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Writers' Corner / Re: I'm baaaaack...
« on: September 20, 2017, 09:29:49 PM »
Hi @Niela, welcome back. Glad you managed to write although must have taken some time to manage one handed.  Congratulations on the book deal.  How about joining back in the Monthly Writing Contest again?

I'd love to rejoin that! ATM I may be a bit too busy to do so. I've got this book to rewrite and hope to get a different one rewritten and submitted before the end of the year. I will do my best to try to enter the Monthly Writing Contest though! It was so fun to do!

I learned how to kinda touch type one handed by the way while my arm was screwed up.

By the way the interview I did with Ninestar Press and DVPit about Psychic Underground: The Facility is out now here: http://dvpit.com/elkins-ninestar

Writers' Corner / Re: I'm baaaaack...
« on: September 18, 2017, 11:46:44 PM »
Welcome back! I actually remember you. :) ;)
Congrats on the book deals! :D

Thanks! It's good to be back! I honestly didn't think anyone would remember me. I think I last logged in about 2014 around the onset of my arm problems. :s Good to be remembered! :D

Writers' Corner / I'm baaaaack...
« on: September 18, 2017, 09:37:49 PM »
Hey guys!

It's been a while since I was around here. Kinda, had some problems with my elbow tendons turning to bone that kept me from doing a lot online for 2014-2015. BUT one thing I managed to do during that time was write with my non-dominant hand. And then pitch those writings to agents. I kept being rejected and rejected BUT this year I finally signed a book deal then signed another!

My mind is swimming.

I have a cellphone novel called By the Blade about an asexual woman who works in an office then enters a sword fighting death tournament that is currently being serialized on Tapas here:

and in January I will have a novel called Psychic Underground: The Facility out with Ninestar Press.

I was wondering, does anyone know of blogs that would be interested in reading & reviewing a Scifi/Urban Fantasy novel about a psychic stuck in a secret underground lab? I'm trying to put together a list of places to email to see if folks are interested.

Also I hope to log in here more regularly. Still trying to get back on my feet internet usage wise. Not being able to use my arm without terrible pain for about a year really did a number on my self confidence and sociability. Here's hoping more interaction with folks beyond just rambling on twitter helps.

How've y'all been?

I just had a short story published in Chromatic Press's online magazine Sparkler Monthly!
My Story, DNA-RW, has art by the fantastic Ru Xu of the animated webcomic Saint for Rent!
The magazine removes the paywall for about a week for readers when a new issue is out and that week is now. Please take a look and sign up if you like what you see! Money goes to support the magazine and the people it employs (like myself)! I would love to hear what readers think about my first published short story!
Here's a link:


Thanks for taking a look!

Self Publishing Discussion / Patreon Thoughts
« on: August 05, 2014, 04:38:15 AM »
I was wondering what your thoughts on using sites like Patreon are.
I just set up a page for my book of short stories I'm putting together and would love to hear everyone's thoughts about using the site.


Also if you have a Patreon how do you go about promoting it? Feel free to drop a link in this thread!

Unless my posting a link to it on here is bad in which case let me know the correct location to post it!

Depends on what story I'm writing.
My shorts have been quite dark.
They're things that I hope grab readers by the lungs and pull them down a flight of stairs,  but longer stories need time for the reader to breathe before continuing to pummel them.

Fantasy Resources / Re: Fantasy Writers to Follow on Twitter
« on: June 26, 2014, 05:03:29 AM »
Not sure if he's been posted on here yet and also I am too sleepy to look through all the previous posts but you should check out Sam Sykes, author of the Aeon's Gate series:


[Jun 2014] - Taboos / Re: [June 2014] - Taboos! - Submission Thread
« on: June 26, 2014, 04:41:52 AM »
Word Count: 975
Twitter Handle: @NeilaK20

