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General Discussion / Re: Your favorite spirits, beers, and wines
« on: August 25, 2019, 05:17:40 AM »
I need to get Untappd back on my phone. I let it lapse two phones ago because the child came along and it was just depressing how little interesting beer I was getting to drink, but it's good to have goals...

Though in Aus, we also have the very handy NowTapped which, perhaps more helpfully, tells you what's on tap right now at all the registered brewpubs. So I can say that last night I was at East of Everything, drinking Stone & Wood's French Toast Stout, which is a delightful thing indeed. (I also tried the Hargreaves Hill White Russian Stout, which I was less sure about. It was a nice stout, just more like a pale ale in colour, and... I don't know if my dissatisfaction is just a mental thing. If I'd tasted blind, would I still have wanted a fuller malt profile behind it? I just don't know.)
Hargreaves Hill do a really nice pale ale, too.

Jonathan French’s Grey Bastards was for me a superlative example of grim dark.

Fantasy Art / Fan Art / Re: Disney princess as warriors
« on: August 23, 2019, 10:00:14 AM »
Although she didn’t make this cut and because she’s a cartoon Fox was never recognised as a princess, there was a really good version of Marian from the Disney animated, and still best version of Robin Hood, as a scarred outlaw warrior vixen, carrying on the good fight after Robin has lost his life.

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Let’s talk about low magic
« on: August 21, 2019, 08:05:44 AM »
Like @cupiscent said The Lies of Locke Lamora is fairly low magic, as is most of Abercrombie’s work. I remember an interview with GRRM not that long after A Game of Thrones came out and he was asked about his low magic approach. At the time he said it was a conscious decision as he felt other writers used it as a bit if a get out of jail free card (my words, not his). Like most things, though. It depends on how it’s used and the skill of the author.

Catching up on my reading this morning, I noticed that they've got some interesting pieces on it up (unsurprisingly). There's a long and thoughtful look at assumption of whiteness in fantasy fiction (From the Two Rivers: casting and race in the Wheel of Time) that also notes that actual text from books suggests that Two-Rivers folk are not pale (and specifically that Rand is too pale to be one). But I found myself more taken with Leigh Butler's thoughts, which noted that:
if indeed Randland was the Third Age post-apocalyptic agrarian remnant of an extremely cosmopolitan and advanced Second Age (which it was), there was absolutely no reason to think that cities like Manetheren (the Two Rivers’ ancestral forebear) wouldn’t be just as culturally and ethnically diverse as London or New York or Dubai or any major city in the world today, and that this diversity would perforce be passed down to their descendants, no matter how isolated from the rest of the world they ended up becoming.
So actually maybe the problem is that the Mat casting is too pale. Anyway, Butler also digs some into the acting chops of the castlist and has some interesting things to say.
I was interested in the comment that suggested that Moiraine being from Cairhien should have been cast as Asian. In my head I always saw Suian as Asian (even though I’m sure she’s no described that way). Lan could be cast as Asian, though.

Saw Natalie Dormer is playing Siuan, but not until Season 2.
OMG, yes, I love it.
I can’t see her now without thinking of Nat Bochenski’s recaps of GoT where she kept referring to her as Kate Middleton.

Sounds like because Pike is the name in the cast they want to focus on her character. It’s such an ensemble effort, though. It sounds like a mistake to do that. Saw Natalie Dormer is playing Siuan, but not until Season 2.

The only ones I can think of off the top of my head are Malice (John Gwynne) and The Malice (Peter Newman), but I don't think it really bothers me that much. Maybe I just have a tendency to buy books with distinctive titles.  ;D

The one thing I don't like, and ties into this, is one word titles. The last twenty or so Star Wars EU novels were all Backlash, Annihilation, Deception, and things like that. I can't actually think what happened in each book or tell you the exact titles they were so uninspiring.
Magician? The Hobbit?

Stands to reason....the books went downhill after he married his editor.
How does that work? They were married in ‘81. They met via his writing, and she edited his work until he died.

If they tone it down, it'd become a Shannara. So I'm actually supportive of a more raw GOTesque feel. It somehow has become a expectation and a vanilla series would feel let down by the current viewers (most of whom would not have read the books). So for a show fidelity to books is probably a secondary criteria.

Also hope the series would fix the abysmal portrayal of women by Jordan in the books.
Said he based them on his wife.

Although my main reaction after was "Huh, all that and nobody's discussing it on any of the places I go... that's probably bad news". How many of us are planning to watch it? I'm kinda on the fence myself. I've read the WoT twice, I'm a big fan of the story, but I'm pretty big on fidelity to the book and I'm struggling to see how you make good TV out of something that hefty while doing so.

