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Introductions / hi all
« on: August 07, 2018, 04:48:51 PM »
hi all,

after I got introduced to reading books instead of comics and playing videogames I got hooked up and started with phantasy books recently. Sadly I am a very slow and easy to distract reader but I try my best to keep focus and progress the books I started, some books I read in a week and some take months.

I mainly registered cause I am interested in finding new books to read. I am very very picky about books, games and so on (I only dropped 2 books so far but thats because I haven´t read so many yet). My friends allready call me a diva for dropping games after 10 minutes of gameplay. But when I consume a piece of media I enjoy it to the point I get obsessed with it.

Also I want to improve my writing skills, I always wanted to publish some of the stuff swirling through my head. I look forward to read more and also join the writing contests to improve my skills in writing, there are no texts I wrote till now but I want to learn it. I also thought it´s a good idea to start with smaller texts and not write a whole book just to get smashed by the critique about how bad it is written.

I see many errors in stuff I write, mostly due to lazyness, some due to not beeing very skilled in writing. One of my biggest problems (as you can see in this post) is that I start many sentences with "I" or other repetatives.

English isn´t my native language, which you all could probably tell by my post but I still try to read only in english (if it is the language of origin because I am no fan of translations).

I found this site today, read some articles, browsed through the forum and it caught my interest so I registered in the hope to learn many new things and make great experiences.

I guess this post is allready long enough, I really need to get rid of starting nearly every sentence with "I" because I think it´s rude, selfish and definetly not a way someone who aspires to write texts should write.

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