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 I have been experimenting with writing in different time periods, and that brought me to the question of historical civilisations.
 I find myself wondering,I'm taking inspiration from all sorts of historical civilisations, but it's a fantasy setting in another world, so I don't call any of the Civilisations their historical name. I wonder if this is problem, even if much of the inspiration is blatantly obvious.
 On a side note, when I do "races" I would call any version of elves, elves. Hence my doubting myself for the Civilisations.
 What's your opinion's?

Fantasy Resources / Dual Wielding... practicality, thoughts, etc.
« on: June 27, 2016, 08:08:24 AM »
Dual Wielding (especially swords) is something that seems to appear Fantasy books and series. It's been done, but to what extent do you think it's practical for a non-magic based world? I don't know, just curious if anyone knows or is interested in the topic.

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