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Small Press & Self-Published / Sons of Exile (serial)
« on: March 25, 2016, 06:05:22 AM »
The plights of a bastard prince and a new religion threaten to undermine the very fabric of imperial power while the Neverliving Emperor becomes more withdrawn from the matters of his eternal rule. As the Imperium shifts in upheaval, ancient ambitions emerge to vie for the future of mankind. We follow the struggles of unlikely fellows embroiled in the affair.

I've just launched this serial, which is the first book of nine in the Children of Cataclysm series.  There are currently two parts (out of a planned twelve) available with the third already well underway.  Read up more on the background of the work, here.

The world of Aeva has been ruled by an immortal emperor for millennia beyond record.  His rule has wrought an advanced civilization and a vast and organized army on the backs of his mortal subjects, but the empire remains in a state of perpetual war against the alleged tenants of their world.  Meanwhile, the Emperor proves increasingly reticent in matters of state, reliant upon more interested parties, seemingly ever at odds. The destinies of unlikely fellows intertwine in the ensuing upheaval, and they must discover their own roles in an uncertain future.

This is the first book of an epic fantasy and sci-fi saga called, Children of Cataclysm, which will chronicle nine distinct eras of the world of Aeva.  Fashioned as a fantasy - somewhat dark, often grim, arguably interstitial, and highly notional - this entry into the series is set in a period of time greatly contingent upon the powers of might and mystery.  Most accurately described by what I coin, prohibitive fantasy, it shares more in common with science fiction at its most uncanny but is presented in the spirit of fantasy.

As the first book of the series and the first full novel by the author, this book will be highly explorative in terms of style and overall worldbuilding.  As a serial, it will be offered as a work-in-progress (or a beta edition) with each installment (3-5 chapters, each) subject to subsequent changes.  This series had already undergone over a decade of development before its novelization began, so any of these changes should be minimal.  Readers will be kept abreast of any such changes as they develop.  At the series' current stage of development, this book will be the first of a planned three trilogies.

A sample comprising the entirety of the first part is available on this page, but it is also available through Medium, where commentary on the text is welcome and can be made contextually, paragraph by paragraph.  I'm welcoming criticism and proofreading and am open to vetting alpha-readers to help with each release.

Introductions / New Author and New to FF
« on: March 25, 2016, 05:44:35 AM »
Salutations, ladies and gents.  I've been reading the blog here for a little while now, and when I thought to seek out a writing community to engage with, this is the place that came to mind.

I'm a new author with the only complete work under my belt being an unpublished novelette.  That novelette, however, was the first work of a series entitled, Children of Cataclysm.  The series is more than a decade in the making, but I've just launched the first published work of that series, book one of nine in serial form, Sons of Exile (more background on that here).

I'm somewhat of an outsider (newcomer) to literary fantasy, but I've always been keen on the broader world of speculative fiction.  Though I've enjoyed classics of literary sci-fi and fantasy, both old and new (SoIaF, Dune, LotR, Starship Troopers), literary philosophy has long dominated my reading lists.  The greater portion of my exposure to speculative fiction, on the other hand, has been attained through more visual mediums.  Nevertheless, I find my work squarely in the realm of fantasy and am enjoying catching up what the genre has to offer.

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