for a living body? Do you orient your life to help care for this body because his wife can’t see that he is gone?

It’s very unlikely Gail will remove the feeding tube and starve his body to death unless something very significant changes in his condition. It’s quite possible she will try to care for him at her home and ask for some form of ongoing assistance.

How do I honor and care for my father?

I feel like I’m living in some bad made-for-TV movie.

Happy #WorldBookDay  ;D I love that this is celebrated in the UK, and seeing the kids dressed up as characters from books. I never even knew about this until I moved here - in Portugal it's all about Carnival around this time of year, much prefer the book-related festivities  ;)

My school ruined it.  We have to dress up as a word. :(

At first I thought you said “dress up as a sword.” Which would have been cool.
But, sword is a word, isn’t it?
You could dress up,as a sword.

At a user conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.
The company has brought in these speakers:
Barack Obama
Oprah Winfrey
Sir Richard Branson

 ;D should be interesting.

She passed two nights ago. It’s now all the funeral stuff. And hoping my wife and her siblings don’t tear each other to shreds over nothing.

Need a voting thread  ;D

So I did have an idea for this, and it just didn’t get written.
Imagine that Captain Kirk experiences a transporter malfunction, and arrives... as a woman.  :o

I even found an episode that was perfect to rip off. Did you know there are transcripts of every Original Series episode available on the interwebs?

Ah well. I’m ready to vote for someone else’s story.

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