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Thanks for the reply! Precisely the kind of comments I was hoping for. I'll focus on fleshing out my characters next time a lot more. I'm glad you liked some of the twists, though! :)

Thank you! I would appreciate any and all comments on the characters and the plot - and anything to improve my writing.

Hi all,

My debut fantasy novel 'The Heir of Eyria' was recently self-published on Amazon.


Here's a short blurb in in case it might pique your interest:

Ronan, an aging warrior with a violent past, struggles daily to provide for his son the safety and comfort he knows he deserves. Desperate for coin, he has once more turned to the task of hunting the Daemoni, accompanied by a persuasive voice only he can hear. One day, he meets a mercenary with an offer he cannot refuse, and he embarks on a mission with lucrative pay, which threatens to pummel him down a dark path of violence and destruction he has fought long and hard to leave behind.

Arin, a warrior-monk of the recluse order of Kun'urin, spends his days training and seeking answers to the circumstances of his birth. As the only boy without parents in his isolated village, he works constantly to to prove himself to his peers. Together with his scholarly friend, Nijakim, they stumble upon a dangerous secret that threatens the very existence of their order and the world they live in.

Princess Alessia vas Nerian works tirelessly in her quest to become a respected scholar, a destiny frowned upon by the other members of the royal family. She spends her days isolated in her family mansion doing experiments with ailing prisoners. One day, a mysterious assassin with strange powers threatens to shatter the fragile peace her homeland, the kingdom of Eyria, has forged with the neighboring might, Nubian Empire, sending her on a quest that threatens her very sanity.

Will these unlikely heroes be able to join forces to save a kingdom from ruin, or will they succumb to the machinations of a higher power?

The Heir of Eyria runs at 349 pages.

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