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General Discussion / Does Cover Art Influence the books you read
« on: April 13, 2015, 11:59:14 AM »
I am a fan of cover art on books, so much so that if a piece of cover art is bad/cheesy I will not usually pick that book up to even read the blurb. I do notice that this has changed somewhat since I started reading more Kindle books (some of the ones I've read don't even have cover art).
Does anyone else let cover art influence what books you buy/read and is this just in paperback form or does the cover art have to be good in any format for you to choose a book.

Side Topic: are there any books where the cover art has really stood out to you (either for a good or bad reason)

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Djinn / Genie recommendations
« on: April 10, 2015, 07:56:57 AM »
Hi everybody (can't type that without imaging everyone replying with "hi Dr. Nick"),

Anywho, I was watching Wil Weatons web series Tabletop last night and this episode had Djinns in then. The game itself didn't really interest me but the Genie part did. I think everyone at so point has wished they could have a Genie to grant them wishes but I was wondering if anyone had read any good books, whether standalone/trilogy/series that was set in a world with Djinns/Genies.

I'm really looking for something a bit more deeper (and maybe darker/grittier) than your Disney Aladdin type of book but any recommendations would be greatly appreciated, and maybe if your lucky I might grant you some wishes for your help*
I will do a  search online tonight to see if I can find any well reviewed ones but thought I would bring this query here and draw from the source of awesome knowledge that is this forum and its members

*WARNING: I am not an actual Genie and so any wishes granted may not actually come true

Dying Light is the first horror game I have ever purchased (after some persuasion from my Boss whom I game with often) and I have to say that I have fallen in love with the game and this has also got me to expand my reading genres from Fantasy and Sci-Fi into the zombie horror (currently reading a zombie book on my iPhone and really enjoying it)
Has anyone else expanded their reading lists after playing a computer game (or maybe a board/card game) and if so what game?

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Malazan Series
« on: April 08, 2015, 10:02:55 AM »
Hi all,

As my first topic I thought I would talk about my favourite fantasy series, which from my username you can probably tell is the Malazan series (I considered going with QuickBen as my username as he is my favourite character but as my name isn't Ben I didnt know if this would get confusing ????)

I know there will have been threads decimated to this series already but a few I found hadn't had any comments in quite some time so I thought I'd start afresh.

My first reading of the Malazan series didn't quite go smoothly, I picked up Gardens of the Moon as it seemed like a nice big book to delve into, however after 2 chapters I gave up and the book sat on my bookshelf for about 6 months. It wasn't that the book was bad or boring, I think there was just a lot going on and I hadn't gotten back into reading that long before picking this book ups and so it seemed a lot more than I was used to. It was only after my brother decided to give it a go and after he finished he told me I had to read it and I'm so glad I listened.

This series offers so much it quickly became my favourite books that I have read to date (and think I would struggle to find another series that would beat it). From fascinating and diverse characters (along with some hilarious ones like Tehol and Bugg or Kruppe) to places that, due to the great descriptions, you can picture almost perfectly there isn't much about this series that I disliked. There were some slow parts I will admit but I would expect that from any series as epic as this one.

i would probably say that the Malazan series is the only one I have read so far that I would consider reading all the way through again just so I can re-experience it's greatness and see any bits I may have missed.

Hope this isn't too much for a first post but really happy I joined this forum and look forward to discussing the Malazan series and so much more with you all.

Thanks for reading


Introductions / Hi All
« on: April 08, 2015, 08:00:42 AM »
Hi All,

My name is Martyn
New to this forum and just thought I'd say a quick hello.
I've been a huge fan of fiction (mostly Fantasy) for as long as I can remember and thought it's about time to get more involved in discussions and delve into a good community of like minded people.
Look forward into talking to you all more


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