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High King’s Vengeance Releases 23rd September

Kristell Ink Books is proud to present the sequel to last year’s British Fantasy Award-nominated epic fantasy, Heir To The North, which got 8/10 from AFE Smith here on Fantasy Faction. Taking up the story immediately after the events of that book, The High King’s Vengeance brings Cassia’s adventures to a stunning conclusion.

   “I am the Heir to the North.”
   Malessar's Curse is broken, the wards around Caenthell destroyed. The Warlock himself lies, exhausted and gravely wounded, in the rubble of his own house. And while the dire spirits trapped behind the wards for centuries are unleashed into the world once more, Cassia is confined to a cell deep in Galliarca's grand palace.
   Yet Caenthell calls to her, and Cassia must answer. As Heir to the North, the throne and the power behind it belong to her. But the twisted hunger of Caenthell's spirits appals her and Cassia vows to do everything she can to defeat them.
   Now, Cassia must convince both Galliarca and Hellea that they have to stand against the resurrected High King of Caenthell. She must raise an army from nothing, make uncertain alliances with princes and dragons, and fight her way into the heart of the North. And, if she is lucky, someone may live to tell her tale.
   “Fear Me.”

http://bit.ly/HTTN2uk - Amazon UK
http://bit.ly/HTTN2us - Amazon US

  • Worldwide release on 23rd September 2016.
    Paperback, hardback, and ebook formats available.
    Launch event at Fantasycon in Scarborough, September 23rd, alongside The Summer Goddess (Joanne Hall) and The Book of Angels (AJ Dalton).
    Review e-ARCs available on request from Grimbold Books and the author.

About Steven Poore
Steven Poore lives in Sheffield with a crafty partner, a three-legged cat, and a critical mass of books and vinyl records. BFS Award-winning publisher Fox Spirit Books has published several of his short stories in their Fox Pockets range of collections. Steven is also one of the organisers of the SFSF Social, highlighting regional genre meetings and readings.
Twitter: @stevenjpoore    Facebook: /thestevenpoore

About Grimbold Books:
Grimbold Books is home to some of the very best science fiction, fantasy and dark fiction around. Our imprints are Kristell Ink (science fiction and fantasy) and Tenebris Books (dark fiction and fairy tales). We also publish an annual charity anthology from the Oslo Writers’ League under Grimbold Books to which we provide all our services for free in order to support a worthy cause. Our books are released as e-books across all platforms, as well as in print via all major online distributors, and on consignment with smaller retailers and independent retailers.

Hi folks,

As the thread title suggests - and as you may have seen on the FF Facebook group - my esteemed publisher is dropping their prices on Ebooks to 99p/99c on Amazon platforms for this weekend.

That means you can buy fantastic books by fellow FF members - Joanne Hall, AJ Dalton - and much more besides without breaking the bank. Everything from Gemmellesque heroics through vicious Fae families to aeriel steampunk shenanigans can be yours if you want it. And I know you want it all... :)


Sunday, 1st March 2015, The Old Queen’s Head, Sheffield, 4pm-8pm

Hello folks! We’re back, with a different venue and two new readers!

Because we’re running on a Sunday this time, we’ve had to move down the road to the Old Queen’s Head, behind the bus station on Pond Street. It’s Sheffield’s oldest pub, and is apparently haunted too. We hope the ghosts enjoy the stories as much as you will! We’ve also moved a little further back into the afternoon, so that all those of us unlucky enough to be working early Monday morning don’t have too long an evening…

Our readers will be none other than Sheffield’s own, award-winning Ian Sales, and – all the way from San Francisco! – author and theatrical swordfighter Dana Fredsti.

Ian Sales has published three volumes of his hard science fiction/alt-history Apollo Quartet through his own Whippleshield Books; the first volume, Adrift on the Sea of Rains, won a BSFA award in 2012 and was called “one of the most outstanding self-published books of the year” by the Guardian. The final volume in the series, All That Outer Space Allows, will be published this year – as will the first book in his new space opera trilogy, A Prospect of War, which will come from Tickety Boo Press.

As a theatrical swordfighter, Dana Fredsti‘s film credits include Army of Darkness. Her Ashley Parker novels, Plague Town, Plague Nation, and Plague World, all published by Titan Books, has been described by The Book Smugglers as “A diverting, entertaining zombie siege novel complete with all the delicious, bone-crunching, blood-gushing awesomeness a zombie lover could ever want.”

There will, once more, be giveaway prizes to be had, and once the upstairs readings and talks are done, we’ll be sticking around for a good old chat in the bar too. Please do use the Eventbrite listing  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/sfsf-social-2-tickets-15724514446 to let us know you’re coming, and spread the word to anyone who might be interested! We hope to see you there!

Hi. We are the Sheffield Fantasy & Science Fiction Social Club https://sfsfsocial.wordpress.com/. It’s nice to meet you.

Earlier this year we went to the York Pubmeet – held, obviously, in a pub in York – inspired by London’s own Super Relaxed Fantasy Club. Authors David Tallerman and Janine Ashbless wowed a packed room with readings of their work, the BSFA’s Alex Bardy gave away lots of books, and everybody had a damned good time with drinks and a lot of constructive conversation.

And we thought: why isn’t there anything like this in Sheffield?

So now there is.

On 24th January 2015, at 4pm, you can join us upstairs at Eten on York Street in Sheffield for the very first SFSF Social. Our guests will be the following wonderfully talented authors and swordfighters:

Jo Thomas, author of 25 Ways to Kill a Werewolf, available now from Fox Spirit Books.
Adrian Tchaikovsky, author of the Shadows of the Apt series, available from Tor UK.

As well as readings, there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions, and to win some goodies – and, of course, to have a good old chinwag, in relaxed surroundings, about anything SFnal.

We’ll have more details over the course of the coming weeks, but if you need to get in touch sooner, pop over to the Contact https://sfsfsocial.wordpress.com/about/ page, or ping us on Twitter – @SFSFSocial https://twitter.com/SFSFSocial.

You can also find SFSF Social on Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/sfsf-social-club-1-tickets-13633023741?ref=wpwidget – it’s a good way for us to gauge how many people we’ll need to cater for, so please do register (free!) if you will be popping down!

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