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Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Words of Radiance
« on: December 13, 2013, 08:52:48 PM »
Words of Radiance is finished and 70% done in editing.

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Pat Rothfuss and Scott Lynch
« on: November 02, 2013, 06:41:00 PM »
So who else is going to the book signing in London, Forbidden Planet book-store to meet to epic dudes? What time are you going? For those of you who don't know, It's about 3-4 pm Tuesday November 5th.

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Wise Man's Fears
« on: October 25, 2013, 11:18:24 PM »
Can someone please clarify something for me? Why does everyone say "Kvothe's only 15! It's pedophilia! (pornoskitch)". I mean, he's 17 when he meets Felurian. It says so. Of course he exaggerates his prowess when first meeting her, but he stays there for enough time to grow a small beard several times over. Heck, I'm seventeen, and even for me (with my abnormally fast growing facial hair), it would still take six months to grow a beard three times. So probably a year for him, i.e. a year training in the art of seduction with and elder sex goddess. So 18 when he emerges, with an air of the fay about him, years of acting instilled into him, a silver tongue, knowledge of how to court a woman (Felurian+plays) and suitably good looks, well, it kind of makes sense, with a pinch of salt.
Also, why do people hate the book, besides the rather illogical reason of him getting lot's of girls? He's supposed to be exaggerating a bit, he's an actor at heart. Further, he has been shown to be wrong, and not perfect at everything. His training with the Adem was not unduly fast (though they annoyed me, as a whole), and he is supposed to be extraordinary. On that point, has anyone forgotten that he has failed terribly, he's now a innkeeper, unable to use magic, fight off to soldiers, and is held to be a monster by most people. He fails. Terribly. Remember that he is not perfect, and he is going to fail. That's one of the main facets of the story.

 Beyond that, I would like to say to people, so what if there's little plot progress? So what If it repeats itself? It's an auto-biography of a fantasy character. People's lives tend to repeat. Just enjoy the beautiful writing. Enjoy the world that's being set up around you. Enjoy the look into the life of a legend who fell. Enjoy things for what they are. That's a problem with many people's mindsets, constantly wanting things to be fresh. just relax and enjoy, wipe away your expectations before you read books. You'll enjoy them a hell of a lot more.

 And before people just brush over this, please actually examine my statements, rather than saying "no", why "no". I love this series, and yes, I probably am a fan boy. But I do accept there are flaws, missing the ship bit was a mistake, the Adem being promiscuous to the point of absurdity was a mistake, the stretching out of the mercenary arc was a mistake, and yet more. But it is still fantastic, and you should give it a second read, with more attention to detail, and more of an appreciation of what it is.

 So, who's gonna get their books signed by Pat and Scott on November Fifth, London, Shaftesbury avenue?

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