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Open For Submissions / Re: The Kindle UK Storyteller contest
« on: April 15, 2017, 09:21:19 PM »
Just entered mine!

[JAN 2017] Urban Fantasy / Re: [Jan 2017] - Urban Fantasy - Voting Thread
« on: February 04, 2017, 10:35:23 PM »
Thanks @m3mnoch !

Open For Submissions / Re: Baen Fantasy Awards 2017
« on: January 31, 2017, 08:37:16 PM »
Challenge Accepted  8)

Hello! I've been meaning to take part again for ages, I've missed this. Here's Hungry Waters - 1257 words, enjoy  :D

Spoiler for Hiden:

Under the shy crescent of a waning moon, the young girl dressed only in her finest clothes approached the bridge with solemn ceremonial purpose. This time she wasn’t just going to peer over, she was going to do it. The metal steps clanged after each pelt of her heeled boots, she kept her eyes straight ahead, head held high.

Like many others, Keira had fallen between the cracks in society, singled out for ridicule throughout childhood then perennially ignored in adulthood. She’d had been left a shell, the pain had gone, but the joy had withered. Then, quite suddenly, hope had bowed out of its last fight.

She’d been left with nothing. Some people feel happy, others feel angry, the downtrodden feel sorrow, but she felt nothing. Nothing at all. It had been that way for years, the void of feelings had followed her wherever she went, whatever she did.

Taking hold of the rails she climbed up in one swift practised move and held onto the lamppost for balance. She looked down at the black inky water full of stains and hidden things not wanting to be found.
Feeling nothing at all she dared herself to lean over, further than she’d ever done before. The wind crushed her hair against her face, her eyes watered with sting.

“What you doing here miss?”
“Don’t waste your time trying to talk me down. I mean to go through with it this time.”
“You’re going to jump?” the short and slight man clapped his hands together, “exciting.” He grinned from ear to ear and jumped up and down.

Keira held tight to the lamp post and surveyed her last scene, a dark desolate sky with ballooning clouds. To her left was a decaying city with crumbling walls and empty shops.
“Do you think you’ll hit the rocks and splatter your gunk, or just sink straight down to the bottom?” he’d taken a sly step closer to her whilst waiting for an answer,  hoping for a little glimpse into her perverted world.
“Don’t come any closer,” she warned staring him down with tired uncompromising eyes.
“It’s okay I don’t need to be any closer to help you jump. I’m happy for you to take all the glory in your magnificent death.” He moved away from her and peered over the edge waving to the water, “Do you think you’ll freeze or drown first?”
“I don’t care.”

“What are your family going to say at your funeral? Any achievements or adventures to speak of or was it all just for nothing?”
“Stop talking or I’ll jump.”
“Of course, you’ll jump,” he said with bite, his narrowed eyes showing menace, ”You wouldn’t want to anger Ersie now, would you?”

Keira spun around and almost slipped as her left foot slipped off the rail. She grabbed the lamp post tighter waiting for the vertigo to quieten. “Who’s Ersie?”
The young man grinned, “You don’t know Ersie? Well you’re about to meet her. She’s the sea witch who guards this stretch of water. She’s been watching you for a long time. We know this isn’t the first time you’ve stepped up and tried to jump. Only now we’re here to help you do it. She likes your eyes, she really wants them but most of all, she wants your soul.”

Keira shook her head in disbelief this man was even crazier than her. Why wasn’t he trying to jump? “I don’t want to be someone’s pet.”

Keira jumped down almost landing in the puddle near the man which seemed to drip upwards. She was careful to step away from it, to not even look at it. Even under the orange glow of light it was as black as the water below.
The man looked down he seemed nervous and then shot her a mischievous smile, “seeing as you’re wanting to die anyway would you mind doing me a favour?”
“A favour? Like what?”

“Just a kiss,” he asked tilting his head baring his black and green teeth causing Keira to shudder. His shoes tinkled with dripping water that fed the puddle beside him.
“A kiss? No,” Keira began to back away as the man’s expression turned sour. He lunged forward and grabbed her shoulders, roughly forcing his cold rubbery lips against hers.

As he held her in a locked embrace her mind was flooded with beating stars, deep green woodland glens, hollow hills, crystal caves, hawks, strange warriors dripping in goad and lastly, the face of a beautiful and ghastly woman with dark blue skin. She had hollow black eyes and hair that swirled around her in her vision the woman smiled beckoning her to come down, deep down.
“What are you?” Keira pleaded as she fell to the floor as he finally let her go.
“I’ve never kissed a mortal woman before, never been this high up,” he brushed his fingers over his lips and giggled, “can’t believe you’re not dead yet.”

