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Premise: A homeless man hunts angels in a dystopian society.

Long Story Short:

I contacted the writer (C. Robert Cargill) of the novel DREAMS AND SHADOWS and horror film SINISTER on Reddit last year and asked him to work on a thesis film together. He actually replied. I sent him the films I directed, he liked them, we met in person, and he wrote the script. I am extremely grateful I met him - He is one the nicest and most genuine individuals you will ever meet.

After that I found the contact information for the cinematographer of INSIDIOUS. I basically pestered him for three weeks until we finally met. He loved the script and material. He decided to come onboard as either cinematographer or camera operator.

I then went to one of the professors while I was at USC. I showed him the script and material and he wanted be attached to the film as a production advisor/mentor. He was a production executive/manager on films like THE THING, STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI, INDIANA JONES, THE GOONIES, and other films.

While those films are horror, this film is in the genre of fantasy/thriller.
I am extremely appreciative and thankful that these individuals all decided to become apart of this project. It would be amazing if we could help make this turn into full reality. I really appreciate the time you have taken to read this and hope this can happen.

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