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I keep hitting a wall with my big writing projects where I get overwhelmed by all the information, both what I have down on paper and what's in my head. I think mostly the problem is that I don't have a consistent process of consolidating all the information into something I can actually wrap my head around (and easily find the information I need). I've made progress with this over the years, and part of it is certainly just about putting in the work of constantly refining what I have, categorising etc. But I still have issues.

I'm guessing most writers experience this at some point, but I get the feeling I'm particularly susceptible because I've always had issues staying focused. Creativity is not a problem, but organising it into something useful is.

So I'd be happy to hear how any of the other writers out there deal with that. I know that I'll have to carve my own path; I can't transplant someone else's method wholesale. But I like to snatch up good ideas where I find them and incorporate into my process. So let me know any tips or tricks you have!

Hey. I'm waiting for new glasses and I can't read much as it makes me tired. But I just realised this would be a great time to listen to some audiobooks. Can anyone recommend any particular ones they enjoyed?

Hey! This is my first official publication (at long bloody last). After winning third prize in the 2016 Aeon Awards, my story Ryder on the Brink was finally published in issue 49 of Albedo One. Woo!  8)

You can read it for free here.

Table Top & RPG Games / Heroes of a Dark City
« on: February 04, 2018, 03:35:28 PM »
Wow, I only just noticed this subforum! I've been a roleplayer for over two decades.

Currently, I'm running a game I'm building from scratch called Heroes of a Dark City. While the setting is not frightfully original, the general concept is more interesting. It grew out of a necessity to run a campaign that was suitable for a group that varied a lot in size and composition.

You can find out more here: What is Heroes of a Dark City?.

At the bottom are links to some resources. I'm nearly done with a basic description of the setting and I'll soon be adding some of the first origin stories based on our early sessions. An alpha document on the mechanics is also in the works.

The project is still in its cradle, but anything I create for it will be available for free.

Open For Submissions / A Curated List of Writing Competitions
« on: May 19, 2017, 11:16:31 AM »
I've found this list very useful. It is continuously updated and curated so you can feel fairly safe there are no scams on there.

It's from Almond Press (with whom I have no association, I just stumbled across it one day and have been checking it regularly for over a year).

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