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From a very quick check, my main publisher is also Corgi with around 65 (mainly Pratchett, Eddings and Gemmell). Then there's around 25 each for Grafton (lots of old titles), Gollancz and also Hodder (those ones are all Stephen King).

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Fantasy Inspired Pet Names
« on: August 17, 2019, 01:04:03 PM »
My hat is called Mournbrim, as it's black, evil, talks to me and likes to steal souls.

.... oh, hold on - you meant "cats", not "hats".

Very quickly, there are two who I had high hopes for after general comments but just couldn't get into. First, GRRM. I won book-tokens in a bookshop poker tournament so picked up the first 2-3 ASoIaF books... but after struggling through the first one I gave up. Writing style just grated. Even so I gave the TV show a spin - that only lasted a season too before I got bored and started to just dip in and out. Gave the books to a fantasy-reading friend, she didn't like them either. Though I did like Fevre Dream. Second, Stephen Erikson. I thought the Malazan stuff might be for me, but after trying 3 books and only kind of enjoying one of them (Deadhouse Gates) I realised I found his style a little "stodgy".

Not totally accurate counts but I think in the region of:-

1. Terry Pratchett - 37
2. David Gemmell - 31
3. Michael Moorcock - 27

(And also Sheri S Tepper - 30, Stephen King - 44)

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Best book/series you ever read
« on: July 31, 2019, 04:32:58 PM »
Going on series... Thomas Covenant - 40 years of love, got the first book as a school prize. After that it's tricky (Discworld? Corum/Elric? Jon Shannow? Copper Cat?)

The cover has no importance to me at all - why care, I hardly ever see it. The spine though... ahhh, that's a different matter. That can sway me.

I went Pratchett.
Satire, language, wonder, terror, humor, bravery, Golems, Sam Vimes, and dwarves.

Not read Hobb, but I love King anyway. To my personal taste I'd suggest any of (in release order) Salems Lot/The Stand (my fav book)/It/The Dark Half/Duma Key/11-22-63 (Christine too - and Under The Dome is much better than the woeful TV show).

This was the only one of this first batch of matches where I had actually read both authors. Still, was an easy vote - what Alex Hormann says above about Gemmell is pretty spot on, but he's still easily one of my 5 favourite writers.

From the 8 people who voted this second time we now have 7 extra writers with >2 votes.
Shall I stop now, and go with these 32?

I'd go for it now, before you get an 8th "2 voter"!

My four are:-

Jen Williams
Michael Moorcock
Sheri S Tepper
Stephen King

Well this seems to have stalled already - does it need a little nudge in one of the more popular threads, as people don't often look down here?

Ok, so these are mainly obvious names like you'd expect, but my favourite writers would be:-

Joe Abercrombie
Stephen Donaldson
David Gemmell
Michael Moorcock
Terry Pratchett
Brandon Sanderson
Sheri S Tepper
(and if he counts, Stephen King)

(the likes of Scott Lynch, Jen Williams and Mark Lawrence could eventually make my list once I've read more/they've written more - add them if you fancy making up the numbers!)

Fantasy Faction Book Battles / Re: Revive the Fantasy Faction Book Battles?
« on: September 21, 2018, 12:57:10 AM »
Seemed like a good starter, and one that was missed before.

Fantasy Faction Book Battles / Re: Revive the Fantasy Faction Book Battles?
« on: September 20, 2018, 01:05:04 AM »
I'd probably take part in any type, no preference.

But if you wanted other ideas I'd suggest any of the following (some of which would mean re-doing old ones), maybe even starting with the big one:-

(Cover may indeed be worth a shout)

Character (overall, then sub-types)
-Secondary (or combine with sidekick)
-Worst/annoying character (cos I've got a few)

Weapon/Artifact etc
Location etc
Creature/Monster (or again combine with Race)

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