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The undead are a standard feature in fantasy novels, so are people with super powers. Though we don't call them superheroes or Zombies, we have lots of parallels and similarities between the tropes.

So do you see them as Fantasy or Fiction or Sci-fi or just plunk Comic (non-illustrative) as a separate genre?

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Torture/Cruelty
« on: March 25, 2019, 12:13:00 AM »
Does it really make a difference? We've had many books from WoT to Black Company to Malazan..which do not have much/any explicit cruelty to humans or animals.

Even in cases like Jorg, Cosca or Glotka, I can still appreciate the flavours of the characters even without the overt cruelty. It's my opinion that many authors feels it adds grit to story...but all it does is make a dark story cheap. Like watching a proper horror movie vs a gore movie. You can get proper dark or grimdark  fantasy without the overt cruelty / torture description.

PS: I especially hate it when it comes to animals.

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