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Writers' Corner / A breath of fresh air
« on: November 15, 2014, 05:43:33 AM »
I am going to preface this by saying. I want to write a book that I would love to read.

So I would like to ask an opinion, or many. The reason why I decided to write a novel isn't all that important, we all have our reasons. However, I know it will be a task to be done over a few years and yet I'm still not turned off from the idea.

Sure, it is quite a stereotypical thing for an author (wishful for me at the moment) to want to write a trilogy in the fantasy genre, possibly even more than a trilogy. With elves, dwarves, magic, prophecy, and an evil overlord to defeat or artifact to save the world.

However, to even think that I could write something with content as such and it be exciting or new would be just blowing steam up my own ass.

My novel which I am still in the brainstorming phase of creating characters, settings, species, races part. I want it to be such a deep world (without info dumping pages on the reader). I want many things to play a big part in my novel including politics, religion, currency, social class, language, shaky alliances, magical law, magical social hierarchy and governing, guilds, less explored branches of magic (alchemy playing a more utility and far more important role than fireballs), death and betrayal.

I have been a game lover and fantasy bibliophile for many years, and have taken inspiration from various series. Game of Thrones having a massive focus on politics, and Lord of the Rings having magic as a minimalistic part of the lore. These are two good examples of how a different take on the genre can be successful. I have my own ideas, however what I would like to know are as follows:

What would you consider as a breath of fresh air within the genre. What kind of story would you like to read?

What themes, concepts, and ideas within the genre do you consider unexplored, but definitely should be?

What books did you think were absolutely fantastic and I should definitely read?

Perhaps my most important question. Is it VITAL that the grand quest/big issue is explained early on, or even at all early on. Or even before the characters have been developed. In Lord of the Rings we know the plot, or a good chunk of it before the characters have been touched on too much.

Does the main goal (saving the princess, destroying the ring, pulling the sword out the rock) need to be revealed earlier on, or can things gradually become clear throughout the book. Opinions on this?

Thanks very much!

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