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General Discussion / Re: The Virus thread
« on: March 28, 2020, 03:28:15 AM »
More recent than that- AIDS

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: What are you currently reading?
« on: March 21, 2020, 11:59:01 PM »
Started Gideon the Ninth but DNF. Started Powder Mage #1

I am so glad you are reading a book by Brian McLellan. I haven't read Powder Mage because it is not available on Audible here,but straightaway  bought all I could find of his audible that I can get here, because I saw this on his blog and thought what a top person he is to do this and how he deserves extra support.


Unfortunately, a huge number of people are in for a double wallop as their income has been cut off due to the safety-oriented shut downs sweeping the world. There’s not a lot I can do for them aside from provide a little distraction. To that end, I’ve put my Powder Mage novella collection and short story collection both up for free on my website store for a short time. I am asking that you only grab it if you’ve been adversely affected by Covid-19. I’m not going to police this in any way, and I certainly include those with sick family members or those being forced to work long shifts at hospitals and grocery stores. The rest of you can still get both from your favorite ebook stores.

Note that you can also get my urban fantasy, Uncanny Collateral, for free on Kindle Unlimited right now.

Please enjoy. Stay safe. Stay calm. Much love.

- Brian

General Discussion / Re: Member birthday calendar
« on: March 21, 2020, 11:45:43 PM »
Happy Birthday Hound, many many good wishes.

Saw this on Twitter this morning from Fantasy Faction, don't follow there usually but been checking for news of Forum . Guess that is from Jennie Ivens


We're back! :D But don't look cause we're nekkid! :O

Just kidding, you can look. But right now I'm in the process of re-uploading all the images. And it's going to be a while to get back up to 100%. Good thing I've got a lot of freetime on my hands right now. XD - JI Dragon

Welcome back Forum and sending best possible wishes to everyone here, keep safe as you possibly can. xx Ty

General Discussion / Re: Politics and other ailments of the real world
« on: January 14, 2020, 12:57:57 AM »

It's not just heartbreaking, it's incredibly infuriating too. Why is ScoMo still in power? Is there nothing the people can do until the next votes? It's ironic in a really sad way that the country who suffers most from climate change is led by a climate change denier who is bribed by the coal and mines lobby to do nothing.

500 Million Animals (not counting Insects and other small ones of course) died in a horrible way already and there are not enough Koala bears left to keep the species alive without human interaction.

It's easy to say, I know, but I don't believe he would still be in power in Germany. If he hadn't resigned voluntarily, his party would have made him because they weren't willing to go down with him (hello GOP, let's see how this works out for you).

Please check out the video I posted above that explains power and money behind govt.

PM Morrison's Liberal National Party govt are all like-minded & have majority in both houses plus backing from extreme right wing  cross bench Independents. Won election with money and lies all backed by our RW Murdoch press that controls main media., both TV and newspapers.

Backed by many churches of all denominations because the Opposition and cross bench managed to get Same Sex Marriage through in 2017 and churches furious. Also many cultural groups, of which we have many, were angry about SSM. Morrison belongs to Prosperity Gospel cult linked to Hillsong and this is growing here so more money and support from them. LNP almost unassailable at present until 2022. Internal dynamics may shift PM but whoever succeeds as bad or even worse.

Our politics is so complex and there is so much history. I will add a little more explanation or at least links directly related to Morrison and his disastrous lack of response to bushfires later.

@siagan  Quick reply in politics thread  ;)

General Discussion / Re: Politics and other ailments of the real world
« on: January 12, 2020, 02:18:23 AM »
The causes of Australia's disastrous bushfires are multiple, will be discussed continually and the blame game be played without end.

One outstanding reason for the lack of preparation and the speed and destruction of these particular fires is that years of mainly right wing governments in this country always denied that climate change was real and resisted change. They ridiculed and obstructed all renewable energy projects, put obstructive laws in place to stop wind-farms, removed subsidies that had encouraged home owners to install solar panels, and they actively promoted and approved more coal mines and gas fracking.  I am unashamedly left wing politically, so yes am biased, but yesterday is the first time ever our present PM has actually been forced to admit that climate change is real. He will still not agree to increasing our pathetic emissions reductions targets and we are shamed before the world.

