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They're largely responsible for repelling the Dornish from greater Westeros as "March Lords," probably the most important of those next to the Baratheons. Tarly's in the Riverlands for much of the book--I guess on behalf of the Crown--and won a decisive victory against the North there. I imagine he'll either be making his way there or just straight to King's Landing soon enough in the show, as those are the only story archs likely to keep him relevant--little as he could do about Sam at the Citadel, especially if Heartsbane happens to be on its way to the wall (the only real guess that I have beyond him just leaving it in Gilly's possession after hiding her away in Old Town).

Oh and one other thing, Horn Hill, how rich are the Tarly's exactly cos that place was mahoosive.
It's in the Reach and right between High Garden and Old Town, so I imagine everyone is pretty wealthy thereabouts (Tyrell and Hightower, at least are definitely wealthy).

Leaf said that he had been killed long ago ("they killed him," actually, so he probably wouldn't be the original as I theorized). Anytime Benjen might have been killed would not have been long ago by anyone's terms, especially someone who had lived as long as Leaf. Plus, there was a leak of ADWD's original manuscript with some correspondence between GRRM and his editor in the margins where he flat out denied the theory when it was posed by his editor.

I can't tell where they're going with Sam, but he would know that the Wall needs Valyrian steel desperately. He could ship it back in his family's name, and there would be very little his father could do about it.

Benjen as Cold Hands ties up nicely enough for the show, but in the book, Cold Hands is someone more ancient. I think he's either the first of the Others (who have since come under control of the Night's King) and/or some noteworthy figure from the history of Westeros.

Yikes. Got a bone bruise on the top of my foot doing judo the other day. I didn't notice it for hours but when it swelled up, I could have sworn my foot was broken by the pain and stiffness; thought it was, in fact, but the x-rays said no.

Two interesting perspectives. The questions I have is why is the choice usually between those who are least fit to lead? Why is this accepted without question? Why is the aim to elect the least damaging candidate and why is the illusion of choice accetable?
Because they're the most interested in the positions of leadership. A proper leader would be someone compelled out of duty, hopefully brought up with adequate faculties but with no ambition or intention to use them for that purpose. Our society is generally structured to reward moxie, rather than merit.


I am now playing Super Metroid. And it really as a damn good game.

Yeah it is. You should try the  GBA entries to the series as well as the recent clone, Axiom Verge. I also enjoyed Aliens: Infestation, which puts some nice spins on the metroidvania.

Also, if you haven't already, you need to check out the '-vania' side of the genre, particularly the Castlevanias, "Symphony of the Night" and "Aria of Sorrow."

I watched "Macbeth" and "The Witch" recently. I thought Witch did a great job of blending a very literal interpretation of the folklore and the more plausible aspects of the social reality behind the accusations of witchcraft. Macbeth was probably my favorite interpretation of Shakespeare on screen, even moreso than "Ran" and "Coriolanus," both of which I love.

I'm about to check out "A Tale of Tales," which I've been eager to watch since seeing the trailer.

So far I haven't had much use for netflix in VR, but I like the idea. Maybe I'll try it while laying in bed sometime.

I did try Anshar Wars 2 (definitely need a swivel chair), Gunjack, Endspace, Land's End, Adventure Time, Polyrunner, and various non-interactive experiences (not totally non-interactive, but Rose is pretty cool), and I'm generally pleased. I'm keen on using Minecraft with it but would like a full-scale game. My next thing to try is Nomads (pretty pumped, been waiting for that one since checking out the VR intro video).

I'm definitely glad to have gotten the Gear VR, since I'd hate to be missing the experience but am definitely eager to get a decent computer and a tethered headset.

I've been trying out Minecraft on the Gear VR from time to time. At first, it was the first VR experience that ever made me sick, but the last time I tried it, I was a little drunk and managed to go maybe a couple of hours with no dizziness before my phone got a bit too hot. I really need a swivel chair to get the most out of this, since none of the controller turning options are great.

Wow, um... 5/105. My only real shame is not having read "Watership Down" or "The Princess Bride," honestly. I've began and never finished seven books on that list, however, and was surprised to see "The Silmarillion," honestly; people usually don't seem to know what to make of it, though I suppose people do hunger for anything Tolkien (I do intend to finish that one, myself).

Ghost does have a way of ranging out on his own, but he should be near enough. In the book, Jon's killed when he doesn't take the Melisandre's advice to keep Ghost near and leaves him locked up in his quarters (can't remember how Ghost's absence was explained in the show). This parallels Robb's murder when he kept Grey Wind in a kennel for the wedding. Robb expressed misgivings about his wolf to his mother beforehand, and I think this might be owed to having had wolf dreams, maybe in which he tasted (or craved) manflesh; though outwardly he attributes this to the wolf's behavior and other people's fear of it as well as the perceived failure of his brothers' wolves to protect them.

I don't think that Jon's likely to leave Ghost again. This might be more emphasized in the book, however.

It's possible, maybe Jaqen's behavior is indicative of a crisis of faith.

I just hope they bring her back into the story with a fury. I have a feeling it'll be around the time that Brienne is on her way to the Blackfish.

If she truly becomes no one, she will lose herself. I hypothesize that Nymeria might retain a part of that self which may be retrievable. Either that or the wolf dreams will make it impossible for her to ever become no one.

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