The Stones
by Sarah "Neila" Elkins

   My eyes hurt but I keep them open. It's a struggle but it is necessary. I must not falter. No one knows I'm here. They would shudder if they did.
   "You're almost done, the spirits are settling," my familiar tells me while flapping about my head, her little rust colored bat body looks like a small flying hamster. I've known her since I was twelve when I learned I was a witch. She taught me everything she could but there is only so much a familiar can teach their witch in five short years.
   There's a low rumble from the earth like a growl from a sick dog. It shakes my heels and bones in my legs. The brilliant red stones around me dim slightly due to the distraction but I redouble my focus. I must seal the fissure in this basement. There can not be another murder here.
   "Marie, you're almost done. It's just the poltergeist being surly. You're stronger than any poltergeist," Vesper is like a fuzzy little cheerleader sometimes but I can hear an unwelcome unease in her high pitched voice as she darts near the ceiling beams in the dusty unfinished basement. She's been so certain of my powers since before I knew I had them so it's unsettling to hear her voice shake like that.
   I keep my hands in front of me as the rumbling grows loud enough to shake the walls and rain dust down on me. The poltergeist in this home is strong, I can feel it as it manifests behind me. I have senses a bit like a bat myself so I don't need to have my eyes open to see it's distorted claws form from the falling dust, its legs rise out of the soft dirt floor, and it's body made of light and sound absorbing shadow meet the limbs in the middle below a horn rimmed skull like head. It's unlike any poltergeist I've ever encountered before, warped by pure hate and possibly at least one sixth demon.
   "Wwwwiiitch," it growls at me. "Your kind has yet to eradicate you, I see."
   "Oh no," I feel Vesper land on my head and crawl into my hair shaking as I've never felt her do before. "You...you're gonna be fine, Marie."
   I run through what I know about witchcraft, which unfortunately is mostly 'self taught' not counting what little instruction Vesper gave me. Most of my craft is lead by my intuition and gut, it's raw and rough. I'd gladly look for a teacher but it's beyond difficult with something so taboo. My parents don't even know I'm a witch. The demon behind me is right, witches have all but been wiped out.
   The cleansing ritual is almost complete, I can feel that and see that as the stones begin to melt into the powder-like floor. The poltergeist has manifested as I've driven it out of the area which means...it's vulnerable. Would a normal attack work on it? I'm save in my circle, it can't touch the salt stones around me. I have an extra couple stones in my jacket pocket.
   "I have been here since before this home was built," the creature behind me continues. "Never has a witch tread on my domain. Do not think that means I have not killed a witch in my time," the demon lifts one massive claw up to brush the ceiling with its knuckles. "My time has been long. I have seen the rise and fall of countless humans in this land long before I came to rest in this puny domicile."
   The stones around me continue to wither to nothing. I can tell the demon is smiling with a hideous smile as I draw my hands down toward my green jacket pockets.
   Vesper crawls toward my ear, "I'm sorry. I didn't know it was a demon. It's old and hid well. If I knew it was a real demon I wouldn't have suggested exorcising it.
   I grip one salt stone in each palm as the last of the stones on the ground. They will be gone in a moment and I will be completely exposed. I will have to time this perfectly.
   "You may have driven me from the earth but I will desanctify the land with your blood," the demon laughs.
   I spin around on the balls of my feet as my salt stones evaporate away and hurl a fresh stone from my right hand at the demon's gaping jaws. The salt shreds its knife like teeth and travels down the monster's throat. Sword like hands reach for the demon's neck as it tries to shriek. The stone begins to glow, fighting the darkness of the demon's body. I hold the second salt stone ready in case the first doesn't do the job but it's unnecessary. The demon falls apart as the light from the stone radiates out to fill the room for a brief moment before the stone falls to the floor and vaporizes.  I can feel the demon no longer. The house is simply a place to live and not somewhere a poltergeist will kill you in your sleep.
   "Vesper, it's gone," I reach into my hair and lightly pet her tiny round bat head with one finger.
   Vesper crawls into my jacket hood, "I knew you could do it."
   "Thanks," I head for the rough wood staircase. I need to be out of this house before the owners realize I'm there. I can't help but think things would have gone smoother if I had a more solid idea of what I'm doing. "Let's get home before Mom and Dad realize I'm gone."
   "Don't for get to do your math homework."
   I sigh as I walk up the steps and whisper, "Okay, okay. I'll do my math homework."

[Jun 2014] - Taboos / Re: [June 2014] - Taboos! - Discussion Thread
« on: June 13, 2014, 04:22:06 AM »
I'm on a forced vacation from art so I should be able to hammer out a short this month. I have no real excuses now as I can type just fine with my uninjured hand and have loads of that previously elusive thing called "time."

*sits down and tries to think of a good taboo to break*

Writers' Corner / Re: How do you all write?
« on: June 13, 2014, 04:01:02 AM »
I listed to some music that evokes the feeling I want to have in the story and sorta zone out.

POV depends on the story. Short stories are more easy for me to write in 1st person than longer stories which tend to be 3rd person. I'm still a young writer so I'm still getting my legs for it all. :)

I've done some shorts in 1st person present tense that have been very fun to write. It can take readers on a nerve racking quick journey. Super fun!

Writing Grimdark can be great stress relief!

Also, I'm not dead. I've just been terribly busy with comic stuff. @_@
I plan to write something for this month's contest! :D

Writers' Corner / Re: I Have A Character, But No Plot
« on: September 30, 2013, 06:40:39 AM »
This happens to me sometimes. Other times I have a plot and no character so I see if I can match up an orphaned story to a wayward character. If I can't I continue asking "who is this character?" and "where do they live?" as well as things like "How can I make things hard for this character and how will they overcome the obstacles I place in their path because I'm a jerk?"

Eventually a more full picture of their world, life, trials and triumphs begins to form. I'm still working through those portions with some characters and hammering out a more solid plot for the now...3rd incarnation of at least 1 story.

Writers' Corner / Re: Books that make you stop writing
« on: September 30, 2013, 06:34:13 AM »
Usually a well written book will inspire me to write more. Sometimes they cause me to set down what I'm reading for weeks at a time until I get the writing bug out of my system enough to settle down and finish reading the book.

Never stop creating. Don't be the tree that stops as a sprout because there are taller trees in the forest. Keep growing.

I just read book 1 last night and must say I'm hooked. When/if I can I'm going to get the rest of the series.
I kinda skimmed past most of the stuff in this thread to avoid spoilers but I felt so good about finishing reading book 1 I felt I just had to share.

Writers' Corner / Re: Cover
« on: September 17, 2013, 07:54:42 PM »
I'm always willing to negotiate on prices, do you know how to get in touch with Brian McClellan? 

I usually chat to him on Twitter @briantmcclellan - or there are various links on his blog: http://www.brianmcclellan.com/

I just sent him a tweet! Thanks for the information! :D Not sure my art is the sort of thing he's looking for but perhaps I can point him toward some friends that might be more in line with what he has in mind. ;)

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