If you are interested in a deeper understanding of how this has come about please take the time to look at this 15 minute video, Dirty Power.

It shows the odds that climate change activists have been up against with so little hope of success until now, when it is probably too late. The stranglehold that international mining corporations have over our government together with the power of Rupert Murdoch's vast media empire and consultants Crosby Textor  is almost impossible to fight. Seriously, if you read this in a dystopian conspiracy novel you would probably think it over the top and far fetched.

Michael West who presents this, in co-operation with Greenpeace is an expert investigative journalist in finance and business, well known and trusted for independence and honesty.


I'm also curious about this camel killing thing...

@isos81  Didn't know anything about that, this is only thing I found today and can't verify or deny it's accuracy.  If I find a report later that can rely on will post it.


@Lady Ty, it’s so good to hear from you and valuable hear what you are sharing. People do bond together in the face of horrible events. I try to imagine my beloved Brightwater summer community of woods and cabins gone in a day from fire. Heartbreaking heartbreaking heartbreaking.

Did I see something about people setting fires in Australia and arrested?
If so, I can only say wow.

Meanwhile over here, we presented the movie “Free Solo” at our local arts center tonight. (Mrs. JMack and I volunteer there.) Amazing film. If you haven’t seen it, put it on your list.

Free Solo added to the list.  Will see if Amazon or Netflix has it. 

My head can't even begin to get around what is happening in Australia. 


And just think three  hundred years ago Australia was a very large island in which the indigineous people lived in harmony with the wildlife.

Hi Jmack and Nighteyes, appreciate your interest and am happy to supply information for anyone asking, although the best way to do that is to give you links to the best explanations I have from other sources here.

One major nasty rumour I would like firmly hit on the head is that the bushfires are caused by arsonists. This is untrue, and there has been a deliberate massive troll bot campaign and by the Murdoch media to spread this internationally. They are trying to discredit climate change  denial by the govt. as having a major part in the unprecedented ferocity and circumstances leading to this disaster.



Also another unfounded fake news being spread is that "greenies" prevented hazard reduction or back burning.

I mentioned both of these earlier here, but omitted to explain Hazard Reduction includes clearing out natural debris on forest floor as well as burning undergrowth. Some forests are either too vast or impenetrable so this is usually done around inhabited areas and recognised vulnerable areas.

 I will try and post  what the Fire Chiefs wrote to put this one to rest


Another point that is of huge concern is that while the deaths our precious mammals, birds and tiny creatures is terrible, it also has to be recognised that massive insect life is also gone, threatening the loss of food for other species, pollination because wild bees etc gone and the earth so deeply burned it's plant life may never recover.

Australia only deserves condemnation for what we have neglected to do, but please please everyone look at Australia as an immediate warning that climate change is real, it is happening, it needs everyone's action to force leaders to try and mitigate it, if there is still time.

Thank you to all here who replied to my post and sent Australia and me your kind thoughts, it is very much appreciated. Yesterday and today our air has cleared and it is wonderful, so maybe you wished that to me as well. ;D

I am not someone who sheds tears easily, but of late there have been quite a few, because of the animals, and all the lovely places I know so well -  where we went for day trips or to camp by the beaches when the kids were young or to the mountains to take visitors to see the wild horses and the snow- have all been hurt and destroyed. This is how all of Australia is feeling and far worse for many because they are now homeless and evacuated and have to start from scratch again.

But I want to write about what has brought happy tears for the overwhelming kindness of strangers which restores faith in the basic goodness of ordinary people, despite the vile actions of greedy governments.  Caring people all over the world, professional and voluntary have responded in so many ways.

The Canadians firefighters have been here from the start and their helicopters have been waterbombing where firemen cannot reach

and this week a most welcome contingent of 100 firefighters from US arrived and were cheered in at the airport to their surprise.

It seems every crafter is busy knitting sewing or crocheting pouches and mittens for baby animals who are being nursed.


