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Small Press & Self-Published / Re: At An Uncertain Hour back in print
« on: February 10, 2014, 09:31:08 AM »
I absolutely loved this book. Beautiful story, beautifully written. Thoroughly recommend.

All this talk of "committing" etc does my head in.
You are reading the book, not marrying it...

The attitude of not getting into a series because you might have to wait is going to lead to less and less sales, less and less authors being taken on, and a glut of unpolished self published, not as good books being released willy nilly.

What do you do when a new author brings out a new book which is the start of a trilogy/series? Just not even give it a chance? Lower sales = no more books. You might have just missed the best book you ever read, not to mention helping to kill the publishing industry.

When it comes to GRRM, well he has released a novella, worked on another, his wild cards series, work on the tv show, he has a wife, does cons and signings and meetings and what not. And works on Winds of Winter as well.

And if re-reading is the problem, find a summary site online. You will miss some of the little things, but so be it.   

Sci-Fi, Horror, YA & Urban Fantasy Books / Re: YA for young males?
« on: February 02, 2014, 02:41:51 AM »
Nobody has mentioned John Flanagan yet?

Sci-Fi, Horror, YA & Urban Fantasy Books / Recommendations?
« on: February 02, 2014, 02:37:53 AM »
Hi all, I am looking for a new series to start on, and want some recommendations!
Mostly looking at PI type storylines but feel free to share anything you really liked!

The things we eat down here for Christmas are often odd, because it takes place in summer. Some people do make concessions to the weather and alter their Christmas menu accordingly, but most of us go with the old fashioned roast Christmas dinner. There's a song by Australian singer Paul Kelly called Making Gravy, which is a story about someone who has been imprisoned and is going to miss Christmas dinner with his family, it contains the line: 'They say it's gonna be a hundred degrees, even more maybe, but that won't stop the roast.'

It's cold seafood and cold meats here lol. Mind you it is a fair bit hotter up my way!

Back on the UF train. I finished Laura Resnick's The Misfortune Cookie. It was a very Esther book. Lots of fun, but not a lot of substance. Probably spent more time on the Lopez Esther relationship than the actual plot of the book, but they're an enjoyable couple to watch fight so it doesn't really bother me. Still want to see it made into a TV show.
Just started Daylighters by Rachel Caine. GYH if you're out there this is the 15th and final one of The Morganville Vampires. Only 100 pages in and everything has turned to kaka.

I have read it :)
Lots of great moments, You will really enjoy it I think.

I will admit to illegally downloading ebooks at times, but before you jump over me for being a thief maybe you should listen to why I have done it.

Down here in Australia the number of ebooks that are available for purchase is relatively small, many, many well known books are not able to be purchased. At times you can even get partway through a series and find books in the middle are missing.

Most new books do come out here, but they often hit the virtual shelves (as well as the physical ones) months after they come out across the rest of the world. That can mean excruciating waits for a book that I've already been waiting months or years to read all while the rest of the world is already reading it.

I have tried to move away from paper books as I live in 1 room and don't have the room to keep many physical books so ebooks are the only way for me to read.

So yes I do at times illegally download ebooks for use, however I only do it when necessary. Furthermore, I keep a list of books that I have illegally downloaded and constantly search to see whether they are available for purchase and purchase them immediately once they are available. I have even been known to purchase a physical copy of a book that I have illegally downloaded (which costs at least twice as much as a ebook here) if I can't buy the ebook version a long time after the release date. These books tend to go straight in the bin as I don't have the room to keep them. I really don't like downloading things illegally, but sometimes it is the only way to read a particular book. I hope that one day we catch up here with the rest of you and I don't have to do this anymore.
Though I don't throw them out. I just buy more bookcases.
Many, many, many, authors have gone on my "must buy" list from reading a 'freebie' and a few have gone into my "utter rubbish kill it with fire" list as well. It has taken a lot more money from me than saved, for sure!

There is NOTHING that annoys me more than trying to buy a series on kindle when I can get books 1 & 2, and 7 & 8 but not the ones in between... why? Why would they do that? And the wait time... apj868 isn't kidding about that. Some authors just aren't available on ebooks at all (Seanan McGuire i'm looking at you...)

Thankfully, we Aussies now actually have our own amazon site! We can only hope that publishers stop pretending we don't read and actually fill it with books for us to buy :)

I know the word rissoles in the film The Castle was overdubbed to say meatloaf when it was released in the US, because there was a belief that the film goers over there wouldn't know what rissoles were.
I don't know what rissoles are. But I would think I could gather enough from context for them to not have to change the word.
Really big meatballs, with onion and other yummies,  in yummy yummy sauce. Not generally eaten with any kind of pasta.
I prefer porcupines myself.

Here is a tangently related thing
I read a series last year, written by an Australian author, set in an Australian city, the protagonist and everyone else in the book was Australian. I am Australian, I purchased the book from an Australian bookshop.
She called her mum, mom.
She walked on a sidewalk.
She lived in an apartment.
and there was so much else that was all americanised.
Frankly I am surprised they didn't have her driving on the right (which is to say, the wrong) side of the road.

Publishers, if you are reading this. Don't do that.

There was only one short story in my copy? It raised more questions than it answered lol.

I have read it now, thought it was quite good. Really glad to see some things moving forward too.

Great! It was shipped today, so hopefully early next week.

The blurb looked veeeery interesting I must say. I also picked up the latest Mercedes Lackey Collegium Chronicles book. I didn't even know that either of them were out.  I'm getting slack!

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Terry Pratchett
« on: October 10, 2013, 03:15:09 AM »
I preordered mine, can't wait!
Pity I have to though.... :)

Calling Elfy!
I'm just about to order this one, have you read it yet?

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Fantasy genre - a male preserve?
« on: September 06, 2013, 11:06:43 AM »
I do not currently know (as in physically see or speak to) any males that read fantasy. I have known exactly 2, as far as I can recall.
Girls on the other hand? We ladies got this. :D

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