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So, just got finished reading all those brilliant short stories. And there were two that really stood out to me (one in particular was a stunning read!). So I've cast my votes and good luck to all.

I realised too that I haven't posted much since I first signed up here, but have become something of a lurker as I've been growing as a writer.

I recently got into writing short stories, something I haven't done in years, and realised what a brilliant way to practice this section is. I've read back a few stories from previous months, and enjoyed what I read. Particular mention goes to Jmack's Monsoon Dragon, I loved that! (but then I'm a sucker for a gay love story, however brief).

I have my own story in the works for this month's Fire Theme and hope to have it up before long.

Agree with Locke and Jean from Gentleman Bastards - class act those two!

I also love the goofy lovers relationship between Adolin and Shallan in the Stormlight Archive  :P

Small Press & Self-Published / Re: FREE Grimdark
« on: September 07, 2017, 04:22:11 AM »
Downloaded earlier this week, thanks for the free offer! It's become my commute read (kindle is better for that I find). Very fun, and indeed about as grim and dark as could be imagined. Almost wanted to be sick reading the opening scene with Vykers, will be interesting seeing how on earth he recovers from what he goes through so quickly! A certain bar scene early on also raised a smile.

Enjoying so far  :)

Writers' Corner / Re: Brandon Sanderson Appreciation Thread
« on: June 21, 2017, 11:21:42 AM »
Agreed on his writing classes, have been an immensely useful resource and inspiration (and good for procrastinating lol).

Read his Stormlight books after watching them. Utterly brilliant! Now reading Mistborn, and though entertaining enough, I'd say he improved tremendously between  Final Empire and Way of Kings. Literally worlds apart.

General Discussion / Re: How many hours a day do you spend reading?
« on: September 30, 2016, 01:48:00 AM »
Depends on the book and my mood. I can read for hours and hours, nearly all day at the weekend, if I love the book and am in the right mind set. When I read Lord of the Rings many moons ago I finished in two weeks. Lately, Words of Radiance at 1300 pages, I finished in a week (it immediately became my fave fantasy book!)

On the other hand, Abercrombie's Blade Itself just took me 2 weeks and is much smaller. I managed not more than an hour or two a day. While I enjoyed it, I just didn't have the mind frame I did with WofR, and to be honest I just liked the latter a whole lot more. So it really depends.

Writers' Corner / Re: Gender-Swapping the Bad Guy®
« on: September 25, 2016, 11:30:04 AM »
Two of my main villain are women, I agree it works very well, as long as it is balanced between good and bad. For you to have changed a character's gender during production is impressive though, so kudos for making that work for the better  :)

If you can pull it off it sounds like a great twist- and a brilliant way to get the reader (as well as MC) sweating, thinking he's done for before the relief comes.

In response to the above, that is a good point. I can only imagine some clever magic of the MC could be used to cover his tracks. Not knowing the magic system I couldn't really say.

Non-Fantasy Books / Re: Best Non-Fantasy Book you have read?
« on: September 24, 2016, 10:12:37 AM »
The Stand by Stephen King is one of my all time favourites.

If that is still 'too fantasy', then I also love 'The Last Kingdom' by Bernard Cornwell. Historical fiction based on the viking invasions of England.

In Non-Fiction, The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins has made a pretty massive impression on my life and views, so that has to be up there.

Writers' Corner / Re: Chapters: Named or Numbered
« on: September 03, 2016, 02:10:28 AM »
Opinion seems pretty split here :)

I'm thinking I'll go with numbers to avoid giving anything away, though I may divide the book into 3 parts (which definitely works) and give those named titles as cupiscent said.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Writers' Corner / Re: Chapters: Named or Numbered
« on: September 01, 2016, 05:56:44 AM »

I found this particularly helpful: " It is worth noting that a titled chapter does add a tiny bit of narrative distance, because it reminds the reader they are holding a book and being told a story by an author."

That has never ever occurred to me before. I can't see how a chapter title is any more distancing than a chapter number.

Plus, every time I turn a page or click next I'm reminded its a book. I'm always aware its a book. Nothing on earth an author can do to change that. Maybe the rest of the world experiences these things differently but I really don't see the issue in the reader being aware its a book.

I don't think it was meant so literally. It's one of those minor details like 'Tom said OR said Tom' where some people, for whatever reason, prefer thinks to be as fluid as possible.

For me it doesn't matter either, I find chapter names interesting most of the time, but it makes no difference if there aren't any.

As for being reminded I'm reading a book- I'm one of those strange people who likes to flick the pages in front of my nose to get that 'book' smell every so often- so no way I can forget that  ;)
I think it is more to do with the immersion, perhaps in a minor way chapter names reduce the immersion, even if just for a second.

Writers' Corner / Re: Chapters: Named or Numbered
« on: September 01, 2016, 04:33:34 AM »
Thanks the responses.

I found this particularly helpful: " It is worth noting that a titled chapter does add a tiny bit of narrative distance, because it reminds the reader they are holding a book and being told a story by an author."

Do others feel this way?

On POV, my story is First Person. Other first person books I've read have tended to be numbered chapters only and from a comment above on POV changes, I suppose from that perspective numbers might be more suited in my case.

On have chapters but no chapters list, this is done in Way of Kings and I think it helps not 'give anything away' by having them listed at the start of the book. Of course LOTR does it without that being an issue.

I also agree that there is a risk if chapter titles are just not good  ;)

Writers' Corner / Chapters: Named or Numbered
« on: September 01, 2016, 02:57:08 AM »
So I am about the write the last chapter of my first draft of a novel. The revision process is looming (after a week or two break). I have a chapter list which I may revise too. But I just wanted to get people's thoughts on something.

Do you generally prefer chapters to have a number only (giving no clue about the chapters content) or do you prefer to have each chapter named?

If you prefer them named, would you list them on the contents pages (like The Lord of the Rings) or not (like Way of Kings)?

Just looking for general opinions here, thanks  :)

Same as the rest, characters.

My favourite series is Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower' series. It is pretty random at times plot wise and imho disintegrates into a mess of too many ideas and lost vision in the last two books. Regardless, I could read about Eddie, Jake and Susannah all day long.

Introductions / Re: Say Hi, I'm new thread
« on: August 30, 2016, 07:43:25 AM »
Hey everyone, good to make your acquaintance :)

I'm Frank, I'm a long-time fantasy nerd and writer.

I'm massively into writers like Mark Lawrence, Joe Abercrombie, Brandon Sanderson, Bernard Cornwell and Robin Hobb.

I'm also a huge tech and gaming dweeb, so hopefully there's a few others like you on here for me to talk to haha

Hi Frank, fellow newcomer here!

I just started reading Sanderson's Way of Kings and I'm hooked. Decided to look at his books after watching every one of his writing lectures on Youtube :)

Introductions / Re: Hi fellow fantasy fans!
« on: August 30, 2016, 07:40:47 AM »
Thanks, and thanks again for the congrats, close the finish line now :)

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