There have been fund raisers all over the world from clever people with original ideas and it is wonderful. One in particular is fun and was begun on Twitter,probably only about ten days ago and has completely taken off wildly. If you have access to Twitter you can find it by searching for  #Authors For Firies and the proceeds will go to the Country Fire Association.*   

This is how it works Writers of all genres contribute a signed book or other special things like talks, mentoring, lunch or dinner to meet them etc. Then people bid on Twitter and it will close tomorrow when final highest bids are accepted. Lost count of how many writers have offered up  great prizes . OK  thought I would put in a bid. No way they started going up into $100's and climbing early on and I can't possibly try but that is wonderful. Readers responses have been amazing, but what a great idea. I think a few of our members are involved, certainly authors we read, but it has grown too big for me to find them all.

So - a million thank-yous to good people everywhere  :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

*CFA Volunteer firefighters who train all year round and are available to help the paid firemen when needed. They have been worked to exhaustion, have left homes and businesses or jobs because so badly needed since last September. Some worked at job in day then were on duty  all night. They have to supply their own uniforms, drinks, snacks etc and have lost income.

Just managed to copy from a tab sorry for typos but posting now.

Hello everyone, will tell you a little, but hard to talk about most of it, itis raw and so much destruction and terror for those in the midst of it all. We are all devastated by the loss and suffering of so many people, 3700 homes latest and sad deaths now 24 to date. But the terrible toll on the wildlife, not just animals but the whole ecosystem of forests is completely heartbreaking. Much is probably irrecoverable because time is now running out.  It is a very frightening time altogether because the fires keep spreading despite so much brave work by firefighters.

I will make a few requests for now -

If you want to donate to a charity please try and choose one that goes straight to the people who need it, a named wildlife hospital or sanctuary or a voluntary organisation or a named town relief fund. This makes sure the money gets where it is needed and not co-opted by govt run or in a huge organisations running costs.

Secondly please refute and do not believe any of the claims about the fires being caused being armies of arsonists. This is simply untrue and is being deliberately spread widely by trollbots and is wickedly wrong. There have been approx 24 actual charges of arson, there have been quite a few accidental human causes  but the majority of fires have been started by lightning strikes. Then it is just a case of spreading with terrible speed because everything here is bone dry from the drought, and many fires in an area joining up.


Third please refute and do not believe the claim that the Greens are to blame because they stopped hazard reduction or back burning.Firstly that is untrue and the link below from the fire chiefs explain. Also there is a difference between the two which also which also causes confusion.


Hazard reduction is systematic clearing of forests in the off season by burning off undergrowth, but it is entirely dependent on weather conditions and our forests are too vast for most to be treated like this.

Backburning is when firemen create a deliberate burned area around an already burning fire to make a dead barrier where there is no vegetation for a fire to jump across. This is a dangerous thing in itself for the firemen and not always successful.

Much later on I may post more on the politics thread about the politics involved that has made this so much worse, but here and now is not the time. Personally Canberra is still safe  except at the outer suburbs where there can always be  a local fire where the bush begins. as long as we do not get any closer fires. I have been living in one of these with the bush at the bottom of the street and it is a nervous time, but as of end of January I move right into the city near one of the lakes and although sorry to be leaving our family home it is now a huge relief.   As for the air quality that fluctuates from day to day. At present it is AQ up to 180 which is unhealthy, but we have had a few days when it was both over 40C and AQ 485 so that is horrible. We stay indoors with everything closed and air conditioning on and purifiers if you can get one. Even on bettr days we are now wearing masks outside the smoke gets everywhere and it is murky grey sky. Guess we are looking forward to March when it should be better, but the dreadful fact is it may well start all  over again in September.


oooooh I just wrote you a long reply but lost it this minute. So sorry will write again properly tomorrow,Thank you for your thoughts, it is just heartbreaking in every way. 

Sending all of FF my good wishes for health, happiness and safety in 2020 especially in a difficult world.

I used to be happy and proud to share our  New Year's Fireworks celebrations with you all. Although for some inexplicable reason the govt here has decided they will still go ahead, it is a tasteless decision and not a cause for celebration. Sydney is already choked with smoke and the people wearing masks to combat air pollution.

Instead I am asking you to have a look at this thread, or if you are on Twitter to check #Mallacoota as a small example of our coastal towns, and see what unending climate change denial and refusal to acknowledge or prepare for it has resulted in for Australia.


[NOV 2019] Arch Enemies / Re: [Nov 2019] - Arch Enemies - Voting Thread
« on: December 30, 2019, 06:28:34 AM »

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