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General Discussion / Re: Member birthday calendar
« on: May 25, 2018, 07:31:22 PM »
Happy birthday, Eclipse!  :)

I wasn't here to wish good luck, so wishing speedy recovery instead now.
I hope you recover quickly from the surgery, Jmack! Get well soon!  :)

@ArcaneArtsVelho I made a post about that:
Oh, I read that.
Hadn't liked it for some reason, though.  ???
Surely a mistake on my part.
Corrected!  :)

I totally get you about the one-sided kind of faux engagement you see on YouTube or Instagram or Facebook "influencer" accounts that's totally creepy. I guess you mentioning that makes me cherish how sweet the space we have here is.
Yes, it is creepy if a person purposefully and maliciously uses this... human nature (?) to their advantage.
That being said, I wasn't talking specifically about anything creepy in my last post. I was merely pondering about the way we humans can appreciate some stranger's content and/or personality (or even image?) so much that we become emotionally invested in that person even though he/she doesn't have any direct communication with us or doesn't even necessarily know that we exist. I guess that's just a form of fandom? So, nothing new, but perhaps more prevalent these days?
It makes very little sense to me but is, like I said, very real.
But yes, it can be creepy, both ways in fact, if there is abuse or crazy obsession related to this one-sided emotional connection.

Oh, and I wonder if this forum being such a nice place has anything to do with the fact that all the bad people out there can't make an account? Or even the good people, for that matter...  :P ;D

I often start writing a response, but then it gets swept away by everything else that's going on.
I, too, often think about writing something to this thread (mostly in response to other people and their hardships) but end up not doing so. I read other responses and often feel like everything that can be said has already been said.

I think: Could my parroting of other people's sentiments really make any difference?
I don't know.
So I end up just liking other responses instead of writing my own.  ::)

It strikes me as unique to our age, this concern we have for strangers we know well, to a point, people we know we have much in common with, even though we've never met. How strange and unexpected to connect without touch, only words and the occasional poor photo, or teeny, tiny profile pic.
I have been having similar thoughts for some days now. And I would even extend the idea of caring about strangers to people with whom we don't even have any form of personal contact or exchange of words and ideas; extend it to a point were it becomes truly irrational.

I feel the internet environment of today with its ease of access to information and content enables us to relate to and... appreciate/value strangers who we see and hear in videos or whose thoughts we read from a webpage. Our (primitive) brain can develop a connection between us and those strangers on the internet even though there is no real connection or when the "connection" is only one sided.
But can we really care about people like that? Can we really have real concern for strangers who are to us, in essence, nothing more than pixels on a screen or bits on a website or in a file? Do we even really care about those people or do we just care about the wisdom or the entertainment or whatever it is that they provide us? And does that last distinction even matter in the end?  ???

Not really looking to start a discussion about this or to even make much sense.  ;D
It was just something that popped into my head because, at least to me, it is something very irrational or, frankly, stupid but still... very real.

Mind you, I'm not saying that having concern for Jmack is irrational. I feel that everyone here knows what an amazing person and writer he is, and most of us have on many occasions exchanged our words and thoughts with him through this wonderful forum. He's hardly a stranger. A forum friend, or perhaps an acquaintance. But at least not a complete stranger.  ;) :)

But yes, enough rambling.
All the best to everybody.  :)

Why am I still humming different eurovision songs today?
That usually happens to me too, but not this time.
Now the question is: Should that make me happy or sad?  :P ;D

Certainly not my favourite...
but good for them, I guess.  :)

Yes... all over the place.
But it's not looking good for Finland and Portugal.

There are a lot of songs that are from ok to good, but I have a hard time picking favourites.
I think I'm going to go with Finland.  ;D
For the longest time, Saara has wanted to participate in the contest. So why not win it now that she finally got in?  ;)

Still like Denmark song and singers .
Some parts of that song sound very familiar to me, but I can't for the life of me figure out why that is.
Also they should have gone full viking with the costumes and the stage.  ;D

Not really digging any of the songs that much so far, but a couple of things stood out: The vocal range of the Estonian singer and the emotion of the Portuguese singer.

Shame about the UK performance. Some people...  >:(
She did great, though.

I'm trying to watch on my computer, so I can chat better while watching, but my internet isn't cooperating.
It kept buffering earlier. Seems to work now, though. Let's hope it stays that way.

Saw a recap of 40 controversial last night, including my stars Lordi, AAV. It seems at home in Finland lots of people wanted them banned until they won.  ;D
Don't really remember that, but wouldn't really be surprised if people thought that way. Lordi wasn't really what could be considered a "normal" Eurovision representative.  ;D

I'm here... shortly.

Don't start the show without me.  :P

Get better soon, Jmack.



Oh please, do share! Don't ever think your things are silly and trivial, they're important enough to you, so we also care :)

Well... if you insist:
Spoiler for Very serious business:
I'm quite worried about a person (-more than I really should be). I'm also, in a way, worried about other people who are also worried about said person (many of whom are more worried about that person than I am). I'm also a bit worried about some people who are associated with that first person.
Oh, and I don't know any of these people personally.

How's that for silly/trivial, Bea?  ::) ;)

If someone wants to try to guess, what the hell it is that I'm talking about, feel free to send me a PM. I can't promise any prize for the winner, though.  ;D

Edit: Honestly, it's nothing.  :)   Didn't mean to blow it out of proportion earlier.

Whoops, I was supposed to be concentrating on the second semi-final.  :D

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