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Compiled a list of books I have read this year and was shocked to see it was all male writers! Have began to correct this but have compiled a selection of female written books I could read next. What should I go for? Give me reasons ...

So with recent Scott Lynch/ GRRM chatter found myself thinking of other books we are still awaiting.

The Sun's Devices by Rebecca Levine (Book 3 of the Hunter's Kind)

What has happened to it?

Any other books you are waiting for?

Ahhh... the issue with reading a trilogy as it is published when you have the memory of a goldfish. 

However Jen is doing a good job at threading in references to previous books:  It begins with Noon liberating th fell-witches from the Winnowry - useful reminder of where she came from.  (I imagine Noon as looking a bit like Elizabeth Olson)  Then we spend time with Hestillon (Celaphon is the tiger best on the cover right?) reminding us that she has joined the Jure'lia (but can't remember Bern replacing the memory in the crystal) and vaguely remember Bern and Alisdair escaping (hoping we get reunited with them soon.)

And now we are back with the original three:  Vintage  (Emma Thompson surely?), Tor and Noon. And now I remember their quest to the island and how creepy it was.  What was the name of the Eboran they were hunting?  And they discovered they were just a weird alien experiment gone wrong.  And weren't there people living on the island? (Damn memory.)  And why are Tor and Noon cold towards each other now?  They were lovers for a bit right?  Though Noon did burn and scar Tor?   

RPG - Fantasy Faction Style / Port Quinta de la Rosa
« on: August 22, 2018, 05:41:28 PM »
After a day of riding, the inebriated adventurers reach Port Quinta de la Rosa.
"What do you mean, you have no gin left?" Scarlet slurs.
"Just that,you drank it all!"
Harry is rather surprised to notice that all the boats resemble coconuts with umbrellas.  He makes a mental note not to insult the drawing skills of the Bartender's imaginary son again. 
"Right," the bartender says. "You need to find a ship with a captain reckless enough to sail across the Lake of Death."
"Surely every captain here is reckless enough? " Maxim questions.  "After all they all own ships and live on the shore of the Lake of Death.  Where the hell else are they going to sail to?"
"Right," the Bartender mutters.  "Let's find a captain who'll take us to to the Isle of Nymphs."
"The Isle of Nymphs?" questions a mysterious figure in a cloak with the hood up.  "Don't go there ... IT'S A TRAP!"

RPG - Fantasy Faction Style / Welcome to the RPG 2018
« on: August 19, 2018, 10:34:23 PM »
Welcome to the King's Paws. Behind the bar stands a grizzled old bartender.  He calmly polishes tankard after tankard with a grotty old cloth. He is waiting for something ... he has been waiting for many moons now.  Whilst the village of Greendale seems peaceful and idyllic, however it is plagued by the dragon Mathias.  The bartender awaits the arrival of seven heroes who might rid the village of the dragon.  All the young people in the village have been slayed by the dragon and as the kingdom is ruled by an incontinent despot named Theresa of the May, the villagers know they can expect no help from kingdom's armies.  They await rescue from adventurers.  Who might these adventurers be? Can forth and announce yourselves!

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Winds of Winter by George RR Martin
« on: April 01, 2018, 02:59:52 PM »
Sorry, even I can't carry this one of.

Latest news is that King of Grimdark, Joe Abercrombie is to write a series of children's picture books. Talking on the phone to Drew Peacock, reviewer for the TLS, Joe had this to say.
"I want people to know there is more to me than just grimdark. I am thinking a series with woodland creatures. Maybe a field mouse with a loving family. One day he can return home to find his family have been murdered and raped by evil stoats. He then picks up a sword and vows vengeance and forms an alliance with a one eyed badger!" At this point Joe stopped talked and could just be heard chuckling to himself and scrubbling ideas on a paper ...

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Doors of Stone by Patrick Rothfuss
« on: April 01, 2018, 10:38:51 AM »
IT'S FINALLY COMING OUT!!!! Book is with the publishers and should be released towards the end of the summer!


I remember the bath scene being much much longer. (Like over a hundred pages long) though probably because I counted the scenes where Elayne got out of the bath to chat with other people. It was probably Aviendha dropping the soap all the time that made it last so long.

And the Mat rape scene. Just so wrong!

TBH I would have included Rand having three wives who are all totally cool with it. Very odd.

Glen Cook’s epic series The Black Company may be the next fantasy adaptation to make the jump to the television screens—Deadline is reporting that the series is in development with IM Global Television, who are working with Eliza Dushku’s Boston Diva Productions along with David Goyer’s Phantom Four. Dushku, known for her work in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Dollhouse, will star as The Lady, a dark sorceress who hires the mercenary Black Company.


FLUFFITY!  How good does Ragnarok look?


Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Happy World Book Day
« on: March 02, 2017, 07:04:44 PM »
So who did we all dress up as today? I went with the gorilla from Anthony Browne's Gorilla.

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman
« on: February 17, 2017, 03:35:40 PM »

Forgot to say I went to see Neil Gaiman talking about Norse Mythology at the South Bank recently.  It was great fun, Neil talked about how mythology has influenced his work throughout his career, and read a story from his new collection of Norse myths.  We also saw trailers for American Gods and How to Talk to Girls at Parties, and learnt he is writing a sequel to Neverwhere, called Seven Sisters. 

The only downer was a couple of absolute bell ends, who decided that what would impress the modest and reserved character of Neil Gaiman, was to fist pump and holler, and wolf whistle every time Neil Gaiman mentioned a book he had written or announced any new news about his writing.  No, they weren't Americans.  It was a pony tailed man and his red haired girl friend.  It was also classy how they were knocking back cans of beer they had smuggled in throughout, or when the guy elbowed a girl in a wheel chair out of the way to get to the microphone first to ask Neil Gaiman a question.  (The question was about how Norse mythology had influenced Neil Gaiman's writing, which would had been profound if he had not spent the last 30 minutes discussing how Norse mythology had influenced his writing!)

General Discussion / Cheesy Adverts/ Commericals Nostalgia
« on: February 05, 2017, 10:02:25 PM »
Does anyone else share my love for cheesy tv adverts from their childhood?


This has got it all.  The cheesy jazz music, the horrendous 90s hair cuts, the 'comedy' moments, the advertising of a now redundant service,  and the twist at the end.

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