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Lots and lots of samplers for the next SPFBO, also "Wrath of the Medusa" by Munro, "Stranger of tempest" by lloyd, "The Curse of chalion" by Bujold and rereading "The Stone Road" by Matthews  :)

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: What are you currently reading?
« on: February 08, 2017, 10:12:40 PM »
Waylander - my very first Gemmell!

Three body problem by Cixin  :)

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Looking for Other Indie Authors
« on: September 24, 2016, 10:15:01 PM »
Michael J Sullivan started with selfpub, now is a really big author (and still vera approachable and nice guy!)

James Islington also started with selfpub, and has now been picked up by a publisher.

Still selfpub - but I really loved their books: Graham Austin-King, GR Matthews, TO Munro, JP Ashman, Joanne Hall, Claire Frank and Michael McClung.

Best of luck with your book!

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: I hate poetry
« on: September 22, 2016, 09:27:55 PM »
You are not alone - I usually just skip them while reading too.
When listening to an audio book it will annoy me quite a bit to actually have to stick them out - or fear forwarding to far, and having to go back and fort, and loose even more time ;)

I agree with others before - I love the songs in Hobbit - but someone has to actually sing them. As words on paper I'd rather have an ongoing story...

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Audiobook Recommendations?
« on: September 22, 2016, 09:24:13 PM »
All on audible - as I have an addiction to audio books and make the most of the 9,95 per book ;)

One narrator doing a big cast:
Powder mage books my McClellan. Absolutely loved them! Good narrator, and a breathtaking story, that had me listen to them all in just about two weeks...

Weeks - Black Prism. It has TWO narrators now - give them a try and see which one you like better. The way more liked one is the one by Vance - who does book two and three as well! (Jean was the older one, that got bashed quite a bit)

ASOIAF by Martin - don't think I have to say a lot about that one, do I? ;)

Erikson - Gardens of the moon. I would only recommend that if you are used to audio books already, or have read the book before. This one has so much information going on, it is easy to loose track when "just" listening.

Unhewn Throne by Staveley.

Two narrators:
Way of Kings by Sanderson. One male, one female - I enjoyed it a lot!

Full cast:
I can't recommend one - I tend to like two narrators max. I want the book to be just as I would read it. So if a narrator does a really well job, he will step into the background for me - and I will only hear the story, not the actual voice.

Only one I remember I liked was Pathfinder by Orson Scott Card.

-> Take a look at "graphic audio" though. They do full cast audios!

My personal favorite:
NAme of the wind by Rothfuss as read by Nick Podehl. I love the book already - but I adore that version even more. And he gets better the longer he reads. With the second book I am completely enthralled!

Oh this is hard! I read 95 books already, and have 3 almost finished.. Just five of those... *thinks*

1) Hellequin series by McHugh (I know it is a series - but I binge read them and loved them all...) -> Perfect Dresden replacement drug to tide me over!

2) Novice - Summoner 1 by Matharu -> Very easy read YA - but so so much magic! Demons, elves, dwarves, fireballs, ... - I adored it!

3) Smiler's Fair by Levene -> Dark, and a completely new to me worldbuilding idea!

4) The Girl with all the gifts by Carey -> Still can't stop thinking about it.

5) Fae series by Austen King -> Wanted to take a peek - ended up reading half the book in one go...

But I can't not mention "Black Cross" by Ashman, "Sorcerer to the crown" by Cho, "The Red plains" by Matthews and the powder mage series by McClellan... I just can't... Please don't make me! This has been hard enough *sniffs*

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: What are you currently reading?
« on: September 10, 2016, 09:32:00 PM »
Prison of hope - 4. book in the hellequin chronicles.
Absolutely love the series! Perfect solution for the Harry Dresden withdrawal I was suffering from... ;)

Just started "the long way to a small angry planet". I'm about 1/3 in and I ADORE it! Had to rave about it in the ff facebook group already...
It is amazing!

[JUN 2016] The Stone Road / Re: Part 3: Chapter 21 to the End
« on: August 09, 2016, 10:24:27 PM »
One enjoys that and hopes this slight flaw in his nature will continue to be present in books 2 and 3, which will most assuredly be read.

This one made a wise choice, as books 2 is assuredly better than book one and book 3 is formidable!

Just finished the new Harry Potter - and loved it even though I was a bit sceptical about it being a theatre text, but I loved it!

Now back to reading Valour (about 60% in), and listening to the second Powder Mage book (about 10% in).

Valour by Gwynne. Had it paused forever and finally picked it back up!
Listening to Imprudence  by Carriger.

Just finished "Red Contry" now only have "The Heroes" to complete the novels. And then all the short stories. However, "Saga" part 5 is next and and then "Ancillary Justice" by Anne Leckie. I notice my stack of summer reading is SF rather than Fantasy.
It took me a bit too get into ancillary justice, but then I absolutely adore it! Have fun!

[JUN 2016] The Stone Road / Re: Part 2: Chapter 10 to Chapter 20
« on: July 03, 2016, 09:42:26 PM »
This part also revealed a lot more magic and mystery and that is just fun. Although the magic system is't really explained it is all fine because it isn't the two main characters who are using it. BUT what happened to Zhou there at the end with the black, white and red and the snakes? Does he have some latent magic powers in him? Mmm, interesting... (And fabulous way of revealing it!)

Now that is going to be a major plot part in the following two books - and actually my favorite parts of the story! :D

Just begun Emperor of Thorns by Mark Lawrence but also have Drake: The Burned Man by Peter McLean reading on the side for light relief.

Just shortly finished Drake and already preordered the next. :) Light relief is exactly what I felt like! It was a really fast and entertaining read between all those big tomes. ;)

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