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Small Press & Self-Published / Free Short Stories
« on: December 15, 2014, 04:56:30 PM »
My short stories are free to download until the 18th of Dec. Three are fantasy, two are action/adventure historicals.

Tall Tales from the Trollstone Caverns is a Dungeon Delve done for laughs.

Art & Soul is a  Pratchettesque tale about Toadtoes a down at heel (almost) sorcerer who runs afoul of the city's Arch-Mage.

Cap'n Jethro or to give it it's full title - This Being the Tale of Cap’n Jethro ‘Fair-cut’ Henderson, Mutinous Matthews, the Thief, the Whore, the French Fop and the Treasure of Freeport - is a Pirate caper.

A Hound Against Hawks and Wolves is a Bernard Cornwell inspired dark ages adventure.

Finally Born of Evil is a traditional Sword & Sorcery style monster story.

They all have positive reviews (though could do with a few more) so grab 'em while they're free.

Introductions / Old User, New Name
« on: December 04, 2014, 02:08:04 PM »
Hi, I've been here awhile and love it; so decided to change my user name from my Old English on-line handle Hearthweru to my real name which is Lee Reynoldson. I though as I write fantasy/Swords & Sorcery and this place is full of people who love fantasy it might be a good idea to use the name that's connected to my work.

So, hullo again!


Small Press & Self-Published / [Non-Fiction] Redwald
« on: March 25, 2014, 10:22:31 AM »

Redwald is an RPG supplement for a small press indy RPG called Heroes & Other Worlds, or HOW. HOW is a retro-clone of Steve Jackson's popular 70's Microgame The Fantasy Trip. Here's the blurb . . .

Redwald is a Non-fiction Roleplaying Supplement and Requires the Heroes & Other Worlds Rulebook to play!

Rædwald is a world where the bond of the warband, the oath of loyalty between warrior and king, your word, your honour and your status means everything. It is a world where family, community, and the king's laws are a shield against misfortune.

Unfortunately for the characters the world of Rædwald is one in which they have none of these things. Instead, they are outsiders: Wolfshead outlaws. Tired of merely surviving they take coin from a lord, and now serve as his Wolfpack, a band of ruthless, expendable outlaw scum.


Small Press & Self-Published / Weird Lies by Arachne Press
« on: September 12, 2013, 12:28:26 PM »
I have a story in a small press anthology which is due to be published on 26th Sept with an Oct 1st launch party at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, and more intimate affair on the 5th at Misty Moon Art Gallery. Both are open to the public so if yer in London pop along.  ;D

More detail can be found at Arachne Press

There’s something about Liars’ League that brings out the wildness in the writers’ imaginations. Here we explore myth, fantasy, science fiction, and the indefinable what the – that makes up Weird. In true Liars’ League fashion there is as much humour as there is darkness and poignancy.

More than twenty tales, varying in style from stories not out of place in One Thousand and One Nights, to the completely bemusing.
Discover mirrors that predict the immediate future and museums where your personal future life is exhibited in the kind of ephemeral objects that might normally find their way into a dustbin.
Meet tadpoles, lazy assassins, and assiduous poisoners; observe deals with the devil, and workplace stress taken to its logical conclusion.
Heroes, villains, and animals – anything and anyone could provide the twist in the tale – cursed travellers, persistent dreamers, aliens, robots and even ice might be the object, or source, of love.

Stories from
Alan Graham
Alex Smith
Angela Trevithick
Andrew Lloyd Jones
Barry McKinley
Christopher Samuels
David McGrath
David Malone
David Mildon
Derek Ivan Webster
Ellen O’Neill
James Smyth
Jonathan Pinnock
Joshan Esfandiari Martin
Lee Reynoldson
Lennart Lundh
Maria Kyle
Nichol Wilmor
Peng Shepherd
Rebecca J Payne
Richard Meredith
Richard Smyth
Tom McKay

Small Press & Self-Published / Tall Tales from the Trollstone Caverns
« on: September 12, 2013, 12:11:33 PM »
New, and very dumb, book.   ;D Check it out if you like this sort of thing . . .

