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Just finished Skyward by Brandon Sanderson.

A YA story about humans stranded in different planet facing a continuous alien attack that will lead to their extinction. Story is about the daughter of a hero turned coward and her redemption.

Though written tautly, book suffers from a very superficial story which doesn't hold to much scrutiny. Logic needs a bit of rest to enjoy this.


Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Torture/Cruelty
« on: Today at 01:28:34 AM »
You misunderstand my point. I'm not against torture per se, just the gory descriptive version. You can have fear inducing writing without actually describing the nail pulling and eye gouging in descriptive  detail.

Awesome news Bea. Happy for you.

The most common layman's introduction to fantasy comes from the likes of LotR, Harry Potter and the likes. Fantasy land, lots of magic, exotic creatures etc.....until GoT came and changed it to a more serious outlook. Currently when someone wants introduction to fantasy, I'd suggest First Law  for adults and Magician's (Raymond Feist) for YA.

Barkley marathon in Netflix.

A delightful offbeat documentary about one of the toughest races ever. Funny and enjoyable.

Give it a whirl. The whole Demon-Angel romance in book 2 put me off big time and the third book was a continuation of the same. The overarching plot suffered for this.

Fantasy Book & Author Discussion / Re: Private eyes/detective Fantasy
« on: June 15, 2019, 01:24:52 AM »
Divine Cities trilogy.

Tad Williams Bobby Dollar trilogy. First book was decent, second bearable and third downright unreadable.

Writers' Corner / Re: Making villains pathetic
« on: June 14, 2019, 01:50:59 AM »
I don't subscribe to the Dictator's are stupid theory. It's just that their objectives are immediate. Though many had grandoise let s change the world ideas, they were fundamentally living for their lifetimes only. 

They are charismatic leaders and have a street smartness to work their way up military bureaucracy. Both Hitler and Stalin were charismatic leaders who generated an mass appeal.

I recall Asimov's psychohistory their on manipulation of mass of people and these fit that theory.


As a general rule, I'm fine with having open themes. A lot of the Military SF I read is openly quite preachy about duty and honour, but it informs the story rather than getting in the way of it.

I thought preachiness had religious overtones. Do we consider Duty and Honor as preaching? Surely those are basic characteristics of any old fashioned protagonists.

Take Sandersons Stormlight Archives, pretty much every page involving Kaladin or Dalinar has something on duty and Honor. It's a bit repetitive, but I don't get the feeling of being preached to.

On the other hand, one of posters in another forum had hesitations on reading Red Sister trilogy due to Convent, Nun setting as he feared it may be preachy. I didn't find that too preachy either.

Haven't seen my dog for 10 days I was on vacation. Eager to get back to him today. Pets are family!

Any examples of preachy books?

I generally don't like heroes.  And when I write a "hero", they often start out as the villain, or nearly at the level of villain.  Hmmm, this is a hard one.

I'd have to say.... Tanis HalfElven from the Dragonlance Chronicles trilogy.  He annoyed me at times, but he really was the hero of the day, and was shafted with making the really hard decisions, but came out on top anyway.

Kvothe doesn't count as a hero, does he?  :D

Kvothe might not strike you as a hero yet, but something tells me that after Wiseman's Fear comes out that opinion might change.

Kvothe must be one of the worst written hero characters ever. He's just best at everything naturally. Fighter, singer, lover, student...he just can do it all. Literally unbelievable character.

Sam from LotR & Vin from Mistborn.

Beak from Malazan and Croaker from Black Company next in line...

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