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Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Your next 5 books....
« on: July 25, 2012, 07:57:52 PM »
I couldn't narrow down just 5 books so I cheated a little and instead have 4 authors and a novels :)

1 Ursula Le Guin, Earthsea series

2 Brandon Sanderson, I have no idea where to start though!

3 Steve Erickson, I have been putting his Malazan series off for far too long now

4 Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus

5 Robert Jordan, The Wheel of Time series

In an ideal world where all I had to do was sit in my hammock next to the sea with countless novels piled up next to me, these are the novels that would be next on my list having kept 4 of these 5 in my TBR bookshelf for far too long. Unfortunately I do not have the priveledge to own a hammock and neither do I have enough spare time to begin what I hear are fantastic series. Good news however, I just bought a good portion of Ursula Le Guin's works so I can expect to get started on them shortly.



Wow... scary... my list is the exact same as yours. Except I've read King of Thorns and Low Town book 2 ;)

What is a word which means jealous more than jealous does? :P There has been some talk that Polansky is also close to finishing the drafts for book 3, good luck to him!

I have a sad truth to admit to you all... I have yet to read anything by Brandon Sanderson or Steven Erickson, they are in my ever increasing pile of ' Things to read '. Included in this list is Robert Jordan as well. I just can't find the spare time to start such a long series currently ( especially with the olympics starting in my city tomorrow! ), soon though.

Another book I forgot to mention is by one of my new favourite authors who I only discovered lat year, Jasper Fforde. He released a book in October 2010 ( though his first release was in 2001 ) entitled Shades of Grey: Book 1 the High Road to Saffron and number two is due for release sometime next year albeit no official date yet. The first book blew me away, it was more comic science fiction than fantasy, set in a dystopian future where humans have devolved to where they can now only see certain colours and their is a social heirachy based on which colours they can see. There is even a drug system based on looking at pure colours. Very well thought out novel.

I am finally beginning the long overdue start to Ursula Le Guin with A wizard of Earthsea.

Okay so I thought I'd share with you a few of my favourite upcoming authors and the books they are releasing this year ( or early next ). Most of the names here will leap out at you but if there is something you haven't heard of before I'm sure you will enjoy it.

I guess you could consider this my 'Favourite Series 2012' and some of these novels I have been waiting to be released for quite a while now. So here it is, my most anticapted selection of novelsdue for release, they run in no particular author.

1. The Kingkiller Chronicles Book Three: The Door of Stone by Patrick Rothfuss - Okay I lied, this is the book I am waiting for the most. Ever since back in April 2007 with the release of the first book 'The Name of the Wind' I have been wringing my hands in anxiousness for mastermind Rothfuss to finish this series. Rumoured to have a release date of March 2013 it will have been 6 years for three books. The third is sure to be every bit as good as one and two.

2. Lightbringer Series Book 2: The Blinding Knife by Brent Weeks - Weeks took us by storm with his debut series ' The Night Angel Triology ' and followed up with ' The Dark Prism ' the first of his second series. The Lightbringer series promises to be no different and book two is due for release on the 13th of September 2012. The book has a unique magic system involving 'drafting' of colours where each colour has its own unique properties however the more you use your drafting the closer you come to losing control ( just a quick summary of the system ). Weeks leaves us waiting for book 2 with lots of little hints at the end of the book 1 making you hunger for more.

3. Low Town Book 2: Tomorrow the Killing by Daniel Polansky - This is book two in Polansky's debut series. I have never read anything quite like it, while I admit I wish there had been more detail into the background history of the world Polansky creates ( the portrayed world seems incredible however the book follows a quick pace and as such Polansky doesn't get as much time to describe the workings of the magic systems or the world itself as I would like ) he more the makes up for it with his incredible use of characters. Warden, an ex government agent turned criminal drug lord, discovers the body of a murdered child and seeks to solve a mystery filled with twists and turns as he is eventually coerced into solving the crime. I'm guessing Polansky will also expand on the background information about low town. The novel is due for release on August the 7th 2012, so soon!

4.  Demon Trilogy Book Three: The Daylight War by Peter V. Brett - Here is another series which started for me years ago, back in 2009 with The Warded Man ( or The Painted Man  depending on your place of residence ), the third installment will finally be seen Feburuary 2013. The first two books were highly addictive. The novel is set in a time where demons run the night time and are  held back from destroying everything by a set of wards however, lots of this knowledge was lost over time. The first follows three different story lines which eventually meet up and begin to bring back ancient knowledge to help fight the demons. The book also has a small amount of politics involved, adding to the story.

5. The Republic of Thieves by Scott Lynch - Release date October 2012

6. King of Thorns by Mark Lawrence - Release date August 2012

7. A Tale of Kin Book Two: Sworn in Steel by Douglas Hulik - Release date June 2013

I have run out of time so unfortunately had to neglect to last two ( They mean as much to me as all the others ) will however update accordingly when I get a chance. For now I Would love to hear what everyone else is waiting for :)


Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Author's favourite words
« on: July 25, 2012, 02:10:52 AM »
Robin Hobb uses Rankled quite a lot in the first book of the Liveship Traders Series

Low Town by Daniel Polansky ( debut novel ) has lots of lines of wit from the main character Warden, enjoyable read for those with a good sense of humour however the book is classd as Fantasy-Noir and as such is nothing like Hitch Hikers or Discworld.

Another author I would recommend is Jasper Fforde, His book ' Shades of Grey' ( not to be confused with E L James 50 Shades of grey ) is hilarious albeit the fantasy is centered around a distant dystopian future. The humour is different and sometimes subtle.

Ie. One law made by the government in the book is ' To assist with the dietary requirements of vegetarians, on the first Tuesday of the month a chicken is officially a vegetable '. After reading this book i quickly read through his Thursday next collection and Fforde now has a place as one of my favourite authors.

While its not your typical comic fantasy: witches, wizards and swords, the book is definently worth a read and has many lines that will make you chuckle.

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