Pretty much everyone in fantasy would watch the first few episodes at least if only to complain about how shit it is.

As to fidelity to book, it's a two-way street. The plot would remain true as will the characterization. But the show will be lot mature. They have sought actresses who are comfortable with partial nudity. For example, what was politely referred to as 'pillow friends' may end up as a steamy lesbian scene. Both Aes Sedai and Aeil have lot of open breast traditions making this a bit more adult rated.

Producers have said they'd play down the good vs evil and try to make the story more grey and multi faceted.

Intriguing, at least in paper.

Another rumor is that there's will be no Elayne and Min characters. They are not really important in Book 1 and Min doesn't really have any meaningful role in entire series. Fingers crossed.
I can see them getting away without them in the first series, but they both become very important later on, especially Elayne.
Toning down the good vs evil is also a mistake imo. It’s at the heart of the series. Just because it worked for GoT doesn’t mean everything has to be shades of grey. I’m starting to think this could turn into another Legend of the Seeker or Shannara. Be happy to be wrong, though.

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: What are you currently reading?
« on: August 16, 2019, 11:38:18 PM »
I just finished Kings of the Wyld, and wow. There were sections during the start that I hesitated between giving 3.5 and 4 stars between them, but once the book went into the later half this is definitely a 5 stars read for sure.


This book is definitely going into my exclusives favorites shelf for sure.

I adored Kings of the Wyld. For me it was the perfect mix of adventure, comedy, and heart. Pick up Bloody Rose (the sequel) as soon as you can! It's just as good.

I actually met Nicholas Eames at the 2018 Worldcon and got to know him a bit. He's a super cool guy, and a big gaming nerd as you'd expect.
I loved it too. Recently completed my 4th read of it, and each time I find more layers to it. The sequel doesn’t have quite the same puppy dog enthusiasm, but is still a thoroughly enjoyable read and contains almost as many cool characters. I love how he skewers the rock music cliches. I read a biography of Jimmy Page and Saga came across as being very much Led Zeppelin, with a fair dose of The Who mixed in.

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: What are you currently reading?
« on: August 16, 2019, 09:57:59 AM »
I've just started Ghost Story (Not sure if it's a coincidence of intentional that this book is the 13th installment in the Dresden files, hah) and have to say that I'm kinda disappointed. The things I've grown used to expecting from the Dresden series aren't there, and the story of Harry being a young, inexperienced shade didn't quirk my interest as much as I'd like. It's still a Dresden files book, but I guess that it's really true that the earlier 'villain of the week' Dresden before Changes were probably superior than the post-Changes book. Looking forward to when the book will picked up again.
Changes is a really hard act to follow. I’ve enjoyed the books since, but nothing has quite hit it the way Changes did. I reread the whole series recently and Changes dialled it all the way up to 11.

I'm liking the look of this, though a lot's going to depend on costume design. I haven't seen any of the actors in anything before, except Rosamund Pike. (She's going to kill it, I'm looking forward to her Moiraine.) And they are supposed to be young, after all. :) They're still teenagers, aren't they? Except Nynaeve, and she's always going on about not being taken seriously as a Wisdom because she's so young.
Egwene’s an Aussie. She was in Picnic at Hanging Rock. She’s also the granddaughter of Charles Perkins. People have said how young they look, but I always got the impression that aside from Nynaeve, they were all about 16.

General Discussion / Re: What is an ooshie? And why the uproar?
« on: August 13, 2019, 07:58:29 AM »
I have been laughing myself silly about the people destroying the things on television. I've been following that story and everything about it is great. (Except for the part where our farmers are the victims of trying to run Australia like it's got European climate.)

Personally, we've enjoyed collecting all the little supermarket nonsenses--our local shops are Coles so it's mostly been the Little Shop things and Stickies, but we have half a dozen Lion King ooshies from a friend who has his shopping delivered and therefore doesn't get to opt out--because they are a great size to pop in the playbag and take to restaurants or on planes to keep the toddler happy. But the hysteria about collecting them and trading them is bewildering.
I was at the local Woolies the other week and there was a lot of activity centred around a table in between the fruit and veggies and the deli. I initially thought it must have been something really tasty that was being offered as a sample, but when I got to the checkout there was a sign that they were having a Lion King ooshie swap meet there. In the slightly less insane side of things, they do offer to recycle ones people don’t want. I don’t think Coles have ever done that with the Little Shop things.

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