In a small roadside Tavern an unruly gaggle of Dungeon Delvers brag about the dungeons they have bested, but a grizzled old warrior is unimpressed with their youngling talk of newfangled dungeons, and regales them with tales of the times of legend! A time when dungeons were at least 10% more deadly than nowadays. A time when Dwarves were very Dwarfish indeed, and Fairy was a viable character concept. It was a time when roleplaying was for real men! A time when no one got out of the Trollstone Caverns alive!

It's a constant criticism of the Fantasy genre that many stories have plots reminiscent of a 12 year old boy's hack & slash RPG game. This is worse than that. It's the half-remembered story of a 12 year old boy's dungeon delves as retold by an ale raddled Forty-Something.

An 8,700 word/ 35 page (approx) short story.

Tall Tales from the Trollstone Caverns US

Tall  Tales from the Trollstone Caverns UK

Oh and . . .

Tall Tales from the Trollstone Caverns ES  ;)

Hey all. So I have my first  real print publication in a short story anthology by small press publishers Arachne Press which they are trying to crowdfund via Kickstarter. So check it out.

I a got a four star review on one of my stories on amazon.de but google translation version is a bit weird so I was wondering if anyone speaks, well reads, German? Would love to know what it actuallys says as it is my first non English review (as far as I know).

Das ist einmal eine Story, bei der man sich einfach mehr wünschen würde. Gerade im Fantasy-Bereich werden ja oft dürftige Ideen auf mehrteilige Serien ausgewälzt. Diese Geschichte ist viel zu schnell zu Ende. Wäre schön, wenn da noch mehr kommen würde.

General Discussion / Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis
« on: August 29, 2012, 12:42:51 PM »
Not posted for awhile because I spent three weeks being ill and then spent 10 days in hospitablewhere I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. None of which is particularly newsworthy, but in a very short time I've grown to really like Fantasy Faction. It's become one of my daily 'go to' sites, and one of the few forums where I feel like posting regularly rather than just lurking. It's a great place, so I guess I feel like I wanted to share this with one of my favourite online communities.

Not looking for sympathy. That would be very un-British of me ::). However, at the moment there's a lot of info I'm having to wade through, while I get a grips on the disease and my treatment so if anyone else here has colitis, or is a loved one of someone with colitis I'd love to hear from you. Even if it's only for a "Hi, me too."

On a positive note while I was in Hospital I did get do a really good chunk of reading, and demolished three weighty Historical Fic novels.  ;D

General Discussion / Write Like the Wind (George RR Martin)
« on: June 24, 2012, 04:06:45 PM »
Anyone seen this yet? . . .

Write Like the Wind (George R. R. Martin)

Quite amusing.

Small Press & Self-Published / Birthday Giveaway
« on: May 28, 2012, 07:28:48 PM »
It's my birthday tomorrow so to celebrate I'm giving away some adventure fiction. Details here . . .

Happy Birthday to me!  ;D

Open For Submissions / Angry Robot Open call for Submissons
« on: January 31, 2012, 03:38:34 AM »
Thought some of you might be interested in this:Angry Robot have an open submission slot in april 2012. They're accepting unagented submissions from the 16th to th 30th, and they specifically want Fantasy and sf/fantasy for YA. Details can be found here.

Born of Evil: A Dark Fantasy Tale in the Traditional Swords & Sorcery Style.

Once Finnon was a lord, a lord with warriors, a wife, a son, but Jarl Karstak took everything he loved. Now all he has left is the love of the Only God, an iron will, and a fearful talent for slaughter. One sword against Karstak and his thousand riders, Finnon’s only hope of vengeance is to lead his foes deep into the ice wastes and let cold and attrition do the work his single sword cannot.

When he himself is overcome by the cold only the intervention of mysterious Ísascynn, the Ice People, saves him. But the Ísascynn are plagued by an enemy of their own, and enemy far more fearful than Karstak and his thousand riders, a monstrous creature created for destruction and born of evil. A creature the Ísascynn claim Finnon is destined to slay.

An 11, 277 word/45 page Novelette.

Available for Kindle from AmazonUS or UK and in a variety of formats from Smashwords.

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