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Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Confessioin
« on: March 13, 2015, 10:18:56 AM »
Okay I confess…. I’m an emotional sucker. More often than not I have a hard time trying to swallow my tears when reading about a moving, heroic or senseless death (sometimes at much confusion and bewilderment from fellow public transport travelers).

Movies and TV shows have the same impact. My house companions are already used to my sniveling  and do not bother anymore. In a movie theatre, in the dark, I let the tears flow freely without any shame whatsoever. Even with animation movies (“UP” anyone?) …..

Am I alone?

Please raise your hand and step forward if you have the same “issue”.

And also, for the writers amongst you, how draining is it for you when killing of a character? Or is it just a process in writing the story and a calculated loss?  Do you put extra effort into a death just to make me embarrassed in public transport?

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