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So we have a thread about gorgeous book covers. What is it about a book cover that catches your eye? Is it an emblem, certain colours, a certain kind of artwork, characters? If you're walking around in a bookstore, what catches your eye?

On the flip side of that, what makes a book cover terrible?

I tend to like book covers that are simple, and I gravitate to things like John Gwynne's Malice that feature a weapon, or the LOTR edition I posted in the gorgeous covers thread that has elvish and simple images.

Some of you might hate me for saying this, but I tend to stray away from covers with dragons on them. I appreciate dragons, but I'm not a die hard fan ( although I admit there's some really good dragon art out there). Also, I'm usually (not always) not one to pick up a book with dragon in the title.

What about you?

General Discussion / Fit for a fantasy-faction queen
« on: December 24, 2015, 03:20:56 AM »
That is, one of the fantasy-faction queens.  There are a lot of you. :D

Spoiler for Hiden:
SugoiMe zipped home as quick as she could.  She had already attended the birthday party for @ScarletBea after being summoned to the…villain’s tunnel?  She wasn’t quite sure who the crazy cliche man had been, but it was nice to meet with everyone and eat some cake.  It had been a great party.

There was only one problem, though.  She hadn’t gotten any gifts for the birthday girl!  Heck, Scarlet was probably starting the next day in her time zone!  SugoiMe was late, but she wanted to send something special anyway.  Something awesome of epic proportions.  That was SugoiMe’s way: to go beyond and above expectations randomly and then drop off the face of cyber world in terms of birthday management...probably...maybe.

She got straight to work—not occupation work, but homework, and not the kind of homework that required studying.  When she was done, the page was still white and she was beating herself over the head wondering what to write.  Her recycle bin was so full, it actually reached the limit and needed to be emptied, which is saying something because she was certain recycle bins on the computer don't have a limit.

What to write?!  The question rang over and over again in her mind.  SugoiMe barely knew Scarlet.  Everyone else had gotten her cake.  SugoiMe could do the same, but she was too good for silly sugar things.  Besides, this was Christmas and she was sure that Scarlet was just as puffed up as SugoiMe was from all the Christmas chocolate and cookies.

It was time to come up with something different.  Something special like…

A sweet serenade!

“Of course!” SugoiMe exclaimed.

Immediately, her pen went to the page and out came a short poem fit for one of the queens of the faction:

’Twas two nights before Christmas
And all through the week
I’d been toiling at work
And could barely think.
Then I returned home…wait!
I nearly forgot!
Though I’d put a reminder
In my calendar’s clock,
That on that day,
The 23rd of December
A birthday was had.
I just barely remembered!

So I went to my room
And sat down to write
A sweet serenade
For ScarletBea’s sight.
It’s rough on the edges,
But I’m sure she won’t mind
A small token of gratitude
‘Cause I’m just so kind.  ;D
It’s a tad familiar
To any who read,
Though I quite enjoy it
And I hope you’ll agree:

We all know your joy,
Your fun and your laughter,
Your sweetness divine,
Your humorous chatter.
You never cease
To enlighten us all,
To bring us good cheer
And toil with us long.
How your presence has blessed us
For years (I assume).
So I write this message
Especially for you:

Happy birthday, Bea!
Good wishes to you.
I hope you’ve faired well
These holidays, too.

SugoiMe read over her work, making sure there weren’t any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.  It was a quick sketch of a poem, but it read decently and had a catchy rhyme.

“Yeah, this’ll do,” she said to herself.  (Thankfully, her siblings weren’t around to hear speaking to herself because if they did, they would have poked fun at her.)

With the greatest care, she copy and pasted the piece into a new thread and posted…

Writers' Corner / What's your take on italics?
« on: July 11, 2015, 11:20:51 AM »
I was just reading an article on first chapter blunders and it hinted at formatting issues like too much italics.  I've read other articles that say to shy away from using too many as well.  What's your take on it?  Does too much italics give you migraines like the people who wrote those articles?

I'm asking because I decided to use italics to make the switch between languages.  I found that I was switching so often that I needed to make a distinction somehow without having to say, "he said in his own language" every other paragraph.  That being said, I have a couple of chapters that use said italics language.  Would that bother the reader?  What do you think?

I had a friend read the first chapter and she didn't mind.  She's an avid sci-fi/fantasy book reader, so I took her word as gold.  But I'd like some more opinions.

Introductions / Hello from SugoiMe!
« on: May 20, 2015, 09:56:45 AM »
Hi everyone!  I'm a Canadian Assistant Language Teacher living in southern Japan, and I'll be moving back to Canada in July.  I stumbled upon the blog for fantasy-faction and was instantly intrigued.  I confess I'm not an avid reader, but I do like LOTR and some of the Dragonlance Series.  I'm in the process of writing an epic trilogy and hope to publish in the next year or two.

Anyway, nice to meet you all and looking forward to contributing to the forums and learning what you all have to say about all things fantasy!

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