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Hey all.  Just a notice that my ongoing series, The War of Memory Cycle, has all four current books up for free/cheap from Dec. 7-11th.

The War of Memory Cycle is a high-magic dark fantasy series that takes place in an animistic world of grasping imperialists, god-directed cults, spirit-touched shapeshifters, manmade monsters, suppressed (and suppressive) magic, chemical and arcane mind-control, and the civilians and soldiers trapped in the middle of it all.

It mainly follows an escaped military slave, Cob, as he tries to navigate a conquered but unbroken land while coming to terms with the ancient spirit that has possessed him.  In pursuing him and his motley allies, the Empire finds that it has overreached itself — and it’s just a matter of time before its army, its faith, and even its god reach the breaking point.

Series is here:  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0776YN3KL

Thanks for reading.

Posting this for a friend of mine, Ereika Collins.  She's just started the IndieGoGo campaign for her small press's first anthology of fantasy, sci-fi and horror short stories by, about and for people of color.  The stories are already collected, the artwork and editing done -- but she'd like to push it further, expand the anthology and gather a community of writers and readers to contribute to further publications.

The third book of my epic fantasy series is now available on Amazon!

The Puppeteer Emerges from the Shadow of the Throne...

Ever since the massacre at Riftwatch, Cob has reserved his true hatred for one man: the necromancer Shaidaxi Enkhaelen. Even after the Empire's corruption became clear to him, he remained fixated on Enkhaelen as its cause.

But there is more at work within the Empire than even a centuries-old puppet-master can control. From the sullen streets of Bahlaer to the depths of Valent to the towering spires of the Imperial City, a grim tide is rising -- bearing with it all the old hostilities and unforgivable secrets that the Empire has tried to suppress. As cities, armies and friendships begin to tear themselves apart, Cob must face the realization that nothing can be trusted: not his memories, not his allies, not the Guardian.

Not even his hate.

Available at: Amazon UK, Amazon US.

This book follows directly on from the first two: The Light of Kerrindryr and The Splintered Eye.

Ebook version of the second book of the War of Memory Cycle is out!

In the wake of his disastrous escape, Cob -- the Guardian vessel -- is determined to free the spirit that possesses him, even if it means working with heretics.  But when he learns that the only solution is the same necromancy that trapped the Guardian inside him, he is thrust into the center of the age-old conflict between the Guardian and the wraiths who brought magic to the world.  With friends both old and new in tow, he sets out to find the Accursed Thornland of Haaraka and the benevolent necromancers said to dwell within, hunted not only by wraiths and the Phoenix Empire's armies but by the man who placed the bonds: the Ravager's vessel, known to Cob as Morshoc.

As his enemies harry him across the Imperial Heartlands, upheavals are happening elsewhere: for Captain Sarovy of the Crimson Claw, for Geraad Iskaen of the Silent Circle, and for the Crimson General himself.

Old illusions will fail, secrets rise to the light -- but even the truth may be a trap.

Available at: Amazon UK, Amazon US

This book immediately follows the first volume, The Light of Kerrindryr.

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