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Writers' Corner / Re: [Discussion] Language Development
« on: October 22, 2016, 10:32:49 PM »
^ ;D
So, do you really do a very long aaaaa to make sure it's the right one? @Saurus?

Oh yes. I've found it's a good idea to hold the 'aaa' for at least 3-5 seconds to avoid any awkwardness. :|

I never use music when I'm running, just me and my thoughts and my enjoyment of the surroundings.

And don't worry Saurus, walking is still a great exercise that lifts your spirits and removes you from the chair/sofa :D

Yurr, I'm a pretty quick walker too so it's actually proper exercise ^_^ Even with my short stubby legs I go at a steady 6kmph for at least the first couple of hours  ;D It's a good thing we have a dog though - as much as I enjoy walking, it would be hard for me to get out of the house and into the human world without a solid reason :|


But I can hammer it out on an exercise bike (as long as my muscles aren't too seriously wrecked) for some big old times. Partly that's the stress on my knees is no longer there, but only partly. The pain that distracts while running becomes something I can embrace on an exercise bike. That's got to be psychological, right?

Can't do it on a rowing machine though. I basically can't resist the temptation to go as fast as I can throughout until I want to throw up. Brains are weird things.

Yes! That's exactly how I feel when cycling too. Same with one of those elliptical things I used to use when going to a gym once upon a time ten years ago  ;D

My issue with running isn't so much that I get bored but that I can't distract myself from the unpleasantness of it, heh. I can walk for hours because I find it relaxing, and I can just zone out and think. I go on all kinds of adventures in my head while walking! When running all I can think about is my breathing (how I can hear it), painful joints (I used to have painful hips, knees and ankles due to chronic inflammation), how tired I am, etc. Music doesn't help either. My issues are very much psychological, though part of it will be that it at least used to be physically painful after just a couple of minutes. It's like Peat said; when chasing a ball, a bus, a person, I could run endlessly, because I'm distracted and there's a purpose to my running, but when running for the sake of running, I can do like a minute and that's it.

My take on running is that I'll do it all day long if I'm chasing a ball/somebody/the bus, but for thirty seconds otherwise. And it will be a long thirty seconds.

I blame it on my knees.


Hehe, I can't even make myself run a single mile.. I simply hate running with a passion and don't have the self discipline to just keep going. I love swimming however! I wish there was a swimming pool near us so I could do that as exercise. Now I just walk, and occasionally cycle. I've also really tried to get into yoga for a couple of years now, but I get bored and my mind wanders when doing it at home, and yoga classes are ridiculously expensive. :/

Today I went in my 4th Scottish jog, which is also maybe the 7th jog I've performed voluntarily in my life.

Ran 5k. App says I burnt 450kcal. Then I ate a big salad, and through the evening ate a whole pack of Oreos, which are like 550Kcal.

Sadly most calculators grossly overestimate the calories burned - it's highly unlikely that's anywhere near accurate. To burn over 500 kcal on a 5k run you would have to weigh over 100kg, regardless of how fast you were going. Even if you were very unfit (high heart rate), and weighed up to, say, 80kg, you'd most likely barely reach 400 calories burned.

Sorry to be a spoil sport :D These exercise/calorie calculator apps that so outrageously miscalculate calories burned and therefore screw with people's sense of calories in vs. calories out are a pet peeve of mine. Vast majority of dieters fail to lose weight because they're simply eating too much, and a big chunk of those people eat too much because they think they're burning more than they are.

Edit: Just reread the comment and realised that you said 450 not 550kcal burned. In which case, depending on your weight + fitness level, it COULD actually be an accurate estimate. /failsaurus

General Discussion / Re: Depression is a bitch... from a friend
« on: June 03, 2016, 05:38:38 PM »

Much love, many hugs and the best of wishes for a fast recovery, Scarlet <3 You'll pull through, I know it!

It never ceases to amaze me how gullible some people are... What really gets me though, is how can they not SEE that it's animated?! The cgi is great, but it's not THAT good..

Sorry if I'm rude! It's just that it's so obviously animated as well as completely physically impossible for them to do that D: Their necks would've broken from less..

You and your wife make a lovely couple, @m3mnoch! :)

Well I finally had a passport photo done AND completed the application for it! My passport expired last June, and I've been actively meaning to get a new one since then..

Totally off topic, but I caught this program on Portuguese TV the other day that made me think of you guys.
It's called 'Too cute kittens' and it's all about showing baby (really tiny) kittens just playing and discovering and doing whatever. Even for a non-cat person it was really 'too cute' ;D

I think the purpose of life may actually be kittens.

Raptori and Saurus, been missing you, glad you're still reading even if you're busy. Saurus, finally joined Instagram to follow my kids' overseas trip and found all Saurus food up to date - congratulations it's lovely. ;D

Yay! :D Thank you! Though I haven't actually been on Instagram much for the past few weeks - far too busy D: I also haven't had time to upload any new recipes on the blog, but I'll get around to it at some point ^_^

We miss you too, and we think you should come to the grim gathering (assuming they ever settle on a date)! Not like it's THAT far, right? ;D

General Discussion / Re: The King's Paws
« on: January 30, 2016, 12:21:56 AM »
And about the cake :D
@Saurus, you write "this cake is made with gluten-free all-purpose flour, but could just as easily be made with regular wheat or spelt flour, though the amounts would have to adjusted somewhat.": do you know how much it would be of regular flour? Is it more or less?
And why the vinegar?? :o

It's usually less because gluten free flour tends to be a bit thirstier, but that also depends on the particular gf flour you're using. It's a bit weird, sometimes you can sub the flour 1:1, sometimes you need a bit more and sometimes a bit less. It can take a little getting used to when adjusting recipes one way or another. Really what you'd want to aim for is the right consistency in the batter, so like with this cake you want it to me quite loose and spreadable, not too liquid, and not too dry. The vinegar is there to help it rise! The vinegar and baking soda react make lots of bubbles and make the cake all fluffy and fat ^_^ Without it the cake would be much denser and flatter. You can't taste the vinegar though, so no need to worry about that :D

You also can't taste the bananas really, even though they're like the main ingredient! Really it tastes like any other chocolate cake, but is quite a bit healthier, which means you get to eat more!

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