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Writers' Corner / How to promote my book
« on: June 24, 2019, 07:50:50 PM »

Thank you, i didnt know there were bots. Im trying to promote my book but im really bad at it. Is there a way, or does anyone know an efficient way?


Hey guys and ladies,

My name is Abbe, I'm a new author and self-published.

I'm here to advertise my book and I'll try to pitch it as good as I can. Here I Go:

Death created it all and mankind ruined it. Now he wants everything back - in blood.

The destructive nature of the human race came to a point where the entire world was submitted to the human will.

Death is the protector. He created life as an opposite to his lonely existence. At first, mankind was the ultimate creature.

He was proud of them, until he realized the destructive nature of this race. They created ideas, philosophies and religion, and with that, man alienated themselves from reality.

They submitted to their own creation rather than mastering it. And thats where the rest of the world fell as victims to their will.

Now Death wants it all back. No matter the cost, mankind must be eradicated.

Dancing with Death: And the Rise of the Phoenix, is my first and hopefully not my last.

It's available on amazon, i truly hope you enjoy the read.

Best regards


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