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Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Having to reread a series
« on: July 17, 2015, 01:41:20 AM »
I think I've been listening/reading way too similar of books lately.  Purchased The Sword of the North recently and could not for the life of me remember the references to the first book.  I'm getting old and definitely confusing plot lines.

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Your Favourite Opening Line(s)
« on: September 26, 2014, 01:51:07 AM »
The story so far:  In the beginning the Universe was created.  This has made a lot people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

The first 3 chapters are my very favorite of any start of a book next with The Stainless Steel Rat as a close second.

Having just finished the series this week I'll take a stab at answering your questions:

Spoiler for Hiden:
I'm having a somewhat hard time with the wheel as well.  Jorg says it's not real so the only thing I can think of is that it took both Jorg and William to close the rift occurring between the worlds so it's an allegorical thing?

The ghost Jorg was created by Fexler as a model to see if Jorg would be the right one to do what he did to stop the fracturing of the world.

My main issue is with the rushed ending.  Why spend the whole book on the travel to then wrap it up in such a fashion?

Also a question I have in the ending:

Spoiler for Hiden:
How did William go from hating Jorg to then being the loving brother with the dog in a span of minutes?

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Forgotten Fantasy Books?
« on: June 30, 2014, 12:22:56 AM »
This thread got me pondering older books that I haven't seen in awhile and John Morressy's Kedrigern series came to mind.  Light, funny reading.  If you enjoy Pratchett-light you'll enjoy these.

I loved Hard Magic but I've felt that Spellbound and especially Warbound did not match up to the first.  Just finished Warbound today and feel like I did when reading Red Country...it's familiar and good but seemed in desperate need of more editing, new character growth (Dr. Wells) and plot revision? 

Love the main characters and premise but really disappointed with the book as a whole.

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Promotion Brainstorming
« on: August 25, 2013, 04:41:48 PM »
Hi Django,

I recently finished the audible version of your book and it was excellent.  Thank you for a great read!

An autograph and possibly a cool bookmark would be my ideal.  I'm scouring around the web right now trying to find a signed copy of your book so being able to get it up front would be excellent.

Thanks again for your hard work.


I really enjoyed Promise of Blood so cannot wait for the new book.  Along with Daniel Abraham series this has me very excited for the future.

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Modern Fantasy Big Three?
« on: July 25, 2013, 07:55:20 PM »
Hi everyone,  I'm an older noob (50) and found your forum recently and have decided to join.  My thoughts on this are:


I love Joe's work but feel it's really just an extension of GRRM's groundwork.  I feel that Rothfuss can become a modern master but he needs to pick it up from book 2's sex-fest. 

Call me strange but I have a hard time really liking Sanderson's work.

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