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Introductions / Writer Looking To Join A Writing Community! :)
« on: July 01, 2012, 01:26:18 AM »
Hello, I am Blackavar.  I just entered the Fantasy Faction contest and after I sent my submission, I noticed the forum page, and so I thought I would join :)

I have been writing for years, and until recently not really getting anywhere with it.  But its something that I feel I'm meant to do and so I'm really trying to focus on it now.

I've been writing for an online magazine since 2010, and gotten a lot of great experience out of it, and my editor has been really encouraging and pushing me down the right path.  She recently suggested I try and get involved in a writing community- I've always been a very solitary writer and perhaps thats been my downfall up until now.

Quickly about me...I write mostly fantasy, but online I also write reviews, articles, interviews, all sorts.  I'm also an artist.  My username/writer's name is taken from a character in my favourite book, Watership Down.

I love bunnies ;D

So....hi! :D

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