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Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / The Split Worlds - Emma Newman
« on: October 18, 2013, 01:42:51 PM »

I've just finished reading the 3rd of these (I wasn't haunting the bookshop for the week before release looking for it, truly I wasn't  :) )

I enjoyed the ideas of them very much, there were certain specific points I didn't like, and I did want to shake the main character at times for her selfish obliviousness at times.

I know there's been the reviews on the main site, for at least the first two, but here's a link fir my review of all three of them: http://lejays17.livejournal.com/31033.html

I picked the first one up because Elfy saw it and thought it would be the type of thing I would like, and this cover was really striking and eye-catching.


Inspired by Stars Cascade saying that she has a signed Terry Pratchett book, and it was a most prized item. http://fantasy-faction.com/forum/fantasy-author-discussion/terry-pratchett/30/

I was thinking of our rather extensive library, and what we have in it, trying to work out what would be my most-prized item in it.
We've got a few signed books by various authors, of which, the 2 Pratchetts, and the ARC of Discount Armageddon are probably my most prized.  Although, I got a Dr Who novella for my birthday which is signed by the author, the editor, and someone else who's signature I can't read  :-\, so that's will probably make this short list too.

Apart from this, The Borribles Trilogy by Michael de Larabetti (I'm sure I've got the spelling of his name wrong!), is special as it's the first book Elfy gave me.
And The Chalet School Does It Again by Elinor M Brent-Dyer too, as it was the final book in the series that I bought after collecting the other 50+ books in the series over about 20 years.  (it was also a bit of a weepy moment too, as it was the last one that I had never read too  :'()

How about you?  What book/s would you rescue from the burning house (after the family/pets/photos of course  ;))?


Some of my favourite comfort re-reads are Robin McKinley's retellings of fairy tales (Beauty, Spindle's End, Rose Daughter to name a few), and I'm looking to branch out to other authors.

What have  people read that they can recommend??  I'll happily read YA, so recommends from there would be great also!

I've already read most of Mercedes Lackey's 500 Kingdoms books, and we've got Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber in the library somewhere, but apart from that, suggest away!

Introductions / Hi to All!
« on: September 04, 2012, 12:17:17 PM »

I'm hopeless when it comes to writing these things, I never know what to say. :-\

Elfy mentioned that there was an interview with Larry Rostant on the main site on the weekend, which finally motivated me enough to look up the site.

I read back over the articles & reviews and then thought I should just take the plunge and join the forums, so here I am.

I'm not as widely read in the latest fantasy offerings as a lot here are, but am catching up slowly (I keep getting distracted by the newest books in other genres I read).

Favourite authors (in fantasy): Terry Pratchett, Anne McCaffrey (okay, she is properly classed as science-fiction, but hey), Diana Wynne Jones, GRRM, Seanan McGuire, Robin McKinley, and a whole bunch of others that escape me at the moment.

I'm also a massive Dr Who nerd, and will happily waffle on for hours about it given half-a-chance  ;D

Looking forward to chatting to like-minded people here, it's been fun so far.

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