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Hey all,

I'm really excited to announce the release of my debut epic fantasy novel, The Soul Smith! To celebrate, I'm throwing a virtual launch party on Facebook here: (you don't even need a FB account to attend). It's on Tuesday 5/19/2015 from 0900 - 1600 PDT. Just pop on in, say hello, ask me anything, and participate to possibly win a prize!

I held a successful Kickstarter to have it professionally edited by Derek Bowen, managing editor of the Myths Inscribed fantasy ezine where I also had a short story published. Having Derek as an editor, I feel, really put my novel over the top. I used Amazon & Smashwords for ebook distribution, and IngramSpark for paperback distribution. As a result, you can now pre-order The Soul Smith now at any of the online retailers below:

Amazon: (paperback & ebook)
B&N: (paperback & ebook)
Kobo: (ebook)

Short Blurb: Clan Wyndlyn, a tribe of antler-endowed warriors known as elkin, have united their forces with a neighboring clan. Though Erador Wyndlyn, a promising warrior that takes pride in his heritage, grows suspicious of the other clan's intentions. It isn't long before Erador finds himself thrust into a position of leadership over the clan after the murder of his father. His first order of business: vengeance. And he'll do anything to get it. However, his crusade for revenge unknowingly leads him amidst the dealings of a demi-god.

The Soul Smith is a true sword & sorcery set in a new world, packed full of action and adventure, rife with new races, creatures, and magic. I think it'll be something you'll truly enjoy! Hope to see you at the launch party!

 Adrian V. Diglio

After quite some time playing the field in the publishing industry, I've decided to take the reins and do it myself. I want to share my book with the world and turn my dream into a reality; all I need is an editor to ensure that I deliver a quality product (and I have one standing by!). When hunting for an independent editor, I got lucky when I asked the editor of my short story to see if he would be up for the opportunity - he jumped at the chance.

So I've launched a Kickstarter campaign to make it all happen!

My novel, The Soul Smith, is all original fantasy with new races of creatures (I stayed away from dwarves, elves, and orcs), a new magic system, and new deities. I used my skills as a dungeon master to do the world building and brought it to life with thousands of years of rich history.

I also really want to share the Print-On-Demand service provider that I will be using. IngramSpark is apart of the Ingram Content Group, one of the nations largest distributor of books. Not only can they do hardcover prints, but they also have one of the largest distribution networks around. I've read of other authors using Ingram were able to get their POD books into Barnes & Noble bookstores too (but that's mostly due to the fact that Ingram accepts returns). I hardly ever hear anything about different Print-On-Demand services, so I wanted to share!

Since I had to struggle to put this whole project together, (researching Kickstarter, hunting for an independent editor, and analyze POD options) I wanted to share what I've learned with others.

Hi all!

To celebrate Spring Break, I'm giving away The Ravenous Flock for FREE on Kindle! Last day is April 6th, so better grab your copy now!


Adrian V. Diglio

Happy Holidays writers and readers!

I'm giving away my fantasy short story, The Ravenous Flock, for FREE until Dec 24th! Please grab your free copy now, it's a quick read and is the prelude to The Blacksmiths series. Enjoy!

Small Press & Self-Published / FREE on Kindle! Get The Ravenous Flock now
« on: October 28, 2013, 12:10:53 AM »
I've decided to throw a Halloween sale and wanted to share it with you all! From now till Oct 31st, you can grab a FREE copy of my short story, The Ravenous Flock!

It is a prelude to my epic fantasy series, The Blacksmiths, and I hope you all enjoy!

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