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You made me go look and analyse! :P

It seems my top 5 are:
  • Gollancz (57)
  • Harper Voyager (54)
  • Orbit (42)
  • Corgi (23)
  • Independents/self-publishing (18)

then everything is quite spread out, especially the older books

There's a publisher called Corgi? Now that's cute and interesting.  :D

Writers' Corner / Re: Adventures in Writing
« on: October 13, 2019, 09:59:54 AM »

Which kind of writer are you? I'm a Neutral Pantser, haha.  ;D

So I just knew that our FF logo dragon's name is Scarlette. Pretty new discovery, hah.

I don't know. People nowadays got offended at everything, so it's better to stay on the safe side. Anyone, even famous authors, could probably have their entire lives upended by just the right lawsuit in the right circumstances. Better be safe, I think.

I saw the title of the thread and all I could think of was that "people are going to be offended (who knows maybe me too) in 3 2 1..."

I think Orbit is the number one for me, followed by Tor. (all the Tors I have are Brandon Sanderson's books, haha)

Tomorrow I'm going to the hospital for a test. It'll only take half an hour, but it needs to be done under general anaesthetic, so I'm a tiny bit nervous.
It's a normal thing that many people have it with just local anaesthetic, but I tried and couldn't do it :-\
And a faffle: I'm not supposed to be alone for 24 hours after the anaesthetic, so I had to ask a friend to come sleep in my spare room ::)
All went well, no pain!
I woke up relatively quickly, and then spent the rest of the day having odd naps... I slept from 7 to 11.30 and now I'm wide awake, hehe

Bender, wow! Good luck, you know best

That's nice to hear, Bea. Have some nice sleep, you deserved some rest, hahah.  :D
Good luck on the dentistry operation, Bender!


Which one are you? I'm a Sorcerer.  ;D

The only guy that came to my mind is Christopher Reeves, but he isn't a fantasy character so I guess that doesn't count.  ::)

Let me tell you a story. We went to visit some friends in Switzerland and they, like many people there, asked us to take our shoes off at the front door and leave them in little cubbyholes outside. We, proper Aussies, went, "but... spiders?!" Because, for serious, if you left your shoes outside in Australia, you would want to knock them out in the morning for spiders. There wouldn't always be spiders, but once in a while there would be, and chances are good it would be something pretty poisonous, because redbacks (very poisonous, prrrobably only deadly to the small and old and unwell) like nice, quiet nooks. I always check for them when I need to reach into the sprinkler system cubby. I usually find one or two.

My biggest concern with spiders, though, is whitetails, which we also get in our house. They're house spiders, they like to crawl around rather than make webs and wait, so they have a tendency to get into clothes left on the floor. Then, when you grab the clothes and put them on, the spiders end up terrified and right next to your skin, so they do what comes naturally. There are many anecdotes of their bites necrotising, but apparently there's no scientific backing on that. Still, no one needs half a dozen spider bites in their armpit, so I always shake out my clothes if they were on the floor.

I wonder whether you sleep with your shoes on? :) How do you feel safe while sleeping if there are so many spiders around?

I grew up in a village and we never killed spiders (and other reptiles or bugs, too, as long as they are not parasites like mosquitos). Some muslims even consider spiders holy as one of them supposedly saved Mohammad.

I understand your fears but remember that we are the ones invading their natural life and they are much more frightened :)

If anyone would wanted to die, they just needed to visit Australia as a foreigner, hahah.  ;D
As the famous saying goes, "Everything in Australia is trying to kill you."

I shook out my shoes in the morning too, but that's only for mosquitoes, heh.

I've come a long way from the time when I knocked at a neighbour's door and asked him to come get rid of a spider for me :-[ ;D

Now I'm able to step on them (if they're small and on the floor) or squish them with a shoe (if they're small and on the wall).
Yesterday's one was HUGE, so I couldn't get near: I picked up a bunch of old newspapers, threw them over it and then jumped up and down on the newspapers, pressing really hard on the ground.
Eventually I was brave enough to remove the newspapers and using a scrunched up page, picking up the spider's remnants and threw it in the loo (with lots of deep breaths involved!)

I don't know what I'd do if it was a big spider on the wall... maybe hit it with a broom until it fell on the floor, and then proceed as above ::)

Sorry I can't save them.
(not really)

You would be greate friends with Ron Weasly ;D

That made me glad that the worse critters in my country are cockroaches and geckos, hahah.  ;D

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: What are you currently reading?
« on: October 08, 2019, 08:41:49 AM »
I have trouble understanding some of the parts in this book and the book lacks depth so far (25% in). Maybe it's because I read it while walking or maybe I'm reading it in English.

This is Brent's debut novel if I'm not mistaken. If so, the depth thing is understadable. Lightbringer was also a slow start. This book might change later, just like Lightbringer :)
Interesting.  I didn't feel like The Way of Shadows had a slow start.  Or lacked depth, for that matter.

It may be that I might have missed some points. I'm not saying that the book is lacking depth but I feel like it :)

*whispers* I do feel the beginning portions of the Way of Shadows to be lacking some depth too. All the violence just seemed too unbelievably extreme, I think.

Writers' Corner / Re: Adventures in Writing
« on: October 07, 2019, 05:22:21 AM »
Bloody hell. I've been waiting almost 3 months for a publisher in my country to respond (their waiting time is 2-3 months), and when I finally thought that it had been long enough I'd decided to phone them. Turned out they somehow lost my manuscript among the pile of emails and now the guy said that he'd need at least 1 more month to go through the material. Seriously...

Yeah its getting cold they are coming indoors. I have evicted 3 from the bath of huge size, but I chase them into a jug and chuck them outside.

I'm choosing to believe that this was all just one very determined spider.

Torch the entire place. That's the only logical solution, hahah.  ;D

I'd love to visit one of these fairs if I lived in the US/ UK or somewhere that hosted those. (Or maybe I'll complain of traffic jam and stayed back home reading again, hahah  ;D)

It was 10c and raining incessantly but the crowd wasn't cowed. People dressed as Arrow, Supergirl, Wonder Women, Hulk were abundant even in the subway on my way there. Adds color to the event. Lots of Jedi's and Harry Potter characters.

We had gaming section for upcoming games, artist section for the artists behind the comics and anime, various anime stalled like Crunchyroll, a booth for Dragon Ball complete with a 30ft tall Dragon with glowing eyes and one for One Piece.

Paul Ruud (Ant-Man), Tom Huddleston (Loki)and Ben Wong (Dr. Strange sidekick) plus host of other stars turned up. Plus Kevin Nash and Scott Hall if you watched WWE  Though you need to pay extra to get pictures and autographs.

It was a ball and bedlam rolled.into one. Walked so much and I was beat end of day.

Will try to post pictures when I figure out how to do it...

A wild Tom Hiddleston appeared *everyone's ovaries exploded*  ;D

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