Keira began to get up and did up her jacket against the cold, “I don’t want to die, I just want to go home to bed.”
The man shrugged his shoulders, “but she’s seen you now, she wants you. She’ll be angry.”
“Leave me alone,” Keira hissed like an alley cat startling the man long enough for her to turn and run. He came in quick pursuit but went no further than the bridge. Keira never looked back and ran all the way though the dirty streets of the city until she found hers.

There, on the last home stretch when her house came into view, she leaned back against a wall to catch her breath. Needing to compose herself before she returned home to mum and dad. It wasn’t so late in the day, tomorrow morning was going to bring her a new day.

She was going to break free of the monotony, first thing she was going to do tomorrow was to empty her savings and just go somewhere, anywhere. But first she wanted to lay her head down on her soft pillows and dream of all the things to come. The coldness from the water had seeped deep into her bones, tired and weary they needed a long rest.

She was just about to do all those things when her ears caught the sound of tinkling water and a feeling of fear welled up inside. A drain began to fill up and flood the road, quickly forming a large black sticky puddle that dripped upwards, full of death and secrets.

Even if she was an Olympic athlete she would have not been able to make it across in one jump. She was going to have to step into it to get home.

Her left foot went first, down into the water which instantly congealed around her boot like tar. She put down her right and set her thighs to action by swinging with all her might. A hot sweat broke upon the surface of her forehead and her muscles burned with determination. Ten more steps to go but the puddle was still growing, still deepening. Her house seemed a lot closer now, she had almost made it. Almost.

The last thing she saw was the blue face of Ersie rise to the surface, beautifully ghastly even with her black hollow eyes. Waiting in the deepest part to grab Shannon’s boot pulling her down into the puddle’s bottomless depths.

Open For Submissions / Re: 2017 James White Award
« on: December 02, 2016, 01:57:53 PM »
Will definitely give this a go! Thanks for posting it here

Writers' Corner / Re: New Writing Group forming!
« on: November 24, 2016, 07:16:45 PM »
Ooh yes well up for joining a writing group. Had a lot of fun in the last one back in January.

This is so randomly off topic but @Jmack saw this on twitter and thought of you!


Probably should be spending more time writing this months entry than procrastinating...

Soz @Lanko I really wanted to write one for this month but just never got round to it which is annoying as it was such a good theme! Will definitely participate in next mont and can't wait to read all the entries  ;D

Just finished! Really enjoyed the book. I loved the ending too, they are very much set on causing more mischief.

I was a bit worried that the dragon saga might go on for the whole trilogy and glad they defeated Y'Ruen in the end of the book.

The romance between Frith and Wyrdrin was nicely done and fitted in well with the tone of the novel.

I had wondered whether Sebastian would turn bad but he did good in the end and is now concentrating on raising his new family of 200 daughters!

Wydrin - "You look like a sack of dog's testicles, you know that? And I do't mean that in a nice way."

One day I'm going to drop this in a real conversation.

Yeah Ip is badass! 8)

Yes @Nino I have small children too and the short chapters are great for that!

Ok just finished part three and am still really enjoying it.

So, Gallo has come back despite being dead. I'm wondering whether he'll become some kind of hero and save the day meanwhile...

Sebastian has sworn his sword to Bezcavar,( what could possibly go wrong?) to stay alive long enough to find the  missing pieces of the armour which are literally in the Kane of Kane and his buddies.

Wydrin has got herself in all sorts of shit and Frith has become all powerful but his friendly mage who turns out to be a god of lies may not turn out to be so friendly afterall. I did think he offered to teach Frith too easily when he arrived on the island.

Meanwhile the psycho dragon is still at large....

Can't wait to start part four!

Hahahah this bit made me chuckle (pg306)

"I'm already dead, Wydrin. Cutting my throat won't do you any good. Stab me, if i makes you feel better."
She took Frostling and sank it into his shoulder. Gallo didn't move.
"See? It's very important that I talk to you-"
She stabbed him again.
"Was that really necessary?"
"I thought so, yes."
"I must talk to you Wydrin."
"And no matter how much I stab you, you'll keep talking?"

I've wondered how authors write fight scenes. Is there a lot of research involved, especially with the gory bits?

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